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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Santa Barbara Kennel Club 2011

"Santa Barbara Sunset"  View from the Biltmore  9 x 12 oil with palette knife by Terry d. Chacon

While at the Santa Barbara Kennel Club group of shows I kept noticing the fabulous sunsets.   I knew I would have to take the time one of the evenings to go down to the beach and paint.   On Monday night I arrived around 6, set up my easel and prepared for the most amazing experience.   I just could not paint fast enough as the colors started and as the evening went on it got better and better.   This view is from the Biltmore.  

Each year my friend Abbe Shaw and her husband Gary host a lovely party for the patron's, judges and special guests.   Abbe asked Matthew (my son) to be the bartender.   He had no idea that when the guests started arriving that everyone would want a drink at the same time.   Dr. John Reeves Newson from Canada jumped in to help out.   John had such a good time that he ended up helping Matthew throughout the evening.  

This is the SBKC merchandise tent where they sell posters, catalogs, sweatshirts, note cards and tote bags with the image from the painting they commissioned me to do for them.   I was available during the afternoon and signed posters, a few sweatshirts and some bags for the dog show consumers. 

This is the "Breeder's Showcase 2011" poster.   Purina is the sponsor for the Breeder's Showcase and the shows.  

This is the cover of the 2011 SBKC catalog.

This is the back cover.

This is a page out of the catalog announcing the Artist Signing.

A view of the crowds at the Breeder's Showcase.   Every exhibitor, judge, patron and special invited guests  are treated to a full meal and drinks while they enjoy the show.

This is Apache and Mijo being shown by Bruce Clark and Mike Strockbine.   They received an award of merit in a very competitive group of Hounds.   Thank you Dr. Dick Meen of Canada for the honor. 

This is the trophy table. 

Here is the framed original painting on display for the silent auction.

The Capone family of San Ynez Valley  were the highest bidders of the painting.   The painting sold for $5000.00.   Everyone was very happy including me.   Thank you to the Capone family for purchasing this painting and for your wonderful support of my artwork and SBKC.  

Next year the painting will be of the working group.  I look forward and feel honored that SBKC has commissioned me to do a total of 8 paintings for the upcoming years.  Each year will represent a different group and the last painting will be of the Best In Show.    The painting is used for the catalog cover and other merchandise to help support the SBKC future Breeder's Showcase honoring breeders of pure bred dogs.

Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART.   Terry d. Chacon  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Plein Air Painting at Crystal Cove.

"Wading into the Ocean"  6 x 8 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

Sunday April 14, 2011 a group of plein air painters (members of PAAR Plein Air Artists of Riverside) went to Crystal Cove.   Crystal Cove is another favorite beach spot to paint.   Getting away from the Inland Empire heat and spending a day at the beach is always a welcome pleasure for me.   Crystal Cove is a noted historic beach located between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.   Please read more.

Every time I go to this beach to paint I say I am going to paint people.  There are so many to paint that it gets very confusing and sometimes I don't like my paintings because I put so many people in them.  So today I thought I would lesson the load and structure of the paintings.   The above painting represents a mother and her two children.   I spotted them down in front of me and saw her taking them to the beach.  I quickly sketched them in and started the painting.   The kids only wanted to go out so far and then they would go back to their tent set up for a while, then she would walk them back in.   I wish I knew who they were as I would thank them for cooperating......Most of the time you see a person once, sketch them in, get as much information as you can in a short amount of time and then they are gone.   

Terry painting at Crystal Cove Aug. 14, 2011.   As you can see I still had my sweatshirt on.   It was a little cold at the beach when we arrived, but really starting warming up when the sun would come out.   Then it would go away and the sweatshirt went back on.    I really don't know how people were playing in the water, it was way too cold for me.

"Life Guard Tower"  9 x 12 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

When we first arrived in the morning the light was very beautiful and the bluffs were in full shadow.   I liked the tents that people were setting up as they were getting ready for a day at the beach.   Notice the white tent in the middle.   As I was painting, this tent disappeared.   Evidently they set it up too close to the life guard tower and had to remove it.  So glad I had enough information on my canvas to keep it in the painting.   Not a lot of people on the beach at this point, surely nobody was going in the water as it was still a little chilly.   I especially liked the way the sun was peaking around the back side of the bluffs lighting up the ocean.   A lot of people climb on those big rock formations out in front of the bluffs, I tried to put them in but they just didn't read right so took them out.   Maybe next time I can get up closer to capture the rock climbers.   One little boy who stopped by to admire my painting, asked me if I saw him on the rocks.  I told him I sure did.   He got a kick that the rocks were in my painting.   I guess he thought he was the only one on the rocks.....haha....

Some other artists from PAAR and David Solomon from Laguna Beach.   David came out to have lunch with us and then invited us back to his studio.  

Here is David with his masterpiece.   David has been a friend for many years. It is always great to see him and pick his brain about being a professional artist.  David has lived and worked the art scene in Laguna for forty years or more.   Look him up he is fantastic.

So after a glass of wine and some great art talk my friend Louise and I headed home.

This photo is for you David.  It's the one you took with my camera and I promise to email it to you.  Thanks for a great time as usual, hope to see you again soon.

UNTIL NEXT TIME:  Please enjoy the art!    Terry d. Chacon

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Catalina Plein Air 2011

"View from Descanso Beach"   Catalina 2011  6 x 12 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon

For the past 5 years Joan Coffey and I have gone to Catalina to paint.   Each year we invite some fellow plein air artist to go along and some of them are joining us on a annual basis as well.  We  take the Catalina Express out of Long Beach over to the land of enchantment where we spend 2 nights and 3 days painting literally sun up to sun down and beyond. 

Fellow plein air painters, Patricia Rose Ford, Louise Smith, Joan Coffey and Nita Harper waiting to board the  Catalina Express. 

After arriving and enjoying a lunch with some other painters we checked into our hotel and headed on over to Descanso Beach for a late afternoon painting.  (First painting on today's blog above)

"Night Lights"  Casino in Catalina   9 x 12 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon

By evening and after a nice dinner at one of the local restaurants, we were out for some night painting.   I chose to go down by the casino to paint.   None of the other artists wanted to go with me so I headed out on my own.  I figured since there were a lot of people out and about I would be fine.   About 3/4 of the way through my painting I realized it was awful quiet and not a soul was walking by.   I then started to hear noises and got a little spooked.   So I hurried to finish this one, packed my gear and walked back downtown.   Guess lesson learned not to go off painting alone.  

"Cloudy Morning" Catalina Casino 6 x 8 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon
Following morning we were up at 6 am to create a beautiful sunrise painting.   Well, as you can see from above there was no sun.   It is always a challenge to paint dull cloudy paintings, but I think I pulled this one off.   As the day went on, the sun came in and out.   

 "View from the Fipp Balcony"   9 x 12 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon

Late morning we were invited by some locals to come to their house and paint from their balcony.   What a special treat to get up close and personal with a very nice family who have lived on the island for several years.   It was fun getting some of the inside scoop/history of Avalon and the surrounding areas.   I want to thank Sheryle and  her husband Tom and mother for welcoming us and treating us to a very special day. 

"Lover's Cove"   9 x 12 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon

Also from the balcony of the Fipp's residence I was able to get a birds eye view of Lover's Cove.   Although the sun was hard to find that day, it managed to stay out long enough for me to capture these beautiful bluffs and rocks around "Lover's Cove".   I have always wanted to paint this view and had hoped to get the chance.   Today was the day. 

After a long day we enjoyed Pizza and beer in our room and later a critique of the paintings we had done for the last day 1/2.   

Another morning with no sun.   And this morning was also quite chilly.  

"Waiting to Sail"   6 x 6 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon

It is always fun to paint at least one boat painting in Catalina.   Since there was no sun and I really wanted to paint the boats were in full view.   I chose this little sail boat because of the great reflections it was casting in the water on this very cloudy, gloomy morning.  

Peach waffles and bacon were on the itinerary for breakfast and as usual the local restaurant was delicious.   We then headed back to the hotel to pack up before doing an afternoon painting.   The Buffalo Nickel Restaurant has a free shuttle from Avalon out to Pebbly Beach.   We always try to add a new location to our itinerary and this one will probably become a favorite.   

Terry at Pebbly Beach.  

"Wave Splash"   6 x 12 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon

My last painting of the trip.   I loved this scene and the boats were kind enough to show up and make for a nice composition.   I loved the way the waves would come in and splash on the rocks so wanted to feature that in this painting.   When the surge of water goes back down the pebbly beach it is the most interested sound.   Like fingers going across piano keys.  

Another beautiful trip with great friends to Catalina.  Looking forward to next year.

UNTIL NEXT TIME, please enjoy the Art!

Terry d. Chacon

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dog Show News

Excited to show off the newest painting for Santa Barbara Kennel Club 2011.   This is the advertisement  in "Dog News"  a National publication about dogs!    This painting will be the cover for their catalog. Posters, tote bags, note cards and sweatshirts will be available at the show.  The original painting will also be up for auction at the Breeder's Showcase.   I will be doing an artist signing on Sat. Look me up. Enjoy. Terry