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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Thursday, March 27, 2008

San Diego Mission

Yesterday a group of PAAR members met at the San Diego Mission for a wonderful day of painting. San Diego de Alcala founded in 1769, the first of the great California Missions and is California's first church. The history of this exciting mission can be found at the following website: Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala - Mission History

We met around 11:30 a.m., after saying hello and a quick trip to the restroom we walked around the grounds to find a place to paint. Some of the artists had arrived earlier and had already started painting. When Pat and I arrived we parked in the lower parking lot off the street. The Mission sits on a hill. I had a thought of painting across the street looking up at the Mission, but wanted to take a look around inside the grounds just in case there was something better. You never want to miss the chance of something grabbing you and saying "PAINT ME"! Ada was painting on the long porch of the front building looking up at the bells of the Mission and the front of the church. I said to Pat, this afternoon when the sun comes through the pillars of this porch looking out into the garden with the cross, this is going to be beautiful. Right now everything was in shadow, so I wanted to wait. Pat and I decided to walk down the hill and across the lower parking lot and the main street to see if there was something interesting. Since I seem to always paint buildings straight on, I decided to challenge myself with a view from the right looking left and up the hill. I liked the way the Mission was hidden behind all the trees and the light and shadow on the Mission at this time was a good mix. Also the palm tree on the hill in front of me was giving off some very nice shadows for the foreground of the painting. Pat decided she liked the view also and would give it a shot. I quickly set up and started drawing a bit of the Mission. Well as one would have it, yes I picked a very difficult view. I struggled with the building until I got it right. I quickly laid in the dark values before the light changed and started painting. All in all I actually came out with a painting that I liked, but I hate it when I spend so much time trying to get the angles on buildings right. The mystery of what is up the hill and behind the trees delighted me when the painting was finished as that is what I was trying to capture. After some Triscuits and water (1 step up from bread and water) we packed up our gear and moved up the hill. I was right, the sun was now coming through the pillars on the long porch and my scene was captivating. I set up about 2/3's down the long porch looking out into the garden with this beautiful white cross. It was shimmering in the afternoon sun, also asking to be painted. I think the painting speaks for itself. I was so excited when I was finished and stepped back. I had a vision in the morning and to accomplish a painting from that, makes me very happy and I would call it a good painting day when you get 2 nice paintings. After we were finished for the day we had a bite to eat, some ice cream at Coldstone and were back home by 9 p.m. Just in time to watch American Idol! Enjoy the Art. Terry

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Art Alive -Riverside Art Museum

Every year the Riverside Art Museum has an exhibit at the museum called Art Alive. I have never participated in this event before as I felt very intimidated by the quality of art that had always been entered and accepted, but one day I had a call from Bobbie Powell (director of the Art Museum until 2004 and the chair of this event). She asked if I could get the Plein Air Artists of Riverside to enter some paintings in this years competition and to also come in and paint during the exhibit. I told her that I could do this for her. I quickly sent out an email to the group and Bobbie followed with a letter and prospectus for the artist. Any artist can enter the show, but she thought since a lot of us paint in impressionistic style that our paintings would go along with the theme "France in Bloom". I took a couple of my paintings that I thought would go with the theme and asked Pat Ford if she could put the images on a CD for me so I could enter the show (I need to learn how to do this). It is a jurying process so not all artwork is accepted. The actual florist that are invited to participate, come into the museum, view all the paintings and choose a painting that they would like to work with and feature in their presentation. I am happy to report that my painting "The Rose Garden, Morning Light" that I painted during the University of Redland's 100 year anniversary Paint Out was accepted. This painting was done very early morning to capture the beautiful light as the sun started coming up from behind the San Bernardino Mountains. We had painted during the week, which was when we had the fires going on in Southern California and the only time the skies were clear and colorful was very early morning. I have attached the painting that I will be taking to the museum today. The show starts April 2nd through April 6th. They have an artist/florist reception on April 2nd. April 3rd, 4th and 5th the Plein Air Artists of Riverside will be painting throughout the museum. Everyone is welcome, there is a $5.00 fee to watch the artist paint and to see the show. On Sunday the artist will have their works on sale to the public during a book signing and luncheon (luncheon tickets are $40.00) by well known author Susan Vreeland. Her new book is named "Luncheon of the Boating Party" Pierre-August Renoir, 1881. Most of her books are about famous artists from the past and she takes one of their paintings and tells the story behind them. I can't wait to see what the florist will do with my painting and to see the show. Until next time-ENJOY THE ART. Terry

Hal & Bill's Garden

Yesterday the Plein Air Artists of Riverside were invited to paint at Hal & Bill's Garden in Riverside, Ca. Last year the group was invited to paint but I didn't go. Can't remember why, must have been a dog show going on!!!! They live on the famous Victoria Ave. in Riverside and have kept their place in pristine condition. Everywhere you look there is a garden. I chose the garden in the center of the property that leads to the carport which is covered with Wisteria followed up with palm trees in the back. The hedges are manicured so to make sort of a maze around the flowering plants. I especially liked the red leaffy plant in the middle, Hal told me the name, but I forgot. He said it should have flowers on it when we return in May . Hal was there with us all day and worked nonstop in the garden. A lot of the flowering plants are just starting to bud and he asked us to come back in May if we wanted to paint a lot of color. Hal not only knows the names of each of the plants, but where they are from and a little back ground on each. He and Bill have lived in Riverside for many years and have tried to preserve Victoria Ave. He was telling me about a recent trip they took to England and returned to the beautiful skirted palms being trimmed or butchered by the City of Riverside. He got on the phone and tried to stop this as he explained the reason for the skirted palms. Seems no one would listen and now the trees are bald to the top. I wished I had been there to have painted them before they were gone. It will take more years than any of us have left to ever see that sight again. I really enjoyed my day with PAAR and Hal. Thanks again Hal for allowing us to paint your beautiful gardens. First painting of Hal and Bill's garden is 9 x 12, $400.00 unframed, oil on canvas board done with a palate knife, second is a 5 x 7 little gem $125.00 unframed oil on canvas done with a palate knife. Contact me if you are interested in either of these paintings. Please forward this blog to anyone you think might be interested in my art. Until next time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Watches by Terry d. Chacon

Here are 2 new commissioned watches that I have painted this week. The first watch is of a Sheltie named "Jessie" owned by Judi Lewis. Judi contacted me and asked how she would go about ordering a watch with her Sheltie. I gave her the details and she sent 4 photos. From those photos I chose one. I liked the sweetness of Jesse and the way the head was positioned as I thought it would look very nice on the watch. Here is what Judi had to say after I completed the watch and sent her a photo.
Wow, Terry the watch is just beautiful! You have captured just what I see when I look at her. She has the sweetest disposition and she always looks at us as if she loves us as much as we love her. I can't believe you have done such a wonderful likeness in such a short time. I can hardly wait for the watch to get here! Thank you so much. Judi
The second watch was ordered by Eileen Laudermilch. I will be going to the Afghan Hound Specialty of Greater Phoenix this weekend to present the watch to Eileen. She has not seen it yet, but I am hoping she will be as delighted as Judi. If you would like your beloved hand painted on one of these watches, please email me. Until next time, enjoy the art. Terry
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Friday, March 14, 2008

Painted Jeans by Terry d. Chacon

I made mention in a recent blog about my painted jeans. It all started when my friend Abbe and I were back East in a department store, I think in NYC and we found a pair of jeans that had been painted on, similar in fashion to the way I paint on my jeans unknowingly when I am in the field painting. I just take my palate knife and wipe off the excess paint on my pants when I want to change colors. Abbe asked if I would consider painting her some and I said sure. I think I have done 3 pairs for her now. She loves them. Every time she wears them she gets loads of compliments. I have several that I wear to paint in, but I liked the idea so well I have recently painted a pair for me. I would consider painting a gesture of an afghan hound and some other breeds on them in this style if anyone is interested. For more info please contact me privately. The jeans start at $60.00. Enjoy the art! Terry
I have added a new sign up subscription service to my blog. If you are using the old service blogrithim you need to sign up with the new service. Go to my blog page, it is in the upper right corner. Very easy to do and the service is more timely in the delivery of emails. The old service will be cancelled April 1, 2008. Thanks for your support. Terry

Monday, March 10, 2008

Art Show At the Dog Show Results

I was in Virginia Beach this past week for the Afghan Hound Club of America Breeder's Cup and I received a phone call from my husband. He stated I had received a letter from Art Show at the Dog Show and did I want him to open it! I waited patiently as he opened the letter and asked him to scan the winners and see if he saw my name. First off this is a National Competition with artists from around the world entering. and I had entered 2 years ago my bronze "Free Spirit". "Free Spirit" was awarded Best Entry Depicting an Afghan Hound. I was thrilled. This year 2008 I entered my newest bronze "Mija" and 2 of my oil paintings of which only one juried in. In the jurying process you send in slides of the artwork. A group of people go through each slide and pick out what they feel is the best artwork for the show. The artist are notified which pieces they enter are accepted and you then pack them up and ship to Wichita, Kansas. The entries are judged after being displayed at the City Arts Building. They will be on display there until the Sunflower Cluster Dog show in April and then the artwork is moved to the convention center for display during the Dog Show. "Mija" the bronze and "Fetch" which is an oil painting of an Afghan Hound in Obedience which is part of a series of oil paintings I did last year showing "Afghans in Motion". So I shipped off "Mija" and "Fetch" to Wichita, Kansas in hopes of winning something. I was really worried about shipping "Mija" to this large event as I was afraid she would get lost in the shuffle. She is approximately 3 inches by 6 inches. Well, "Mija" did me proud in the competition. She was awarded 3rd place in the sculpture category and Best Entry Depicting an Afghan Hound. And to top it off "Fetch" was awarded Best Entry Depicting a Dog Performing an Obedience, Rally or Agility Exercise. I was thrilled to hear the news. I have included photos of the 2 pieces for you to view. Now that I am back from the Breeder's Cup which I had a great time at and sold lots of Artwork, I will be getting busy with some new pieces. One note on my return, I missed my flight in Houston and was rerouted to Los Angeles. I got in around 12:30 a.m. to find out my luggage did not make the flight. I called my husband from the airport in Houston and he was such a good guy to come pick me up last night. I think we got home around 2:30 a.m. I still have not heard from the airlines about my luggage. I am keeping a positive outlook and hoping that my clothes and my artwork will be returned today! Until next time enjoy the ART! Terry
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