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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christmas Painting 2007

Well now that the Thanksgiving day is coming to an end, I thought I would share with you my painting to add to my series of Christmas paintings. This painting is called "The Story About the Man in the Moon?" I always wanted to incorporate my Greyhound with the Afghans and after many sketches this is what I came up with. I thought about putting them in a Southern California scene with palm trees and the ocean, but as I started painting the cold snowy night seemed more appropriate. I knew I wanted a night scene and as I started painting the moon, I started thinking about how excited I get to this day when I see a full moon. So this painting has very special meaning. When I was very young we lived next to a family that I became very well acquainted with, they happen to raise Collies. They had an older sister and we would talk for hours in the early evening in the summer and for some reason she would always ask me to tell a story. My favorite was to tell stories about the man in the moon. So there you have it a little of my past and I hope this painting now has special meaning to you too. Another thing I really like about this painting is the way it looks like an old Christmas card when I print it out. Until next time, Enjoy the ART! Terry

Monday, November 19, 2007

Art Shows and April Antics

This past weekend I was involved in 2 Art Festivals. Art in the Park in Fontana, Ca. and Art on State Street in Redlands, Ca. You sure meet a lot of interesting people at these Festivals and you get a lot of questions. Both days the weather was absolutely beautiful. While at the Fontana Festival they like you to be creative so the people can watch you work. I started this oil painting of April. This will be the second in a series of 12 x 12 inch paintings of April called "April Antics". The first is one I showed a month ago in my blog called "April in the Comforter". I want to paint as many as I can of her as time allows. She has so many crazy things that she does. This one is in her hibiscus bush in my garden. She goes under the bush (it is huge) and sticks her head out from the leaves and flowers and just stands there. She also has another bush in the house that she seems to love and will stand in that bush for quite sometime. We can't think of any reasons why she does this other than the leaves might tickle her back and it feels good. Enjoy the art, until next time. Terry

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Banning, California

This weekend my plein air group PAAR painted in the little town of Banning, Ca. This little town is nestled right below the San Gorgonio mountains. I knew it was there but never realized how beautiful it is and how many places there are to paint. The event started on Friday. It was very cold from what I understand and some of the artist painted from inside art galleries to keep warm. The local art galleries and artist were very happy to see us there, visit with us and share their stories. I didn't get to paint on Friday, this was my day to pick up my dog Tootsie from the vet clinic in Woodland Hills. She had been there for 1 week under the watchful eye until she was ready to be bred. She was bred to a one of my most favorite afghans of all time. Ch. Shylo Marquis Malachite. I believe he is her 4 great grand sire. So everyone keep your finger crossed that the breeding took and we will be having babies in Jan. Now onto Saturday. Saturday was the second day of the event and I arrived around 7:30 in the morning. It was cold. I had dressed for the occasion and brought my gloves and hat to be sure and stay as warm as I could in the open air. I drove around town to the different sites that the Art Alliance had given us to paint. While standing next to the Methodist Church I spotted a very small Catholic church in the distance. The fog was in, but it would move up and down the mountains in the back ground. I managed to paint the first 2 sets, but there are mountains even further behind but they were not there in the morning. I noticed them in the afternoon. Here is the morning painting. The second painting is Ramsey st. The famous Fox Theatre, built in 1904, still stands. Although they say they have remodeled it inside the outside they have tried to keep. Another spot on this painting is the red building in the far distance. Copeland House, this was on the list too. So I managed to get 2 important building in one spot. After painting and freezing most of the day we all stopped at the local Chinese restaurant for hot tea and soup. It was delicious and fun to discuss every one's day. Sunday I returned around 9 a.m. I met up with Luz and we went over to paint the Banning Women's Club. I don't have a photo of that painting. At 1 p.m. the Women's Club put on a very nice lunch in our honor. I had to give a speech about our club and thank all the participants. I think I am a much better artist than speech giver! But I got through it. Eddie had told me to write some things down, boy was I glad I did. When they called my name and I started walking to the front I think my brain went on hold. Luckily after starting I felt more comfortable and got through it. After the luncheon all the artist were asked to bring their paintings to Banning Center of the arts. Today was the opening for the show that is up there (see previous post about animal paintings to see what I have in the show) and to set up our paintings on their patio for all to enjoy. While there the Mayor came (I cannot believe she is only 30) and gave us a certificate thanking us for the the time we gave their city and a nice certificate from the Riverside Board of Supervisors. She then asked if it were possible that all of the paintings could be hung at the City Hall. So that is why I don't have a photo of the painting I did today. But here is my second painting from the first day. "The Fox Theatre". What a fun way to spend a weekend. I look forward to painting in Banning again real soon.
Enjoy the ART! Terry