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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Susan's Day of Painting at Maloof's

Yesterday I was back at Sam Maloof's for another great day of painting. On my way there I again had to drop off at the warranty store for my cell phone and exchange for another phone. I am hoping this one will last longer than a week. Seems they want big bucks and 2 year contracts for their phones, but unfortunately when the phone doesn't last longer than 6 months you start getting refurbished phones. I think the one I got yesterday seems to be in pretty good shape. So hopefully it will last out my warranty. With the price of gas, I won't be going there just to exchange a phone, but if I can make it a day to go back to Sam Maloof's garden, it is well worth the pain! I arrived at the garden around 10:30, so trying to find some interest when the shadows are slim to none was a difficult task. I arrived down in the pastel garden to find Pat Ford and Susan De'Armond painting away. Susan's set up including her umbrella, was in such a great place with the path of white flowers leading up to her and the huge Eucalyptus trees in the background making for some lovely shaded areas for a nice backdrop. I quickly scanned the area and saw just a tip of the patio cover from behind Sam's home so that would tie in nicely with the setting. The white flowers, of which I have forgotten the name and Beverly Maloof told me twice what they were, were not in bloom just a week ago. They were such a beautiful shade of creamy white that bordered the one side of the path and a few were starting to bloom on the left side also. Boy it was a brilliant site to see and I hope I captured this in the painting.
Another beautiful spot was right in front of me which prompted the little gem of a 5 x 7 with the "Moonshine Yarrow" surrounded by the "Cleveland Sage". The little Moonshines were so brilliant against all the purple flowers. I think it is interesting that I can remember Moonshine and Agave plants but can't remember most of the other names. Wonder if it has to do with alcohol! The little gem "Moonshine" is available for sale. It is 5 x 7 on canvas board, done with a palate knife so the paint is very thick. I will hold onto "Susan's Day of Painting" and it will be available for sale during the Sam Maloof's exhibit in Sept. Please contact me for details. That's it for today, ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon

On a side note, the winner of the title contest for the Nosey Afghan painting is Caroline Alleman from Switzerland. "HOME ALONE" was her choice and a great choice indeed. I have always wanted to put up a nanny cam and just see what my doggies do when I am not at home. I think Elise, the dog in the painting was doing more than wrecking the blinds, what do you think? Congratulations Caroline, you will be receiving your note cards in the mail. I also want to thank all of you who submitted a name, it was such a hard choice as there were some great names!

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