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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Friday, December 17, 2010


"Dixie" 9 x 12 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon
Another beautiful evening of painting on location at the beautiful Mission Inn Festival of Lights in Riverside, Ca. My painting buddy Patricia Rose Ford and myself arrived around 5 pm and set up on the corner of Lime and Mission Inn Ave.
I had painted this view a couple years ago and wanted to try it again. My focus of course was the to capture a horse drawn carriage.  Last week, on our 38th anniversary (Dec. 9, 2010), my husband treated me to a wonderful evening. First we ate at Mario's, he requested a table by the window, right across from the Mission Inn.

Dec. 9, 2010  (Eddie and Terry at Mario's)

After a wonderful dinner we walked around to enjoy the beautiful lights and festivities going on.   A quick stop at the wonderful  "Casey's Cupcakes"   If you have not been to this cupcake place, you have to go.   It is fabulous and addicting.   We purchased our favorite cupcakes and then headed to the Carriage stop. 

A photo moment with my darling husband.

   Now you know why I wanted to paint the painting, but there is a little more to the story.   As we set at Mario's we watched the carriages going by.   There was one particular horse that was a little on the heavy side and she has such attitude and wears a yellow plume on her head.   We have an afghan hound that is a little on the heavy side and has this same attitude.   As she went by both of us said she reminded us of our  "Tootsie".   So when we got to the Carriage stop we asked if we could have a particular carriage, the guy laughed and said oh that's  "Dixie".   

So there you have it, my interpretation of the beautiful Mission Inn  and "Dixie". 

Until next time, please enjoy the ART!    Terry d. Chacon

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Oh Christmas Tree"

"Oh Christmas Tree"   9 x 12 oil on canvas board by Terry d. Chacon

Terry painting at the Mission Inn Festival of Lights Dec. 8, 2010.

Each year our Plein Air group (Plein Air Artists of Riverside) paints in Dec. downtown Riverside, CA around the Mission Inn.   A painting is available anywhere you look.   This is my 3rd year of painting and I am building quite a collection of night time painting scenes of the beautiful lights, horse & carriages, people walking, talking, visiting Santa and just having a great time.   I hope to be at the Mission Inn painting every Wed. evening until Christmas.   Come by and watch me paint.   

Until next time,  ENJOY THE ART!  Terry d. Chacon

If you are interested in any of the collection of night time paintings of the Mission Inn Festival of Lights, please contact me at:   

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Three Wisemen

"The Three Wisemen"  Oil on canvas 16 x 20 by Terry d. Chacon

This is my Christmas painting to add to my collection.   Each year I have added a new painting to the collection.  It is always great fun to design these paintings and watch them come to life.   In trying to figure out a theme for this years painting, I received some photos from a friend in Peru.  He had recently traveled to Natal to judge and had gone camel riding.   I have always wanted to paint a camel theme and decided to design a Christmas painting from the reference photos.  

It was such fun to paint this painting, giving life and character to the animals and to also relay a Christmas message.   Notecards and giclee prints will be available in Jan.   However, notecards and giclee prints from previous Christmas paintings are available on my website at:   Look under giclee prints and go to seasonal. 

Hope your holiday season is going well.   Stay tuned for more posting during the Christmas season, I will be doing some night paintings at the Mission Inn in Riverside.   Updates on completed plein air paintings will be posted.

Until next time, please enjoy the art.    Terry d. Chacon

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

6 x 6 at Randy Higbee Gallery

I could have added this information to my last post, but felt it needed its own post because of the excitement involved.   The following 2 plein air paintings, 6 x 6 have juried in to the upcoming, most talked about exhibit in Southern California. 

San Gorgonio Inn   6 x 6 oil on canvas done in plein air

Mobile Produce Stand  6 x 6 oil on canvas also done in plein air

The event which will be held at the Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa will open with a private reception by invitation only on Friday Dec. 3, 2010.   The following night is an artist reception with awards valued at more than $6600.00.   This was the initial amount and more than $2000.00 has been added to the kitty.   Judges for the event include John Stearn of the Irvine Museum, Jeff Horn talented plein air artist and teacher and you the viewing public for the People's Choice awards.   This should be a very exciting evening.   Meet the artist, have a selection of more than 250 original  6 x 6 pieces to choose from.   There were over 600 entries to this event and approximately 300 were chosen.   I am very happy to have my 2 little gems in the show.

I think both of these pieces show a little nostalgia from my area and proud to represent the Inland Empire. 
Randy Higbee Gallery is located at:

102 Kalmus Drive
Costa Mesa, Ca.  
You can phone ahead for times.  
Here is the link to their website.

Artist from around the world have submitted works for this event.  So make a point to visit the show.

The following is information from Randy Higbee, gallery owner.
Event (by Randy Higbee)


The Randy Higbee Gallery in conjunction with are hosting a very special event that will bring nationally acclaimed representational artists to a spectacular venue in Orange County, California.

It is one of the gallery's desires to expose it’s broad base of retail and wholesale collectors to a diverse selection of fine artists who do not usually get the opportunity to show in this affluent, Southern California region.

It is my feeling that this combination of small, affordable paintings by a collection of locally and nationally recognized fine artists will create a Holiday buying opportunity that will stimulate most collectors.

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Updates and New Works

"Rosie"   special gift for Christmas 6 x 8 oil on canvas.

"Mean Joe"  5 x 7 oil on canvas

The above are 2 new works finished this past week.   I am moving right along and getting out as much as I can before the holidays.  I am not taking any commissions for the remainder of the year.   If you have a painting in mind, please contact me and I can schedule you in for next year.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

"The Three Wisemen"    16 x 20 oil on canvas not finished.

This is my Christmas card painting for 2010.   I am having a special drawing to win a set of notecards on my Facebook Fan Page.   To sign up, just click on the link on this page.   All you have to do is comment on the process and I will put your name in the drawing.   Each year I do a special Christmas theme to add to my collection of paintings for the holidays.   It is so much fun to put them out during the holidays.   Friends and family alike always enjoy seeing them each year.   I came about this idea from a dear friend who lives in Peru.  He and his wife had just returned from a trip to Natal and he sent me photos of them riding camels.   The scenery was similar to what I am capturing here but of course the 3 wisemen are my beloved breed the Afghan Hound.     I will put the finished piece up on my Facebook and also on my blog for everyone to see.   Unfortunately the notecards for this painting will not be available until  next year but I have quite a collection to choose from on my website under seasonal of past Christmas paintings.

Just to bring you up to date on where to see some of my art:

"The Hound Movement"  opened this past week at RCAA.   (3870 Lemon St.. in Riverside, CA).   Open Wed. through Sunday 11 to 2 pm.   Reception to meet the artist is:   Dec. 2, 2011 from 6 to 9 pm.

 "The Aquatics Show"   SoCalPapa Exhibit at the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum.  600 East Bay Ave, Newport Beach.    I am pleased to announce that 2 of my paintings from Catalina have juried into the exhibit.    This exhibit will be up until Jan. 3, 2011, so if you're in the area please go by.  Open wed. through Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm.

Banning Center for the Arts 130 San Gorgonia in Banning, CA.,  is hosting an exhibit of PAAR (Plein Air Artist of Riverside) Riverside National Cemetery plein air paintings until Jan. 4, 2011.   I have one painting in the exhibit.

The second half of the interview with  Mark Burhart is now up on Show Biz 4 Dogs.   This part is about my exhibiting in dogs shows and my art.   You can view it at

I will also be at Eukanuba on Dec. 4th and 5th  this year.  If anyone would like to order something from my website, including Christmas note cards please email me at   I will bring them for you to pick up there.  I will be staying at the Hyatt.    

Well I think that about does it here.   I hope you can go by and see some of my art at one of the venues.  If you do, please drop me a line.  

I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving, enjoy your treasured time with family and friends.

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART!

Terry d. Chacon

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Hound Movement

The much awaited exhibit "The Hound Movement" opens this Thursday Nov. 18, 2010.  The exhibit runs through Jan. 7, 2011. 

 A personal collection of bronze sculptures and a 3 ft by 3 ft painting "Summer Fun" also  from the artist personal collection will be on display at Riverside Community Arts Association through Jan. 7, 2011.

When the artist was asked to do this special showing she was delighted.  This is the first exhibit of the hound collection that has been on display for the public to see in the Inland Empire.  

The painting "Summer Fun" was added to show diversity in the artists different mediums.   

Terry's artwork has been shown from New York City to Los Angeles in recent years.   Her artwork is in households and businesses  in 15 countries and she continues to win awards at local and National shows.  

Artist Reception is Dec. 2, 2010 6 to 9 pm.  

View other artist works at RCAA including works from artist who attended the Ensenada, Mexico trip to the Riviera Cultural Center where they painted, photographed and enjoyed special margaritas. (Terry has 2 paintings and some photos in this exhibit).    Also a special showing of  artwork from Jiangmen, China and the RCAA Patrons Members Exhibit.  The gallery is full of fabulous work, be sure to stop by. 

RCAA is open from 11 am to 2 pm Tuesday through Sat. and by appointment.   (951) 682-6737. 

RCAA 3870 Lemon st. Downtown Riverside, CA. 

for more info:

Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!    Terry d. Chacon

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pass Artist Demo

                                         "Red Bench"  9 x 12 oil on Canvas Pass Artist Demo

Today I was honored to demonstrate my approach to Plein Air before the PASS Artist Association in Beaumont, Ca.   This is the 2nd time I have demonstrated for this group, the last time being 2 years ago this month.   A very nice group of artist, who were attentive and curious about Plein Air and more importantly about Impressionistic work.   I set up inside and worked from a photo explaining my approach if I were actually painting outdoors on location. After painting many times at Ford Park I took the photo that I worked from on one of my outings. I liked the rhythm of the scene, the high contrast of darks and lights, the red bench and the reflections in the water.   A great combination for a good composition.

Some of the early viewers, the house was packed by the time I started the demo.   They quickly had a meeting and then I was announced by Clidene Roper the curator of the Banning Center for the Arts in Banning, CA.

Terry waiting to start the demo.   (Photos by Artist Louise Smith, thank you Louise!)

A little discussion about Plein Air.   There were only 2 people in the audience that were plein air painters out of around 40 members present.   But they were very interested in my approach and asked some great questions. 

First I sketched in the large shapes with a piece of charcoal.

Then I started the first layer of paint in the big shapes paying close attention to color masses and value.

Discussing the ever so importance of getting the values right from the get go.   Each mass must differ in color, warm or cool, bright or dull, light or dark.   Evaluating as you continue to capture the scene, each mass may have up to 5 or 6 different colors added to before the value is correct.   You can see just after the first few layers and the value changes the painting is coming to life.   Once these are accomplished the painting is ready to start adding the bands of color and final details. 

Terry working on bands of color in each of the masses to start the final process of the painting.

Continuing to paint.

Looking good.

I donated a painting to the Pass Artist for a raffle.  The lucky winner was Roz.  She was so excited, I signed the back of the painting especially to her as a remembrance of the day.   

 It was a great day and I want to thank the members of the Pass Artist for their warm welcome and hospitality. 

Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART.   Terry d. Chacon

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Skyline Dog Fanciers Catalog Cover 2010

Skyline Dog Fanciers Original oil painting by Terry d. Chacon

I have been commissioned by Skyline Dog Fanciers to do their catalog cover for the next 5 years.   Skyline Dog Fanciers has joined forces with Del Valle Kennel Club to become part of the Harvest Moon Cluster of Dog shows which is always the 3rd weekend in Oct. in Pleasanton, CA.  

Because of a previous commitment with the Afghan Hound Club of America I was unable to attend Skyline but did make it over to the Del Valle shows on Sunday and Monday.   On Sunday Ryan Hovarth presented me with the catalog.   To my surprise it was in a beautiful periwinkle blue.   In years past Del Valle has always done their catalog covers by Artist Heidi Martin in black and white.   Heidi does beautiful drawings of the 3 breeds chosen each year by the club.   Ryan and his group wanted to follow suit with 3 breeds from 3 different groups opposite of what Del Valle would be doing and something a little different than what Del Valle does to make them unique.   The 3 breeds were chosen and sent to me and I prepared the composition of the 3 head studies and after approval did an 11 x 14 oil painting.   The oil painting was then sent to their printer who made giclee prints for all of the group winners and the painting was given to Best In Show.  

catalog cover by Terry d. Chacon

Following with tradition with  Del Valle huge banners of the artwork will be hung during the cluster for Skyline Dog Fanciers and Del Valle in the convention center for everyone to see each year.   Del Valle's are in black and white and Skyline will be in color.  The collection that Del Valle has from over the years is something to see.    

It was cold and rainy on Sunday when we arrived, my friend Alicia Morrison Jones took this photo with her phone and sent it to me.  Thank you Alicia.  Of course I did not have my camera and I was not walking in the pouring rain back to the parking lot to get it.  Thus this is the only photo of the day.

It is such an honor to work with these clubs and see my artwork appreciated by so many people. 

Thanks to all!

Until next time, please enjoy the ART!    Terry d. Chacon

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

74th Annual Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty

"Judy's Vision"   AHCA 2010 by Terry d. Chacon
It was an exciting week in Sacramento, CA. enjoying the 74th Annual Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty.

 A year ago Judy Bloom this years show chair,  contacted me with a vision of what she wanted for the AHCA 2010 National specialty. After much thought I started the 138 trophy pieces in Feb. of 2010. They came into form and were given out to all the winners this past week.   It was a lot of work but the overwhelming response made it all worth while.   Congratulations to all the Winners and congratulations to Judy Bloom and her show committee for putting on one of the best Nationals I have ever been to.   The attention detail was unbelievable.  
The above painting that I did on site while judging of the dog classes,  "Judy's Vision" was auctioned off at the Art Auction (an event that started 5 years ago at the first National Specialty Judy chaired). The winner of the painting donated the painting to Judy for all of her hard work involved in putting on this huge event. In the painting I put in some of the things that Judy was so passionate about on her show site. The trophy cart, her large pumpkin floral pieces, the huge tan canvas tents, the beautiful red and tan umbrellas, the courtyard, the judge, the exhibitors, the people and the Afghan Hounds who make the event so special to all who attend.

The following photos are some of the trophies that I did and were awarded throughout the event.  All sculptures are one of a kind original pieces.  The Best awards are one of a kind Bas Relief tiles depicting the performance event,  framed by King of Frame and the Bas relief tiles for 1st and class placement medallions are from original pieces that I did in plasticine and made molds from for the event classes.   Each piece was then fired and hand painted to a beautiful faux bronze patina.  

Best of Breed in National Specialty

Best Opposite Sex in National Specialty

Best In Sweepstakes and Best Opposite in Sweepstakes

Best in Veteran Sweeps and Best Opposite

1st place Bas Relief large tiles 2nd through 4th Medallions

Grouping of Conformation Trophies

Some framed art-Best Puppy, Best Bred By Exhibitor, Best of Winners and Best Junior Handler

High in Obedience Trial and 1st Place Bas Relief for all firsts in event.

Best in Field (Lure Coursing) and Bas Relief Tile for all firsts in event, notecards for all other placements.

Best in Agility, Bas Relief Tiles for all 1sts, Notes for 2nd through 4th

The trophy cart, changed out each day to depict the event.

More on the event in another blog posting.   Stay tuned.   

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART.  Terry d. Chacon

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week in Review

"Aspen Grove"  by Terry d. Chacon  (c)

This week my friend Pat and I treated ourselves to a much needed break from studio work and drove up the mountain toward Big Bear to the Aspen Groves.   We were in hope to find them changing colors, but we were a little too early.   After going past the turn off by several miles we back tracked and found another outlet which did lead us to the parking spot to hike down into the canyon to find the grove.   Upon our arrival it was definite that they were indeed there, but the color changes were just starting.     At this point we turned around and retrieved our gear from the car and hiked down the trail.  

 I chose this scene to paint because of the high color contrast of dark and light.  I also liked the stream that was flowing at the bottom and the rocks on the side of the aspens.    As you can see from the camera shot, the trees were glowing at this point, but the camera photo washed out their beautiful color.  

 This photo shows a little bit more of the color and me painting.  

 It was a great time, we left around 1 pm and headed back to find a much needed restaurant.    I have no idea why we went to the forest with only 4 cookies and a few bottles of water.   Much needed lesson learned!  I guess we are just city girls!

On Saturday PAAR (Plein Air Artists of Riverside) held a Meet and Greet to kick off our 2010/2011 season.   Approximately 25 artists and their guest arrived around 9 am to paint Fairmount Park.   Fairmount Park is in Riverside, CA and one of my favorite places to paint.   I always love the water reflections.   I chose in the morning to paint the water reflections below.   This was indeed a challenge.   I had always wanted to paint something like this as I have always been drawn to other artists paintings of this kind.   It did turn out a lot better than I thought, when I got home I added a bit more blue in the foreground which seemed to be what it needed to make it pop and give the feeling that I had when I was painting it earlier in the day.     

"Water Reflections"  9 x 12 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon   (c)

After painting in the morning, we all joined in for a wonderful picnic followed  by a critique session of the paintings we had done in the morning.  It was a great meeting and seeing artist that I had not seen in a while and making new acquaintances with some new  PAAR members.   

I had gone over to chat with one of the other artists earlier in the day and really liked the view.   After scoping it out a second time Pat and I decided to give it a try.   By this time the late afternoon light was so beautiful.  I liked the way the boat house was in shadow and most everything was back lit.   The reflections in the water of the boat house was another draw as well as the mountain in the back ground which had just a bit of light on it.     I was quite happy with this little painting and we called it a day.  
"The Boat House Early Evening Light"    8 x 10 oil on canvas  by Terry d. Chacon (c)

Patricia Rose Ford spotting the Aspen Grove from the trail.   (I am sorry this is at the end of my post.  I really do not like the new way of adding photos on my blog, if they get screwed up you cannot move them around without starting over.   But I thought this photo added to the story!)

Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!     Terry d. Chacon