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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is here!

"Spring Light" 11 x 14 done in plein air by Terry d. Chacon
I see this view every time I get off the freeway and think to myself I have to paint this. The other early evening as I got off the freeway, coming home from the foundry in Hesperia, I saw this view and said the exact same thing. While at a meeting for PAAR (plein air artist of riverside) I told my friend and fellow artist Patricia Rose Ford, she said lets go paint it in the morning.
We got up early and drove over to the spot. You could literally walk, but since it is off of a busy street we thought driving might be best. We parked the car and was just mesmerized by the views. You could turn 360 degrees and paint a dozen paintings easily. I chose to paint looking toward the snow filled mountains as I loved the sun lit orange groves with terrific shadows in the foreground, the grassy meadow with some purple and yellow flowers that are just starting to mature.
Both Pat and I finished our paintings in less than 2 1/2 hours, we were quite pleased and treated ourselves to lunch at Mi Tortilla. What a great morning, beautiful day of painting.
This painting is available along with prints and notes. Please contact me at: for more info.
Until Next Time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon

Sunday, March 21, 2010

San Gorgonio Inn Banning, CA

"San Gorgonio Inn" 6 x 6 oil on canvas board by Terry d. Chacon

Yes, sadly the San Gorgonio Inn in Banning, Ca. is going to be torn down to make room for a multi purpose facility. It is kind of sad to paint dilapidated old buildings that have such history in their communities. Knowing this will make way for the modern new building which I suppose will one day have its own history. San Gorgonio Inn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I chose to paint the Googie style sign which still says the Inn is open with some lettering as to the times in red which are sporadically placed. I loved the stylized lettering San Gorgonio Inn and the reference to good food, also the view of the San Jacinto Mountains with snow covered peaks. How does a place with such history go down the tubes? Knowing that this was once a stopover for stage coaches and that a President had even stayed there seems to me the city would capitalize on this and make it a national monument. Bring people to Banning, what a concept!

"Back Door" San Gorgonio Inn 5 x 7 oil on canvas board by Terry d. Chacon

This is the back door to the facility which has some overgrown palm trees hovering over the opening. I especially loved this view as the distant San Jacinto mountains with snow are always one of my favorites to paint this time of year. For those of you who have followed my blog for the past few years will remember me saying this many times, where else can you paint palm trees and snow covered mountains. Yes, So. Cal., has many ski resorts and this year they have been blanketed with snow. It is all around us any direction we care to look and paint.

Banning sits along Interstate 10, nestled up against the San Gorgonio Mountain Pass. The views these people have are so picturesque. It is an old community with a lot of history. A new gallery called "The Haven" Coffee Shop and Art Gallery has recently opened. The Haven Serves great lattes of which we started our day with and a really delicious bagel. The gallery is spacious with beautiful architecture bringing back the old copper ceiling, wood floors and brick walls.

10 PAAR (Plein Air Artists of Riverside) including myself, will have an exhibit of the San Gorgonio Inn paintings starting April 17 through May 17. An opening reception will be held Friday, April 23, 2010 from 6 to 8 and the public is invited. Meet the plein air artist who have once again recorded a place in time. My little gems of a building with so much history soon to be replaced, will be available for sale.

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9-Day PAAR Paint Out continued

Terry at the Opening of the Plein Air Artists of Riverside Exhibit. Her painting "Anza Narrows" was awarded Best Use of Color by noted plein air artist William Wray. This was especially gratifying for me to win this award. I have studied with plein air artist Susan Sarback who owns the school of Color and Light in FairOaks, Ca. Susan Sarback, master painter of light and color, has distilled the essence of Monet's luminous approach to painting into a w... Her workshops are phenomenal and I feel I am starting to grasp this very special technique. Using a palate knife helps to keep your colors pure and not muddy looking. Susan studied this technique with Henry Hensche. When I first wanted to start painting Plein Air I looked on the Internet at other Plein Air Artists. The technique that I especially liked and I am sure because of my long attraction to Monet, was dominant in certain artists. When I looked them up I found that all of them had studied with Henry Hensche. Six years ago Susan was giving a workshop in Laguna. I loved it and knew I was hooked on this technique. I have taken workshops from others and keep coming back to this technique and to Susan. I am now dedicated to this style and so happy to have been recognized by others who also appreciate it.

"Tamale Gathering" 9 x 12 on canvas board.
On Sunday, the second day of the 2010 9-day paint out. We arrived early in the morning to enjoy a continental breakfast with the artist and then to go out and paint Mission Inn Ave. in Riverside. After walking around I decided to paint the back entrance to the mall area, I liked the Tamale Factory building as it was all in shadow and the sun was lit down the side and into the mall. The distant palm trees added to the composition to show some distance. Even though it was early morning, clouds in and out, the back alley way was buzzing with people arriving to work for the day.

5 x 7 "Fox Top"
This painting was completed on the same day. I wanted to paint the newly renovated Fox Theatre in the morning, but found out later in the day would be the best. The sun just glistened as it hit the top of the building. After I finished this little painting I set it on the trash can that was behind me while I packed up my gear. The wind was starting to move in and it was getting quite cold. I went to grab the painting and it went right down the shoot of the trash can. Here I stood leaning over and digging through the tiny opening to retrieve my painting. It had mostly dirt and leaves stuck to the fresh oil paint, so I packed it up and took it home. I set it on the easel to try and clean it up. The next day when I came home one of my dogs must have tripped over the easel leg and I found it face down on the floor. Wet oil paint works like a suction cup when it hits. I put it back on the easel and tried to smooth out some of the smear. Funny thing that beautiful light is still glistening on the painting, just don't get to close. A small painting with a lot of history. The Fox Center for the Performing Art - Broadway in Riverside

Day 3 was Buena Vista Bridge. I won't post this painting, probably my worst of the week. Hey they can't all be little gems. I think I may, however, cut the 6 by 12 in half. I do like half of it.

"Distance from Victoria Bridge" 9 x 12 on canvas board.
Day 4 was Victoria Bridge. Victoria Bridge, Riverside, California on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Our Locations Chair ada m. passaro was able to get special permission from the City of Riverside for us to paint this bridge. The city employee arrived early while we were having our continental breakfast tail gate with coffee and pastries to start the day and opened the gate for us to drive down a steep hill into the bottom of the bridge. I chose to paint on top in the morning and then hiked down in the afternoon to paint the painting below. My first painting which I so looked forward to painting because of the distant Mt. Baldy full of snow is above. Nothing like California winters, palm trees and snow covered mountains. Absolutely beautiful.

"Looking Up, Victoria Bridge" by Terry d. Chacon 6 x 12 on canvas board

"Bridge to Benedict Castle" 9 x 12 on canvas board
On Wed. we painted at Benedict Castle. What a treat this was. Luscious gardens surround this castle built in 1922. Benedict Castle - Inland Empire Weddings, Banquets, Receptions, Conferences This painting was my husbands favorite of the series from this years paint out.

"Anza Narrows" 9 x 12 on canvas board. This was painted on Thursday. More on this painting above.

"Reflections of De Anza Bridge" 8 x 10 on canvas board.
After painting the first painting we walked down toward the bridge. It was around 2 in the after noon and as we were walking I noticed some great shadows on the banks of the river that passes under the bridge on the far right. I thought, those reflections have to be on the river also. I hiked down and over to the edge and there it was. I set up my gear and started to paint. It was kind of a weird feeling, like someone was watching. I could hear the bull frogs, the birds and a lot of stuff moving around in the brush. I wanted to paint this scene so bad that I kept on painting even though the feelings were so weird. Then about that time the Union Pacific train comes over the bridge. Here I am little ol me, down below and the whistling train goes by about 70 miles an hour. I am thinking OH MY God, I could be history. Then I heard a little voice calling out my name. My painting buddies Susan De'Armond and Pat Ford had been trying to call me and could not get through. They were worried so bless Susan she hiked all the way over just to make sure I was OK and to tell me I did not have phone service. I told her thank you and that I was almost finished and would hike back out in about 15 minutes. I really liked the painting and was happy I had taken the chance of doing this, but in thinking about it later realized it was probably not the smartest idea I have had! The buddie system is really the best and safest when you are out painting in plein air.

"Foot Bridge at Fairmount Park" 9 x 12 on canvas board.
Always a treat is to paint the beautiful Fairmount Park In Riverside. Everywhere you look is a painting. I have done many paintings from this park and every time I go back, I want to paint more and more.
For the first time in 5 years Sat. of the 9-day paint out, we had to cancel our Quick Draw competition and Wet Painting Sale at Riverside Plaza and move it to the next day. It was pouring rain. Although rain paintings are wonderful, it is not a day to paint when you expect the public to come out and watch and purchase paintings. The group decided it best to wait until Sunday. What a smart decision. So I went home finished up on details for the next day and took a nap!

"Chico's" This was my "Quick Draw" painting. 8 x 10 on canvas board and completed in a little less than 2 hours. We had 2 1/2 hours to complete a painting and turn it in framed for judging. Then we all went to lunch at Kilarney's. After lunch we had an awards ceremony and set up our paintings for the wet painting sale. It's not over yet. That evening we celebrated at El Torito with Margarita's. After dinner, I came home and was absolutely exhausted.
It was another fabulous paint out put on by the Plein Air Artists of Riverside. Our Opening reception is one that people will be talking about for months to come. The exhibit is at Riverside Arts Project Gallery at Riverside Plaza. 3545 Central Ave. Suite 508, between Chico
s and El Torito. The exhibit will be up until May 5, 2010. Go by and take a peak, paintings are available for purchase. Now back to my studio to work.
Hope you have enjoyed my paintings of the 9-day paint out. All are available to purchase. The series is also available in giclee prints and note cards. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Now I'm Feeling Guilty

9 x 12 "Mission Light" by Terry d. Chacon

I have to apologize for not sending out a weekly update, but my life has been so hectic. Leaving on Friday Feb. 12 to New York City for the Westminster Dog Show and then back with one day to catch up on domestic duties and then dive into the 9 Day PAAR Paint Out. This week I am settling up some last minute details of a 2 month exhibit from the Paint Out and by next week I will be back to my own studio and back to posting on my blog and facebook.

The above painting "Mission Light" was painted on the first day of our 9-Day Paint Out. Every year the Plein Air Artists of Riverside come together for a 9-Day Paint Out, a different location every day in the Riverside, CA area. As chair of the event and President of the organization you can imagine the time involved. I am lucky to have a fabulous board who always rise to the occasion and spend countless hours helping to put this large event together.

This year on the first day we checked in and was treated to a mini art expo of King of Frame from Costa Mesa (the best Plein Air frames on the market and one of our sponsor of the event), The Brush Lady (fabulous brushes at ridiculously low prices who gave 2 fabulous prizes for our event), Sol Digital (one of our long time sponsors who gave a $50.00 gift certificate to every artist who participated in the Paint Out) and Golden Acrylics Golden Artist Colors, Inc. (who was on hand to demonstrate all the luscious new Acrylics and handed out samples to all participants).

After the morning a group of us went to Las Campanas Mission Inn Hotel - Riverside California at the Mission Inn Mission Inn Hotel - Riverside California to kick off the week with lunch and a margarita. This has long been a tradition since we started the Paint Out 5 years ago. Always the best way to start out the 9 days of painting.

The above painting was done after our lunch. I walked around the whole Mission Inn which was the location for the day and as I walked past this fabulous tower I noticed how beautiful the afternoon light was glowing on the side. (I have painted the Mission Inn several times over the years, it is always a fabulous experience, one of my favorites). Having everything else in shadow made for a beautiful painting. This painting was a high contender for the 2- month exhibit at Riverside Arts Project Home which is part of the Riverside Arts Council and one of our partners for the Paint Out this year, but I later decided on another painting for the exhibit. That painting will be posted to my blog after the judging on Thurs. as well as 9 more of which I painted during the event. All paintings from the event are for sale from me at If you prefer a print or note cards, please let me know as they will soon be available.
Until next time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon http://www.terrydchacon/

PS: On another note, my entry bronze sculpture "Playful Spirit" which was one of 2 entries accepted into Art Show at The Dog Show in Wichita Kansas was awarded BEST ENTRY OF AN AFGHAN HOUND. I am so excited to be recognized once again at this very prestigious International show. 600 exhibits were submitted from around the world, 197 were accepted. What an honor! Thank you so much.