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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Friday, October 31, 2008

Redland's Parks

This week has been a very busy week, but I did manage to go out and paint with a group of Plein Air artists a couple mornings. My webmaster and I are completely revamping my website. Boy is this a hard job. It may have been easier to start over! NOT! In order to stay one step ahead of people who seem to think it is OK to copy other artists works, I have taken every image off my website and put do not copy across the front, then Debbie has had to put them back on along with some new and exciting images of new paintings. I really hate doing this as I think it really takes away from the images, but I know you all understand. I am hoping my new website will be up including my ceramic tile mural page by next week, so I am getting very excited for it's debut. And yes, you will read it first on my blog which has a new look also.

On Thursday morning we met at Ford park again to try and capture the reflections in the water. I already have painted their twice, but others had not and wanted to go so I am always eager to go to Ford Park and give it another try. The paintings we are doing are for the upcoming Plein Air Show put on by the Redland's Consevancy and Redland's Art Association. This years theme is Redland's Parks. The first painting at the top of the page, I call "Red Bench At Second Pond". I think it is hard enough to paint one pond let alone trying to get the distance and atmosphere by adding another pond. At first I didn't like this painting, but I have to say when I took photos to add to the blog, I liked it a lot better. Sometimes when a painting starts to dry the underpainting colors start coming through, which makes for a much better painting.

After painting we met at "Panera" for a bite to eat and Joan Coffey wanted to come over and see the puppies. She had not been able to come see them when they were younger so she was so excited. Although I think they were much more excited to see and play with her. Joan took the photos of the girls after they were done playing.

The next painting is my favorite of the week. The forecast was calling for rain and we didn't know how much time we would actually have to paint. It was so captivating the way the sun kept peaking through the clouds. I knew once I laid in my bottom colors that I would have to really paint from memory and not change anything in order to capture the light on the palm tree on the left, skimming over the orange trees in the grove in the foreground, across the valley in front of me and that amazing strip of light by the mountains. I told my friend Joan that I was afraid of painting this scene as I didn't think if I could make it look believable. I hope you can see and feel the mood of this painting. If you can then I did my job! I know someone has to do it!!!!!

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART and the puppies! Terry

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Life is Grand"

"Life is Grand" is a new painting I just completed for the AKC Canine Health Foundation. The painting is oil on wrap around canvas and measures 30 by 24 inches. Every year this foundation has a Gala Event with live auction along with the Eukanuba Dog Shows in Long Beach, Ca. starting Dec. 11 through Dec. 14. The Gala is Dec. 12.

This year Catherine Bell and Karen Mays asked me to donate another original piece for their event. The event is such a worthy cause and I feel compelled to help out when I can. This painting was done from a photograph I took at Shylo Ranch, Denver, Co. in Sept. on my way to the Afghan Hound Club Nationals in Michigan. Dash the Whippet and Teensie the Chihuahua were so comfy on their overstuffed doggie bed that I could not resist taking photos. They both were so tired that they could barely open their eyes to look at me. I was told that Teensie loves to get behind and snuggle up to Dash when he is lounging on the doggie bed. Especially when she is cold. I was so excited when I returned home to view the photos I had taken and to find out I had this great photo from the experience. I had been trying to figure out something special for the Canine Health Foundation and when I saw the photo I knew this would be the one I would have to paint. I hope the painting grabs you the way the photograph did me. I also hope it grabs the bidders at the Gala and brings in a lot of money for the foundation.

Two years ago I donated the original painting "Come Out and Play". This painting brought in over $4000.00 for the foundation. I was very pleased with the outcome. The winners were Joe and Carla Sanchez of Temecula, Ca. who are large supporters of the CHF. Thanks Joe and Carla.

As with "Come Out and Play" Giclee prints and notecards are available. I will donate 20% at the end of every year to the AKC Canine Health Foundation from the purchases of works done from these 2 paintings.

Here is a link to Canine Health Foundation with information about the Gala Affair.

AKC Canine Health Foundation - 2008 Gala by the Bay

To see prints and notes from these paintings and more, please go to my website:

Until next time: ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon

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Catherine Bell (AKC Canine Health Foundation-2nd VP) writes:
Hi Terry,
WOW! WOW! This is just great. This should make people stand up and salute you!
Can't wait to see how much the dogs will make from this! You are so kind to do this and I will never forget how much you have meant to me and this organization.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Warmest Regards,

Karen Mays (AKC Canine Health Foundation-Board member) writes:
Hello Terry:

The painting is simply gorgeous. To say I like it is an understatement! It will be a great addition to the auction and we are so grateful that you were willing to do this for us. Words cannot adequately express my thank-you for sharing your talents to support the Foundation and its goals. I know you had a busy schedule this summer and I appreciate the time and effort involved in the creation of this exceptionally beautiful piece.

I am eternally grateful!


Cindy Vogels (AKC Canine Health Foundation President) writes:
The painting is fantastic and I know just who might be interested! I’ll be sure to email them the photo. Many, many thanks for your beautiful addition to our auction!
Cindy Vogels

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tustin, Ca. PLEIN AIR PAINT OUT 2008

This past few days I have been traveling back and forth to Tustin, Ca. for their 2008 Paint Out. Twenty two artist from around southern Ca. started painting on Wed. and were able to show their efforts at a show and sale on Main St. in downtown Tustin. On Thursday Luz Perez and I went down for our first day of painting. We arrived around 9 a.m. in the morning and checked in at the Parks and Recreation Department. We drove around the area marked Old Town and looked for differently possibilities to paint. I really like painting vista's so I was drawn to the mountains in the distance and was trying to situate myself in an area that I could include them. My first painting was a downtown scened of Main Street, just off of El Camino Real looking east towards the mountains. I really liked the red building that was situated on the right side and worked around that as my focal point for the painting. I don't usually work around a focal point, unless there is a definite one in mind. The cars also draw attention to the red building.
After painting in the morning we decided to rest and go have lunch before painting an afternoon painting. Because of the traffic down the 91 freeway we knew we would not be able to start back home until after 6:30, so we still had plenty of time. At the restaurant we ran into another PAAR member Helen Bell. We had already finished our lunch and special drinks for the occasion, so asked Helen to join us for coffee after we painted our afternoon painting. The Steven's House is a local historical house in downtown Tustin. The house used to be surrounded by Orange groves in it's early years but now it is surrounded by office buildings. I was happy to paint this house as I am always drawn to Victorian houses. I can now add this painting to the series of Victorian Houses I already have painted for future shows. The sun was peaking through the large trees on the right of the house just enough to light up the roof top and the front windows on the Turret. After painting we had our coffee with Helen and we all started back home around 7 p.m. Boy what a tiring day, but I was very happy with my Steven's House so felt comfortable that I would have something nice to turn in for the exhibit on Saturday.

Friday morning we left a little earlier so we could capture the early morning sun. My choice today was the Vintage Lady boutique on El Camino Real, just off of Main St. This tiny little boutique was nestled in behind this large tree. Another point of interest to me was the tower on the church. We were only allowed to paint 3 paintings during the paint out, so since I could see the tower on the upper right, I decided I could combine 2 paintings of sites I liked into one.

I was really torn between this painting and the Victorian house as to which one I should turn in for the exhibit. Eddie really liked the Victorian House so I went with his choice. Since the judges were not pre- announced I really couldn't say which one they would like. After lunch on Friday we finished up some last minute details on a couple of paintings, waited for the traffic to die down and came on home.
On Sat. the artist were allowed to set up their paintings and artwork in Old Town. Since I had never been to this event, I was reluctant to do this. But after saying that and being there I would definitely give it a try. We were, however, able to set up our paintings we did from the week.

Brighton Smith a young man (just a senior in High School) won the $1000.00 prize for his painting. What a delightful young man he is and a terrific artist. He has a very bright future ahead of him and I was very happy to meet him. The photo is with him and his mom. What an exciting day for him and all who were there to see him win. Congratulations Brighton!

This was a very nice event. Tustin's first paint out. I definitely will be going back to this great little town. Here is a link to read more about Tustin. City of Tustin, CA :: Homepage I highly recommend taking the tour of this little town. Nice people and beautiful places to paint. And to the ladies at Oscar's Bar & Grill, you make great Lemon Drop Martini's!
Until next time, Enjoy the ART! Terry d. Chacon

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Christmas is just around the corner, custom orders are still available until the end of Oct. Pet portraits make the best gifts, email me with your interests.
If you would like to purchase one of the paintings on my blog, giclee's of the paintings or notecards, please let me know.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mija & Frida



Over the weekend we went to Santa Barbara to pick up my two girls from the last litter of Apache and Tootsie. Apache's registered name is Ch. Abaca Shacone Native Spirit and Tootsie's registered name is Ch. ShaCone Abaca Delovely. I have owned and bred afghan hounds since 1973. OK, yes I am telling my age.....They are the most wonderful breed in my opinion. They are very cat like so if you like the disposition of most cats, you would love this sighthound. Yes, they are in the sighthound family and they were used to hunt in Afghanistan and they still use them to this day.

If you would like to learn more about this breed please go to the Afghan Hound Club of America website. Afghan Hound Club of America, Inc. I must caution you that they are not a breed for everyone. The maintenance involved is a lifelong dedication. If you feel you have that, you might be a candidate to be owned by one of these special creatures. But most people like wash and wear dogs. These are not!

Meanwhile, I keep the girls in the litters and my long time partner in dogs Abbe Shaw keeps the boys. There were 3 boys and 2 girls in this litter. I thought it would be fun to share with you the girls and possibly blog about them from time to time as they grow up. I know many of you that are signed up to read my blog are collectors of Afghan Hound art or Plein Air works, so I hope you will enjoy seeing & hearing from time to time about my other life with the dogs.

Right now these girls have such different personalities. Mija is more playful and Frida is very serious, although she will play and do things with Mija, she just is not the initiator. They have been in Santa Barbara since the end of Aug. and this is just a 24 hour observation. This may change as they get used to their new surroundings again. But for now I would say Mija is more dominant. I like keeping 2 puppies out of litters to grow up together. I think it is easier for them to adjust if they have a friend and definitiely easier for me not to have to entertain one puppy as it is growing up.

Until next time, Enjoy the photos, Terry

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Reflections at Ford Park


The Redland's Art Association is having it's Plein Air event in conjunction with the Redland's Conservancy. Each year the Redland's Conservancy picks out areas around Redlands that they would like the artist to paint. This year they have chosen the City Parks. A reception for the artists will be Nov. 23 and the exhibit will be up until Nov. 27 at the Redland's Art Association Gallery in downtown Redlands.

I chose to go to Ford Park because I love the reflections in the 2 ponds in the early morning and I have painted there before with good results. Each week is a different Park, but I have been so busy with other things (read my previous blogs) that this was my first week to go out and paint. Next week is Prospect Park, I love this park too and hope to go there on Wed. morning to join the group.

The first painting at the top of the blog was done on the Wednesday. I went back on Thursday to do a different composition of the same scene, this is painting at the end of this blog. Do you see the difference a day makes. This is what I love about Plein Air. The paintings not only reflect the scene but, the atmosphere, the colors, the mood, the weather etc. on any given day. I thought it was very interesting the difference between the paintings as I went to paint around the same time of day and painted the same subject. Meaning you better finish it on the day you paint, because the next day it is not going to be the same.

Thanks to all the new subscribers for joining my blog, I hope you will find pleasure in reading about my artwork and feel free to place your comments. Some of the original artwork is for sale, if not giclee's and note cards are always available. Be sure to share my blog with your friends and family and invite them to join.

This weekend I am going to Santa Barbara to pick up my two puppies from the Tootsie/Apache litter. So photos and paintings of them will be coming soon. For sure I think they will be the stars of my Christmas painting for this year.

Next week end I will be in a Plein Air contest in Tustin, Ca. I will be sure to share the results of that with you next week. Keep your fingers crossed that I am able to come up with a nice painting. The pressure is on!

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon


What a difference a day makes!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Riverside Open Studio Tours-10-5-08

Yesterday a group of 6 artists from PAAR including myself were invited to paint at Tiffany Brooks studio, one of the studio's picked for the Riverside Open Studio Tour sponsored by the Riverside Art Museum. It started out very cloudy and cool and I was worried about rain. By the time we arrived at Tiffany's it was warm and sunny, great for a day of Plein Air painting, don't you love California weather! This was an inaugural event and I hope it will continue. For $25.00 you were treated to 5 working studio's in the Riverside area. Each of the studio's had guest artists and their own supply of wine and goodies for everyone to enjoy. Paulden Evans opened his lovely studio and sculpture garden as a closing reception at the end of the day with wine being served by Mark Schooley from Vintage Vaults and delicacies provided by Saffron Restaurant. It was a great day and if you missed out, be sure to sign up for the next one.
I was very excited to paint at Tiffany's as I had heard about her beautiful newly remodeled home & studio. Tiffany is also a new member of PAAR. I decided I should paint a front portion of Tiffany's home. When I received the post card (included at the end of this blog) in the mail announcing the event, there was a photo of each studio. In front of Tiffany's home was an artist painting her home. I took a double take and thought, this looks like me. With my memory I kept thinking and thinking of when did I paint this house. I just racked my brain and kept looking at the photo. I knew that only Luz, Louise and I have Soltek easels, and I knew it wasn't them. When I saw the Starbucks coffee cup on the easel, I knew it was me. But how did they do this, since I had never been to Tiffany's? Even the painting on the easel was Tiffany's house.....Then I started putting two and two together, that Micah, he must have done this. He is so talented on the computer and I had remembered telling him this one time when I had a meeting with him at RAM. Sure enough he superimposed another photo of me that Daniel Foster had taken and like magic put it on this postcard as if I was actually painting Tiffany's house. Yesterday, Daniel Foster and I had a good laugh about it, so he took another photo of me painting Tiffany's home. I will add that photo when I get it from Daniel. All in all it was a great day, saw many artists from the area touring the studio's, plus met some very nice people who appreciate the arts. A huge thanks goes out to Tiffany for inviting PAAR to share her studio for the day and for her great hospitality. Thanks Tiffany! Until next time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon
Tiffany Brooks home & studio by Terry d. Chacon. Notes and prints will be available from this piece. Contact Terry for prices.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Itty Bitty Kitty painting

Here is a commissioned painting that I finished today. 11 x 14 on canvas. I met Linda Banks at my reception for my art exhibit "Impressions, by Terry d. Chacon" at the Riverside Visitors Center. She fell in love with a painting that I had done of Jasper (Do Not Disturb on a previous blog) and wanted me to paint her cat. I really love painting cats, they have such expression in their eyes. And their eye colors are so beautiful and so many colors.
I made arrangements to go meet Itty Bitty and to take photos of her for the painting. She was a real character and I took about 100 photos that day. She loves to sit or lounge in front of the window on this dining table. When I took the best photos for paintings back for Linda to view she picked my favorite also. Itty Bitty sitting on the maple table in front of the window. I loved the back lighting from the morning sun coming through the window and the reflections of the glass and her shadow on the table. The antique glassware belonged to Linda's mother and she felt the painting would mean so much to have the glassware in there also.
After the painting has dried, I will make sure it is exactly what I want (maybe some slight details and highlights) and then it will be going to it's new home. Congratulations, Linda Banks and thank you for the privilege to paint Itty Bitty!
Tomorrow a group of artists and myself will be painting at the new Riverside Humane Society grand opening. I was going to finish this painting over at this event, but I am working on several commissions pieces right now, so thought I would take another one for the event. One with not as much detail.
RIVERSIDE HUMANE SOCIETY PET ADOPTION CENTER 6165 Industrial Avenue Riverside, CA 92504 (951) 688-4340 Riverside Humane Society
If your in the area, please stop by. We will be there from 11 to 3.
Until next time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On the Road Again! AHCA National Specialty 2008

My best friend Abbe and I started driving to Frankenmuth, Michigan on Tuesday Sept. 16, 2008 and we returned home Monday Sept. 29, 2008. We usually try to drive to this event as we usually have an Afghan Hound or two and my artwork to sell at the event. We prefer driving to taking a plane flight with the dogs and our trips are much more memorable when we drive.

We didn't plan the first part of our trip as well as we should have and had a very hard time finding a motel room the first night. Beware of trying to stay in Richfield or Salina, Utah if you have a dog with you, actually I wouldn't recommend any of the hotels if you don't have dogs. The first place was a Best Western, when Abbe told the lady at the front desk we had a dog, she said "Oh, you will have to stay in a smoking room!", Abbe quickly replied, "Why, he doesn't smoke!". She said the lady was not amused by her remark. As luck would have it she didn't have a smoking room and then asked how much the dog weighed. Abbe said oh 50 pounds or so. She said well, you will have to be very careful, Abbe explained that he had traveled the world and stayed at some of the best hotels, that she was sure he would be fine. So we pull the van around to the side door, unloaded our bags for the night and took them upstairs to our room. As we are leaving the room the phone was ringing, since we didn't know anyone in the area and it was after midnight we figured it was a wrong number. As we proceeded to feed the dogs in the van (Apache going to the Nationals, 2 youngsters going to stay at Shylo) and do some rearranging the lady comes out saying she wanted to see the dog that would be in the room. When she saw him lying on the back seat she said "Oh no! My manager would kill me if I let you stay here." So we went back to the room got our luggage reloaded the van and proceeded to the only other hotel in this tiny place. A Super 8. Abbe didn't like to stay in Super 8's as she said they usually smell of smoke, even in the nonsmoking rooms and they have tiny bath towels that are usually ready for Good Will! So, the only room they had left was a smoking room. By this time it was really getting late and I said I could probably deal with it for one night. She gets the room key we open the door and oh my word! It was like walking into a casino in the 80's. I said, I just can't stay here. We laughed as we proceeded to the front, woke up the front desk manager again and told him the room was worse than we had expected. He actually was nice about it and said, "I told you it was a smoking room"........ On to the next town which was Salina, by this time it was after 1 a.m. We pull into a Rodeway Inn, Abbe walks in a huge sign by the front desk NO PETS! By this time I was wide awake and said, "lets just drive to Denver". So we took turns driving while the other slept, when 5 a.m. came around we started looking for Starbucks. Those GPS guides are really great for road trips. After a latte and oatmeal we were good to go for a few more hours! We arrived at Shylo around 9 a.m. They were so surprised to see us drive in, they expected us late afternoon. Our bedroom was made up and we went to bed, slept a few hours. We lounged around all day, Stephen fixed us a wonderful dinner and we were in bed early so we could get on the road the next morning. At Shylo we also got to see a new litter of puppies out of Apache and Solitaire. They were so cute and such a joy to play with while we were there.

We started out the next day early and drove to Des Moines, Iowa. By this time we figured out that we should call La Quinta ahead of time and get reservations for the night, rather than trying to find a motel when it got late. We wanted to find a steak place in Omaha as the best beef in America is in this area. We stopped for dinner and then drove on to our destination for the night. La Quinta always takes dogs. Imagine that, it is a very nice motel, have never stayed in a bad one and they take dogs. These motels that would not take dogs were very run down and in the middle of no where. Go figure that one!

To pass the time during the days driving we stopped at Outlet Malls and some historical sites. Some were quite aways off the path we were going and much to our surprise, not at all what they were advertised. But they did pass the time, the outlet malls were all great! We can always find something you need at them.

On Friday night we stayed in Lansing, Michigan. It was a newly renovated Holiday Inn and they took dogs. We got up the next morning and leisurely made our way to Frankenmuth. There was a great Outlet Mall as you got off at the Frankemuth exit so we stopped there and shopped for a few hours. Two pairs of shoes, pants, t-shirts and some necessities, oh they even had a doggie shop so Apache got to go in a pick out some toys and some doggie biscuits for his stay.

We arrived in Frankenmuth at the Bavarian Inn Resort hotel. They were having Octoberfest and boy was this little town crowded. Loud music and people everywhere. We checked in and walked downtown for something to eat. After a couple shots of tequila we were liking this little town a lot more!

This is the Bavarian Inn Resort Hotel. This is actually only half of the place, it goes on forever. It is like a little city, once there, you really don't need to leave. I had to laugh as these people are quite the party people, even in the Fun Game Room area for kids, they have a full bar. We never went to these kind of places when I was raising Matthew and he had to go with me to dog shows. He would have loved this place, I think they had every game imaginable and several swimming pools. On Sunday we could set up our little boutiques for the dog show. All the artists were under the blue and white tent adjacent to the dog show ring so we could sell and watch the dog show at the same time. On Monday night we had an artist party which always brings everyone in for the night. Lots of wine and cheese for the buyers.

Artwork by Terry d. Chacon, photos by Wynne Kalish

Sunday night was the Invitational so I groomed Apache and showed him in this event. Unfortunately Wynne didn't arrive in time to get photos, if someone else took some, I can post one later. It was a nice event under the stars, but it did get very cold for the spectators. As an exhibitor we got to run around the ring several times so we stayed pretty warm. They had a nice barbecue and a bar for the spectators and exhibitors. Quite a fun event and a good way to start the week.
The week went by very quickly. I actually had one morning off and didn't have to open my boutique until noon so I got up early and went out to paint the beautiful river that butted up against the hotel. The reflections were so beautiful once the sun came through the fog and I was so happy that I had one morning to paint. I wished I could have painted everyday but that was not possible with everything that goes on during the week.

Plein Air painting by Terry d. Chacon

Photos again, taken by Wynne Kalish. I think when I started painting Wynne and I were the only people to be found outside, everyone was taking advantage of the morning off.

On Thursday night we packed up and started out driving back home on Friday morning. Stephen Fisher drove back to Denver with us so we were able to drive straight through by changing drivers through the day and night. We got back to Denver and Shylo Kennels on Sat. and they had a very nice dinner prepared for us by Bobby Ungar. If you ever get a chance to have dinner prepared by this great chef, I highly recommend him. He is the chef for Abbe's Santa Barbara party every year, just fabulous! They invited some of our other friends from the Denver area and we all had a great time. Abbe and I left Denver on Sunday morning and drove to one of our favorite spa's in Glenwood Springs. After having a relaxing lunch with margaritas at our favorite Mexican restaurant, we spent the afternoon at the spa. The natural caves are always so refreshing (after you cool down), and I had a mud wrap and Abbe had a massage. We then drove to La Quinta in Fruita spent the night and got up very early Monday morning and drove home. This was another great trip across America. The sites are beautiful. It is always amazing to me how quickly the trees start changing colors. On our way out, the trees were still green, on our way back they were yellow, orange, red even a beautiful peach color. If you have never driven across America, I would highly suggest it and Sept./Oct. is the best time to do it. Until next time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon
For those of you who do not know Abbe or Apache, here is the recent cover of the Afghan Hound Review. Apache was bred by Terry, Abbe and Pam and Lonnie Patterson, owned by Terry & Abbe.