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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mission Inn Festival of Lights 2013

My special Christmas time is painting at the Mission Inn Festival of Lights in Riverside, CA. 
I believe this is my 7th or 8th year having this opportunity, and I was not disappointed.

6 x 12 oil on canvas board/palette knife  "Nutcracker Greetings" by Terry d. Chacon

My friend Patricia Rose Ford setting up before dark to get ready to paint.  This is in front of Mario's restaurant, right across from the Mission Inn. 

I like to get in a little information before they turn the lights on and it gets really dark.  Setting up in front of Mario's I did not have to use my night lights as the lights from the building helped.  Painting at night is an experience, you really don't know what you have until you get home.  So a lot of guessing going on. 
The lights are on, it is dark and we are painting away.

It's a magical scene and so hard to choose what to paint.   When my husband and I had dinner here recently we had our picture taken by the mechanical Nutcrackers.  I thought it would be fun to paint them.  The nutcrackers are at the drop off for valet so quite a busy spot.  The cars were coming in constantly, so what did I do, I finally just painted a car in the scene.

Afterwards we walked around trying to find a place to eat.    I highly recommend reservations, otherwise it is a 2 to 2 1/2 hour wait.  My plans are to go back later this week.  Hoping for another night of warm weather it was 65 degrees.

Until Next Time, please enjoy the ART.   Terry d. Chacon

Friday, December 13, 2013

Studio Tour 6 2013

A few photos of my studio for the Studio Tour 6.  This was a great experience and I do thank everyone who came by.  It was fun to open up my studio to the public.  This was my first time doing this and I am eager and ready to do it again next year.  Hoping for better weather next time. 

First off the studio became a huge mess as I decided what I wanted to show at the Studio Tour.  I didn't realize when I agreed to do this how much work was involved.   The nice thing is everything was cleaned and either stored in appropriate boxes for later, or made the cut to be in the Tour. 

When people arrived we took them on a tour of my collection, starting with the bronzes, leading to my ceramic and glass collection. 
I displayed some magazines that had featured my work in them the past couple years.  Also, catalog covers for Santa Barbara Kennel Club and Skyline Dog Fanciers.  One thing about putting together a Studio Tour, it makes you realize how much you have done and accomplished.   Putting together interviews for magazines, sending images to publications all of this takes a lot of time and sometimes months in advance.  I do appreciate the publications and all they have done to promote my work as an artist.   

We wanted to set up out side on the patio as an extension to my studio, however, Saturday it rained like crazy all day.  The weatherman said it would start at 9 am, and it did!  Stopped at 9 pm.   The next day it did not rain but it was bitter cold.  I was amazed at the people who ventured outside to look at the framed paintings. 

My painting space in my studio.

A few unframed paintings, 5 x 7 prints which were on special for $20.00 ea., a nude sculpture I am working on and some framed pieces.  

Just a few of the many paintings I have done in the past couple years, these are some of my favorites.  This was also an amazing moment when I realized how many paintings I have done in the past few years.    I also set out some ceramic tiles with a special price of $20.00.   This is all I have left and I will not be doing them anymore.  They are so pretty and make great gifts. 

Now these bins held some past paintings, they were reduced significantly in price.


When you made it this far you were able to grab a little snack and listen to me talk about building a bronze sculpture.  

This is a start of a lost wax bronze.  I am working in plasticine using a wire armature.  Stay tuned for this new piece to debut Spring/Summer of 2014.  A lot of people took photos of this and are truly excited to see it when finished. 
Some sculpture in the making and past models of completed pieces. 

My last wall is a group of Dog Show Scenes that I am working on for my upcoming exhibit at the AKC Museum of the Dog in St. Louis, Mo.   May and June 2014, reception to be announced.

Just in case you were not able to come to my studio tour, I hope you have enjoyed some of the highlights.   One always learns a lot about putting on an event like this.  Changes will be made, additions will be added and we look forward to presenting our studios to the public again. 

Until Next Time, Please ENJOY THE ART!
Terry d. Chacon

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Girl Talk

                           "Girl Talk" IPad finger painting by Terry d. Chacon

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Travel safe and enjoy your family and friends.   Give a big hug to your pets, who are there for you and give of themselves 100% and ask for nothing in return.  

While you are sitting at home this weekend looking over the Internet please check out my website.   On Dec. 1, 2013, I will have a drawing for an 8 x 10 oil painting of your pet.  (Head study only).    All you have to do is go to my website, find the sign up form to receive updates on my artwork, fill it out and submit.   Once I receive it, I will add you to the drawing.   PLEASE note, if you are signed up to this blog, that does not count, you have to sign up through my website.

My website is full of Holiday shopping ideas.   Check out the Zazzle store for IPad finger paintings on clothes, bags, ties, watches and coffee mugs.  Check out Fine Art America for giclee prints and greeting cards of all my work.     One of a kind jewelry, precious metal jewelry, Plein air paintings, and gift certificates.

Any questions, contact me at    I look forward to hearing from you and helping with your shopping needs.

Until next time, PLEASE enjoy the ART.    Terry d. Chacon

Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas and Holiday Cards Now Available

Continuing the series of IPad Finger Paintings, I now have added 12 Holiday/Christmas card designs to my Fine Art America account.   You can order Iphone covers,  prints on canvas, acrylic and metal, as well as, your Christmas/Holiday cards.    You can also choose to have the inside blank or you can add your own holiday message.

"Frosty Blue"

"Tree Decorating"

To see all 12 designs on Fine Art America click here:

To see all of Terry's images on Fine Art America click here:

Some updates on Terry's art.   My new website is now up and running great.   Be sure to sign up to receive updates on events, new works available and to have your name added to my drawing on Dec. 1, 2013.  The drawing is for an 8 x 10 oil painting head study of your favorite pet.  

Also on the website you will find my new Zazzle account.   IPad finger paintings on clothing, watches, tote bags and men's ties.  Some really fun stuff.

Be sure to read the 2 following articles on my artwork in these national publications.

Mark these dates.  6 artist will open their studios to the public on Dec. 7 & 8.  Each artist works in a different medium and each artist will be showing their craft for you to watch and enjoy.   The studio tour is sponsored by the Redlands Dog Park and a portion of  your purchase will help their cause.

Finally please join Laguna Plein Air Association tomorrow for their reception at Well's Fargo Bank for the "Changing Season's" exhibit.   Sponsored by Laguna Museum. 


Around Town   

sponsored by  
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Community Art Project  
Banking On Art At Wells Fargo Bank

Please Join Us 

Artist Reception 

2nd Floor Gallery
November 16, 2013 

11 am - 1 pm
Wells Fargo Bank 
260 Ocean Ave  
Laguna Beach, CA
2nd Floor Gallery Hours 
Monday - Friday 9 am - 6pm 
Saturday 9 am - 4 pm 

"Sunrise at Turtlehead Peak" 
by Terry d. Chacon

Participating Artists 

Michael Alten / Scottie Brown / Val Carsons / Jean Choi / Terry d. Chacon
Mark Fehlman / Patricia Rose Ford / Susan Gordinier / William Hanks / Sally Jordan
Toni Kellenberg / Veronica Kortz / Gerogia Mansur / Lisa Mozzini-McDill
Cathryn Powell / Vanessa Rothe / Anthony Salvo / Kathleen Strukhoff
Mayana Wagor / Steve Wang / Toni Williams / Kathleen Williams / David Zenger


Rosemary Swimm
Laguna Plein Air Painters Association

Until next time, please enjoy the art!  Terry d. Chacon

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Website

WOW!  Who would have thought that it would take 3 weeks to put together a website.   In June I learned that my webmaster since 1999, would no longer be able to keep up my website.   She was the best and I really didn't know where to turn.  I had always wanted to make my own changes to my website as I hated bothering her with small events.  I would wait until I had a lot of changes and then it would have to fit in her schedule as I wasn't the only person she did a website for.   So in my quest to look for a new host, I found out I knew nothing about html, domain host sites, IPP, name savers, authorization codes, standard A-records, and that I had to buy a transfer from one host to another because they did not do something that another host needed to transfer my domain.  After lots of money, cancellations from different hosts because they said it was easy to do, and I found out it was not, I decided on Weebly.   User friendly, immediate help Monday through Friday and after purchasing their "Pro" program I could start making some sense out of the mess I had got myself into.   So in saying this, here it is?

I am having a drawing, so please take advantage of not only taking a look at the sight and all I offer as an artist, but fill out the comment form to receive updates and I will put your name in a drawing for a 6 x 8 oil painting head study of your favorite pet.   Drawing is Dec. 1, 2013.

Also, new on the site is a link to my new Zazzle online store.  My new IPad Finger Paintings are now adorning clothing, ties, totes and watches.  What great Christmas ideas.

Nov. 15, I will debut all of my new Christmas card designs using my IPad Finger Paintings.  They will be available through Fine Art America.

"You Tell Him!"

Until next time, Please enjoy the ART!  Terry d. Chacon

Upcoming Studio Tour-   6 local artist will share their creativity in their studios on Dec. 7 and 8, 2013.  We hope you will save the date and come by.  Each artist has something different to offer.  This event is being sponsored by the Redlands Dog Park. 


Friday, October 11, 2013

A Day of Painting Canyon de Chelly

One can only dream of a painting day in Canyon de Chelly.   Five plein air artist met at Chinle, Arizona for a trip of a lifetime.   Good friends Nita Harper and Patricia Rose Ford had a trip planned to New Mexico for some painting with the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico and a reception at Purple Sage Gallery in Albuquerque.  When they asked me to join them for a trip to Canyon de Chelly, I jumped at the chance.  I arrived Sat. night in Albuquerque after a delayed trip on Southwest airlines.   Boy they sure do have scheduling problems. 
My most favorite painting from the trip.  12 x 12 oil on canvas, with palette knife of Spider Rock. 
Nita and Pat picked me up at the airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico and we went to our motel.  The next morning after breakfast we headed to Purple Sage Gallery for a reception to honor Nita and Pat.  
Nita with her group of paintings.

Pat with her group of paintings.
After the reception and a great dinner in old town Albuquerque, we checked into our motel for the night.  Early the next morning we headed to Canyon de Chelly.  Well along the way we shopped in Gallup, New Mexico and made some fabulous deals on some beautiful Indian jewelry.  I bought Zuni jewelry, of which I have always loved.   Got a few pieces that I wished I had bought in the 70's, but never did.   So happy with my find.
We arrived in Chinle and met two other plein air artist friends Carol Benally and Teresa Onoda.  Carol, lives in Pinon and hired our guide for the next day to take us into the canyon.   The canyon is a National Park but because it is ran by the Navajo tribe it was still open to the public.  However, any part of the park that is ran by the government was closed due the government shut down.  Hence, port a potties! 
So with some afternoon light we decided to drive out to the canyon and do an afternoon painting from the top of the canyon looking in.  
"Five Sisters"  9 x 12 oil on canvas.
Funny story about the monument in the canyon in this painting.   We met two Navajo artist who told us the monument was called 4 sisters.   Sounded good to me.   Well our first stop with Harris the next morning to see his wife's jewelry was right beside this monument, when I told him what the men had told us up above, he laughed and said they were fakes!   He said the people who sale at the top of the canyon, didn't live their and they make up their stories.   Harris was quite serious about the canyon he was born and raised in and didn't like outsiders giving out false information.  This monument did not have a name, but he said if you want to call it 5 sisters after you 5 artists that would be nice.   We laughed and decided 5 sisters it is!
Early the next morning we were greeted by our guide Harris.  A wonderful Navajo man who grew up in the canyon and was a wealth of information.  If you ever need a tour guide for the canyon, he is your man.  
Harris Navajo tour guide.
First stop into the canyon we were greeted by his wife.  We all bought some of her hand made jewelry.  What a delight and also very knowledgeable.   I bought two necklaces made from pinon blueberries.  She said they ward off disease and keep you from having nightmares.   Sounded good to me.   Brought one home for Eddie, hoping it will help with his rheumatoid, and one for me, hoping for no more nightmares!
Juliana John Navajo jewelry maker in the canyon.
Next stop a painting sight and that it was.  It was difficult to figure out which view I wanted to paint. 
Here are some random photos as we traveled the river bed in a four wheel drive truck to our first sight. 

ruins built by the Anasazi's  dating back to 1600.  The Indians liked to build their homes up high so they could watch for white men who would come to take them away or harm them. 

Riders on horseback through the canyon.

Quick sand!

Terry and Harris our guide.
8 x 10 oil on canvas, "Uncle's View"
Beautiful light in the canyon.  Looking towards Harris uncle's place.
After a potty break at Harris uncles place (outhouse oh my) we started down the canyon. 
more photos

Howling Coyote

Fry bread!  yummy

Harris cousin making Fry bread for us.

It was so good.  You had your choice of salt or cinnamon and sugar, I did both.

Teresa enjoying her fry bread.

A flute player played music in the canyon as we painted, in between the howling winds.  It was magical.
My version of Howling Coyote.  Didn't have time to finish this one.  The wind came up and was howling through the canyon.  Dirt in my teeth, eyes, hair and the painting  

Harris found some old clay that had washed down the canyon at some point. 

more pieces.  He said he would put it back as it is bad luck to take anything out of the canyon. 

All 5 of us painting. 
My 3rd painting of the day and my favorite from down in the canyon.  The light changed at every bend.  Truly amazing.  You could  paint a thousand paintings and none of them would be the same.  

On our way out of the canyon, all good things must come to an end.   Memories that will last a life time.   Thank you Carol for setting this adventure up for us, thank you Pat and Nita for inviting me and thank you Harris for a wonderful tour of a sacred canyon.
Until next time, please enjoy the ART!   Terry d. Chacon
"Spider Rock"   12 x 12 oil on canvas.   This was painted the day after the canyon trip from up top.  We drove to the end of the canyon, the view was spectacular so we gathered up our gear and hiked down to this point.   You could see forever.  The wind was howling, but we kept going until we finished our morning paintings.  I am so glad I bit the bullet and kept painting, this will be my entry to America's Parks 2014.  I had hoped I would get a nice painting of the canyon for my entry.   When my palette knife of 10 years did not make it to my destination, I had my doubts.  Seems as though it was removed by TSA agents when they went through my luggage at the airport.  I am hoping they just forgot to put it back in. It was wrapped up with a cork screw and a couple brushes.  Still waiting to hear back from Southwest Airlines and TSA to see if it can be recovered or not.  It is Holbein SX series #4.  They no longer make them. 

   Plein air has it's ups and downs dealing with the elements, but creating in nature is the best.  Canyon de Chelly is unbelievable and everyone should experience the canyon at one point in their lives, if just to take photos, you will not be sorry.