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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oakmont Park, Redlands, CA

This week we painted at Oakmont Park. This was our last week to turn out paintings for the Red lands Conservancy Show. We had made arrangements to go out to Oakmont Park on Thursday morning. None of the artist had ever painted there and none of us had ever been to this park. It is a new park that has developed over the past couple of years. They are still finishing a parking lot for the entrance to the park.
We arrived at Starbucks, just off the interstate at 7:30 in the morning. We ordered our Lattes and headed off to the park. The park was unbelievable as we drove into the parking lot. This park is nestled out among the beautiful large very old oak trees with vistas every where you turn. Under the huge oak trees are picnic tables which were calling us for a picnic. After painting in the morning we decided to send out for a Baker's lunch and stay over to paint in the afternoon. We usually paint one painting and call it a day, but everyone was so pleased with their morning paintings that we decided to paint in the afternoon. Louise Smith took orders and went to Baker's for burgers and brought them back. We relaxed under the Oak trees and had a wonderful lunch. The only thing missing were the margaritas!
While having lunch I noticed this view from the picnic table and decided to try a little 5 x 7. It turned out to be the most beautiful little jewel of a painting. I really captured the essence of the feeling I had for this wonderful place. Almost gives me chill bumps every time I look at it.
We had such a wonderful experience that we all decided we should return the next day. We again met at Starbuck's and traveled out to the park. We had seeked out a view the day before that we thought would be a great painting site. Unfortunately neither of us who wanted to paint this view got a good painting. I scraped mine off and stayed to paint the view from the picnic area again in the afternoon using this larger canvas. This became my favorite painting of the day and probably my favorite painting of the Paint Out. My objective is to always capture the light the way it falls on my subject. But this particular painting to me is a WOW factor of what I try to accomplish. I am very pleased. I only wish I could do this all the time.
Well I need to choose 2 paintings for the art exhibit and get them turned in at 3 this afternoon. I am thinking of course that this one and maybe the one of the palms from Prospect Park. hummmmmm, this is always the hardest decision.
Overall this has been a fun event. Very casual and I have learned a lot more about my community and visited parks that I would never have gone to or known about. There are 19 parks in Redlands, I didn't get to go all of them, but hopefully I will someday have a painting from each park.
Until next time, ENJOY THE ART!
Terry d. Chacon

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