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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Friday, August 20, 2010

Just Another Painting Day at the Beach

"Sunset Crystal Cove" 6 x 8 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

I am hoping that this will work out.   My computer is being redone and I am using my husbands laptop.  Boy the joy of figuring everything out and not having the software you are used to using can be very aggravating.  

On Wed. Patricia Rose Ford and I went to King of Frame (the best framer around) to pick up some framing that was being done of the painting and poster for Santa Barbara Kennel Club.  See my last post for more on this.   After picking up the beautifully framed pieces and visiting with Randy and Terry we took off for Laguna Beach.   We have not painted the Montage in a few years and I was longing to go back and try again.   We grabbed a quick bite at our new favorite Italian Restaurant and headed off the the Montage.   Parking is always awful this time of year in Laguna and today was no different.   We ended up parking on the main street and walking to our site to paint.  

"The Keyhole"  9 x 12 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

The Keyhole has been a favorite artist point to paint in Laguna since the early 1900's and still is one of the favorites.  

After painting at the Montage, which I think the room rates start around $500.00 a night,   we headed back up the coast to find a special place for a sunset painting.  

Do you know that all of the openings to the beach along this area are ran by the state.   It is $15.00 a car to just go in, whether you stay or not.   So we had been to one of the spots at a previous workshop with Jeff Horn and decided to go there.  After walking down to the beach in 2 different spots we liked the 3rd spot the best.   Good thing as the sun was sinking fast.   We hurried to set up and capture the essence and beauty of the late evening light.  

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Santa Barbara Kennel Club Poster 2010

SBKC 2010 Poster/artwork by Terry d. Chacon
22 x 28

Last year I was commissioned by Santa Barbara Kennel Club  to paint their Breeders Showcase.  The sponsor Purina and SBKC had posters made of the painting and they will be available at the dog show.  Santa Barbara Kennel Club show and BREEDERS SHOWCASE will be held at Earl Warren Show Grounds in Santa Barbara, CA., Aug. 28 & 29, 2010.  

The posters are $20.00 ea. and will be available at the shows.  I will be doing an artist signing during the groups on both days.   Look for me in the arena area.  

If you would like to order a poster you can pay for it through and they will ship the poster to you.  Please add $10.00 for shipping and handling in the USA and out of the country orders you will need to contact them at to get a quote on shipping to your country.   When ordering through Paypal use their email address:  If you would like your poster signed, please specify with your order.
The great news about all this is they have asked me to paint a painting every year for the next 6 years.   I will be doing a different group each year.  Each year a new poster will be available to add to the collection.

I will publish more about this after I return from the event.

Until next time,

Terry d. Chacon

Friday, August 13, 2010

4th Annual Catalina Painting Trip

"Descanso Beach" Early Evening 9 x 12 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

Our 4th annual Catalina painting trip.   Each year we invite other plein air artist to join us, this year Patricia Rose Ford, who also came last year, Louise Smith who has joined us for 3 years, Joan Coffey and myself headed out to Avalon to paint for 3 days.   We stayed at the fabulous Glenmore Plaza Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in California.   Charm is the word and this year we were treated by the hotel because of a mix up with our room to stay in a suite that has a patio overlooking the marina and some other views that I won't discuss in public.   :-) right Louise......... 

Joan and Terry on Catalina Express to Avalon.

The tradition as we arrive into the harbor at Catalina is to get set up at the hotel and then to a nice restaurant for a bite to eat and to toast our 3 days of painting with a margarita.   This year was no exception.  After a short rest back at the hotel we hiked over to Descanso Beach   Joan and I had gone to paint at Descanso Beach on our first trip to Catalina and loved it.   The little snack bar where people hang out had music and very good margaritas.   We celebrated the late afternoon until dark.   Yes, I did paint and the first painting I have up on this blog was my painting from the evening and my most favorite of the trip.   Hummmmmm was it the excitement of being in Catalina or was it the margaritas that let the artistic juices flow.    

I think we were the last people to leave the beach that night, but boy did we have fun and everyone was very pleased with their painting results.

That evening after having a night snack on the patio back at the hotel we decided to try some night paintings.  Last year I did so well at this and this year my painting did not turn out.   Pat and Louise came up with some great paintings so all was not lost.  

"Bell Tower" in morning light   6 x 12 Oil on Canvas by Terry d. Chacon

The next morning we got up early to get an early start.   Before hiring a taxi to take us up the mountain side to the famous bell tower, we had a nice latte and I had a fresh cinnamon roll at the local coffee shop.   I was thinking I sure wish I had brought some different size canvas's so I walked into a hardware store and the guy had no problem in cutting a couple canvas boards for me.   I always love the effect of a 6 x 12.    So we arrived at the Bell Tower walked around and found our painting spots.   To our surprise up the road walks in two more painters.   Ghislaine also a member of PAAR and her friend Robin from San Pedro.    They painted at the Zane Grey Hotel.    When finished we walked back down the hill, they said it was easier to walk down than up, well I guess if you aren't lugging your painting gear that might be true.  

We all gathered for a tasty lunch and margaritas at the local Mexican restaurant.  


Afterwards we said our good byes to the San Pedro girls and they had just come in for the day to paint with us and we headed out to the beach.    Pat and I had decided before coming that we would paint people on the beach.   Something I don't do often and really need to do more of.   I took one of the little scraps from where the man had generously cut my boards in the morning 3 x 12 and painted this little scene.   I was very happy with the turn out.

Sometimes it is not the size of painting that makes it special but the content.   I don't think I could have done any better at telling this story on a large canvas.   My smallest wonder of the trip.  "People Watching".  
After packing away People Watching I wanted to paint a boat.   The night before when we were walking back from Descanso Beach we noted how beautiful the light was on the water with the beautiful reflections at dusk.   Well it was no different that night.   I now know why the Plein Air Painters of America organization started in Catalina.   The light is something to experience a plein air painters dream.

"Early Evening Light" 6 x 12 oil on canvas board by Terry d. Chacon

We had a long day so we ordered Pizza, went back to our room ate and had a critique session.   Each of us laid out our paintings and we all discussed each of them at length.   

Terry with 4 paintings from the trip.

We called it a night we were all too tired for night painting.   I was very disappointed that I just didn't have the energy to go out and try for a nice night painting, but it just wasn't in me and the rest agreed they were exhausted also.

Day 3 we were up and out of the room in time for morning coffee and a pastry before hiring a taxi cab to take us up to Buena Vista Point.   We had painted there before and this year we all agreed we needed to go back.   I found this nice little area down from the bench by the cross (those of you who have been there know exactly what I am referring to).   Unfortunately on one of my trips down the steep incline I fell.   I did hurt my shoulder and my butt, so I was much more careful coming in and out after that.   The dirt and gravel just gave way.   

"Buena Vista View" Early morning after the fog lifted.  

We later had a wonderful late lunch at the new Avalon Grill and picked up our luggage back at the hotel and headed to the Catalina Express .  What a great time was had by all.   We are thinking we need to plan a November trip.   I think we should go at least 3x a year.  Better yet I think we should stay longer on one of the trips.   3 days is just not enough time to paint everything I want to paint.  :-)

Until next time, Please ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

OK, there is a story behind this but we won't discuss it in public, right Louise! 

Louise Smith and Pat Ford on our way back on the Catalina Express

Thank you Pat and Joan for taking photos and sharing them with me. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Laguna Beach Revisited

"Afternoon Sparkle"  Laguna Beach

Each year a some artist from the Inland Empire get together for a day at the Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach, CA.  It is always a treat to spend the day looking at the new artwork that artist from the Laguna area have put together for us to see.    

Patricia Rose Ford, Barbara Parish and myself started out early on Wed. morning so we could get through all the exhibits in enough time to do an afternoon painting at the beach.   After going through the Festival of the Art and the Art Affair, having lunch with a Margarita we were ready to tackle the beach.  

The worst part about Laguna is parking, especially in the summer.  I can't blame people for wanting to be at the beach, but $2.00 an hour to park.   We arrived around 4 so we still had to pay $6.00.   Parking meters end at 7 pm.  (don't forget your quarters, however, they now take credit cards)  We scoped out the area at Heisler Park  Laguna Beach California  walking around and our favorite for this time of day was looking northwest towards Monument lookout.   That is the far bluff in my painting.   I was especially excited about the way the sun on its downward decent was casting shadows on all the cliffs and brilliant patterns of light on the water and some of the rocks right into the grassy areas on the side of the  the second foreground bluff.   It was a lot of fun to capture the patterns.   The ocean was in high tide so there was very little beach sand  to paint.  The poor lifeguard was stuck up next to one of the cliff's watching the surfers and at times the ocean water splatter was actually going up over him.   Amazingly people still found their way down and were based around the big rock formations as the tide rolled in.      

We ended the day with a Latte and a cinnamon roll at one of the local bakery's and headed for home.    

One note  we missed our Lilli who was so excited about our visit to the Festival.   She was unable to go with us because she has hurt her knee.   Lilli I hope you went to the Dr. and you are on the road to recovery.

Until Next Time, ENJOY THE ART,  Terry d. Chacon