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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Santa Barbara Kennel Club 2012

"Breeder's Showcase 2012"  by Terry d. Chacon
(photo by Julie Lynn Mueller)

This is the 3rd in a series of 8 that I have been commissioned to paint for Santa Barbara Kennel Club.   Each painting represents one of the 7 groups recognized by the American Kennel Club.   So far I have done the hound group-

"Breeder's Showcase 2010" by Terry d. Chacon
(Notice the lighting, these lights were up in the arena at Earl Warren Show Grounds since the 1940's, they have since removed them and put in stadium lighting.) 

The Herding Group

"Breeder's Showcase 2011"

and now the Working Group.

"Breeder's Showcase 2012" by Terry d. Chacon
(photo by pro photographer Julie Lynn Mueller)

 The winner of the silent auction 2012 at the Breeder's Showcase  for 5K was Elois Veltman.   Thank you Elois for your support of my artwork and Santa Barbara Kennel Club.      Welcoming party at the home of  Dr. and Mrs. Gary Shaw. 

The table decorations featuring my bronze sculptures were designed by Glen Lajeski, former VP executive for Disney Studios.   We are so happy to now have Glen as part of the Santa Barbara Kennel Club family.   His attention to detail is remarkable as you will see in some of the photos below. 

Another one of the tables with "Free Spirit"

Even Dr. Shaw's chickens shared in the enjoyment with fresh sod added for their enjoyment and ours. 

The beautiful scenery from the Shaw's home in Montecito, Ca. 

My son Matthew was hired to bartend the party.
(photo by Julie Lynn Mueller)  

Desmond Murphy and Abbe Shaw
(photo by Julie Lynn Mueller)

This painting was featured on the invitation for the party.

Some of the guests.

Saturday morning we arrived early to work the first day of SBKC.  

This is Jose Luis Cunhade Vasconsellos  from Brazil.   I was appointed his ring steward for the morning judging, he was such a gentlemen to the exhibitors and a wonderful judge. 

The arena was ready for the festivities of the evening of the 4th annual "Breeder's Showcase"

The image from my painting adorns many items for sale through SBKC.   Catalogs, totebags, greeting cards and sweat shirts were available to purchase at the shows.   The image is also on posters that are placed throughout Santa Barbara and surrounding areas to invite spectators to the event.

The night time festivities, judging the dogs for the Breeder's Showcase.  Over 1000 exhibitors and breeders were invited to a free dinner paid for by the patrons of SBKC.  A beautiful evening under the stars in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Terry already designing the painting for 2013.
(photo by Julie Lynn Mueller)  

This is Sunday evening after Best In Show.   All good things must come to an end.   Another successful dog show put on by Santa Barbara Kennel Club.   Hope to see you there in 2013.  

While in Santa Barbara I stopped by the Gallery that shows my plein air work.   Was excited to see that my work was being featured in the gallery.   I have 20 paintings in the gallery, please stop by if you are in the area.

Montecito Village Frame and Gallery
1485 East Valley Rd.
Montecito, Ca.

More exciting news as my photographs were selected for Bo Bengston's latest article in Dogs In Review.  Guess I am now a published photographer.   They say checks in the mail!  

Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

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  1. Your Artistic talents are at their highest level and I am proud to call you my friend. Terry you absolutely are the best friend of the SBKC and the Afghan Hound.

    Deb K


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