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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Monday, February 27, 2012

Gems of Riverside, Ca. 6 days 11 paintings

Plein Air Artists of Riverside/PAAR 7th Annual Paint Out 2012
"Gems of Riverside"
Riverside, Ca.

"Red Light Green Light"  Mission Inn Riverside, Ca. 12 x 12 oil on canvas board/palette knife

First day of painting after checking in at the Riverside Art Museum and having my canvas's stamped for the week.   After painting  we enjoyed a lunch at the Mission Inn.  I had to leave early to attend the opening reception for my show at Banning Center for the Arts of my Grand Canyon paintings.   Featured artist David Fairrington along with the watercolor paintings of the late Milford Zornes. 

"The Dog Walker" Mt. Rubidoux 9 x 12 oil on canvas board/palette knife

Early to rise, I met fellow artists Patricia Rose Ford and Nita Harper to paint at the dog park near Mt. Rubidoux.   Lots of people were walking their dogs down the path.   I am not sure how far they go, but most of them did come back by to see how we were doing with our paintings.   I loved the sky that morning and wanted to get a big sky painting.   As I was looking up I noticed the circle of light around the huge cross at the top of Mt. Rubidoux.   A beautiful setting for a painting.  Afterwards we went to Mi Tortilla for lunch.  My friend Ellie Joy Schwartz and her dog Maxi joined us.    

"Casey's Cupcakes" Mission Inn  6 x 8 oil on canvas board/palette knife

After lunch we then headed down to paint at the Mission Inn Mall.   I always loved this little cupcake shop.  The light was perfect, casting shadows and reflective light.  Love this little gem. 

"Setting the Mood" Oak Quarry Golf Course 11 x 14 oil on canvasboard/palette knife
Arriving early morning to paint at the golf course, this view was special.  I loved the atmosphere and the reflections in the pond on this overcast morning.  

"The Quarry"  Oak Quarry Golf Course 9 x 12 oil on canvas board/palette knife

After a delightful lunch with other artists, I set out to paint some of the beautiful quarry.   This view is passed  the pond (on the left) looking at the beautiful rock formations and distant mountains.   I understand the signature hole is remarkable and hopefully one day I will be able to paint that view.

After painting all day we were invited to Brian and Janet Wolf's home for a bowl of Chile and beer.   It was a great way for us to wind down for the day.   Thanks Brian and Janet.   

"What a View" Saint Andrew Greek Orthodox Church 6 x 12 oil on canvas board/palette knife

This is a fairly new church in Riverside.  The building has 5 different  domes  and is incredible.   I chose to just paint one dome with the beautiful mountains in the background and the orange grove.   Hope to go back and do another view. 

"Little Red Car"  Fox Theatre on Mission Inn Ave.  6 x 6 oil on canvas board/palette knife
On Wed. I had to go to the foundry to pick up some bronzes that were ready and then to paint in the late afternoon with Pat.   We arrived downtown to paint the Fox Theatre and wanted to try a street scene as well.  When we arrived I realized I had left my canvas boards at home and after searching my gear I had by chance put in this little 6 x 6.   Saved!    I tried several drawings before this cute little red Volkswagen stopped directly in front of me.   So I again wiped off my drawing and painted this scene.  All in all it turned out pretty darn neat and I was very happy.  

"Shadows on the Brandstater Gallery"  La Sierra University 9 x 12 oil on canvas board/palette knife

Interesting building.  My husbands first sight of this painting says "What happen to the roof".    Interesting architecture for sure. 
"Yearlings in the Orange Grove"  Citrus Park Riverside, Ca.  12 x 12 oil on canvas board/palette knife

 Heritage Citrus Park in Riverside, is the most fabulous place to paint.  Every way you look is a painting.  I definitely want to go back to this place.  

"Afternoon Delight" Citrus Park Riverside, Ca.  6 x 8 oil on canvas/palette knife

My good friend Ellie Joy Schwartz came out to watch us paint and took this photo.  

Another gem from the day.   

"Bougainvillea" Unitarian Church Administration  8 x 10 oil on canvas/palette knife Quick Draw  

After walking around the block at the Riverside Art Museum where 30 some artists had set up to paint in the Quick Draw, I decided on this quaint little gem.  After setting up my easel and putting out my paints waiting for the whistle to blow, low and behold someone parked their car right in front of the house.   I begged them to park some place else and after much deliberation they decided to move.   I quickly grabbed a cone from the construction site behind me and placed it in the parking space in front of the house, so I would not have to worry about someone else blocking my view.   Who knows the next person might tell me to go fly a kite.   I did invite them to come to the reception to see their beautiful old house in the show.  They were quite happy to hear that.  

Lunch at the Mission Inn with friends after a week of painting.

Another great paint out put on by PAAR.   Reception and exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum, Saturday Mar. 31, 2012 from 6 to 9 pm.   Exhibit lasts for 2 months.  Hope to see you there.

Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Plein Air Magazine March 2012

Look who landed a spot in the Plein Air Magazine!   Yep, that's me in this international magazine.   I was surprised as anyone when I heard the news.   When editor Steve Doherty said he was interested in some photos about extreme painting sights I sent in a couple photos from our trip to the Grand Canyon in November.   I thought they might end up in the weekly online newsletter but had given up when they never appeared.    Then last week I started getting emails from other plein air artists who had received their copy of the magazine stating that I was on page 91.   We went to Barnes and Noble to get a copy, but they were out, so I had to wait for mine to come in the mail.   It arrived on Monday.   And to top it off he even quoted me.  

 Here is the cover to March 2012.   A painting by Ken Auster.   My first class with Susan Sarback was at Ken Auster Studio's in Laguna Beach.   Small world. 

Here is Page 91.   If you are interested in plein air art, this magazine has it all.   Great articles, feature stories about great plein air artists and beautiful paintings from around the world.  

"Final Cut" is the name of my most recent Dog Show Scene 2012 painting.  As you recall I had asked for titles on my fan page on Facebook.   95 titles were submitted and everyone waited patiently until I made my decision.   Yvonne Ljungkvist of Sweden was the contest winner.  Congratulations Yvonne!   Funny how a title finishes the piece.   

 Prints from this piece are now available on Fine Art America.   Several sizes are available on paper, canvas or acrylic, you can even pick a frame.

Two more drawings for the Dog Show Scene 2012 Series below.

Photo reference taken by me at the Palm Springs dog show in Jan.   This is Abbe running with Apache in the Hound Group.   This piece is 18 x 18.   

The photo reference for this piece was submitted by Beth Anne Hall.   This is the New Jersey Specialty and these are some of the special bitches from that day.  This piece is 12 x 24.  

Well I am off to New York City to see the Westminster Dog Show and partake in all the festivities.  More on that when I return.

Until then, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

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