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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Painting at Fairmount Park-A Special Time

A Special Time   9 x 12 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

This past weekend we had the pleasure of a visit from a very good friend.   Elaine Benham, Eddie and I all went to high school together.   We graduated in 1972.   We have stayed in contact over the years and have visited from time to time especially when we had family still in Winslow, Az.   Elaine wanted to go with me to paint a painting.   So I chose to take her to one of my favorite places to paint.   We arrived around 8:30 and we knew we would have to paint and get home before the heat arrived.   The nice thing about Fairmount Park is all the huge trees that surround the lake.   Making the temperature feel very nice on a warm summers day.
Elaine was the photographer and she decided she wanted to take photos of how a painting is created from  start and finish.   I really liked the idea and wanted to share with all of you. 
This is the drawing of shapes of the scene I chose to paint.  I use charcoal to draw with so I can make changes or add to it without making a mess with paints.

The first step involves adding paint with the palette knife.

This is completed  first step after each shape is filled in with a particular color.   Warm colors for sunny areas and cool colors for shadow areas.  

After the first layer of paint is added I then start refining each shape to get the right temperature, value and rhythm going in the painting.

Here is the painting before the final details. 

Continue to work  on the painting.

Elaine took some great photos of the artist at work.

Walking away from the painting to see what needs to be corrected, added or deleted.

A couple more adjustments being made.   I have to move my easel as the light changes to keep my canvas in full shade. 

Elaine  is now the owner of an original plein air painting by Terry d. Chacon.

Another photo of Elaine, April and the painting.

And this is Elaine's foot in a root of one of the large trees at the park.  

It was a indeed a very special weekend having my friend here with us for 4 full days.   We caught up with each others lives and will make sure not to wait so long before seeing each other again.

Until Next Time, Please ENJOY THE ART!

Also:   My exhibit at Banning Center for The Arts is up until July 14.   Don't forget to stop by and see 30 of my paintings all on display.

Banning Center for the Arts, 130 San Gorgonio Ave. Banning, Ca.    951-849-3993  Don't forget to sign my guest book.

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