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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Friday, July 25, 2014

Dogs In Review (National Publication)


                     Terry d. Chacon at the AKC Museum of the Dog exhibit "Dog Show Scenes"

A couple years ago I was approached by Gretchen Benardi from the Museum of the Dog about featuring my artwork for an exhibition.  Of course I was delighted and said yes.   The museum worked with me about the artwork for the exhibition and the exhibit opened April 22, 2014. 
After my reception on May 32, 2014 at the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog featuring my "Dog Show Scenes" and bronze sculptures I was contacted by Allan Reznik (Editor in Chief) of Dogs In Review about featuring me in their August 2014 magazine.  Allan was also in attendance at the reception. 
Above photo is Allan Reznik and Gretchen Bernardi at the reception.
The following are some photos of the article.   Beautifully put together and I am very proud.
The above photo is from the 1st page of the article.

The above photo is the inside 3rd page contents of the magazine.  My article is on page 54 under.

The above photo is the 2nd page of the article.  It was nice they included my bronze sculpture "Full Circle" and a photo of me judging in South Africa in April of 2014.  The photo at the top left is the painting I did for Santa Barbara Kennel Club which will be auctioned off at the Breeder's Showcase Aug. 23, 2014.   Here is a poster for the SBKC shows that will be in businesses through Santa Barbara. 
Thanks again Dogs In Review for this wonderful article and the opportunity to showcase my artwork.
UNTIL NEXT TIME, please enjoy the art!
Terry d. Chacon  The article will be online within the week.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Catalina Island Workshop 2014

Demo painting from Descanso Beach Presidential Cabana

The artist arrived on Monday and I invited them to my condo for a meet and greet.  We served Pizza, beer, wine and soda along with some munchies.   I also showed a video made in 1976 on Henry Hensche.   Handed out some supplies donate by my sponsors: Holbein, Raymar Art Panels, Strothmore.  
The next morning we met at the casino and I did a demo explaining my approach to plein air.   Using large shapes and keeping the painting simple.  Some of the artist had never used a palette knife so wanted to make sure they didn't get discouraged.
The artist started painting, had lunch and continued painting in the afternoon.  They all did great.
2nd day we painted in Avalon close to the water.   Class was 1/2 day, we would meet at 7 pm to do a night painting.
Night painting is always fun.   At first you think the sun is never going to go away.  But you better be ready as when it goes away it is very dark on the island.  I did a quick demo for the artist to have something to go by. 
The artist were equipped with a drawing on their canvas, their paint set up and some lights to give them a little guidance.   They all really enjoyed the evening and were surprised how well they did.  
The next morning we met at the Presidential Cabanas at Descanso Beach.  
The artist were treated to their own server "Johnny" who was at their beck and call all day.  Brought them drinks and food whenever they wanted and all they had to do was paint and have fun.  
The view of the casino was fabulous.  We waited until the sun came out to get started as I knew by the time the class would paint the sun would be out which would be a whole different painting from the view in the photo.  

The sun is out!
Demo painting from Descanso beach.
The artist were treated throughout the day with munchies.  This was cantaloupe and jalapeno peppers.  Yummy......
We all made it through the day of being pampered and painting, what more can an artist ask for. 
Last day was by the Green Pier.  Artist set up in the shade at the veteran memorial and painted in the morning.  The artist brought out their paintings from the past 4 days and we had a critique session.  They all were so pleased with how much they had progressed in the 4 days and the paintings reflected this.  Smiles and excitement all around.  The artist were then able to finish their paintings from the morning.  We all said our good byes and everyone headed to the Catalina Express to catch their boats to the mainland. 
The workshop was a huge success.  I will be doing another workshop on the island next year starting July 7 through July 10, 2015.  If you are interested in learning how to paint in plein air using oil paints and a palette knife to add luminosity and color to your paintings, please contact me ASAP to sign up and receive  more information. I have room for 3 more artist for 2015.   
UNTIL NEXT TIME, please enjoy the art.   Terry d. Chacon