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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Winner's of the Photo Contest

A couple months ago I had a photo contest on my Facebook Art Page.   Artistic Impressions by Terry d. Chacon.    I asked all my FB friends to submit a photo, not a professional photographer photo unless taken by them.   They could submit as many as they like.   It was overwhelming the amount of photos that were submitted and I knew 1/2 way into it I was going to have a real problem choosing just one.  

About the second day I decided to add a "People's Choice" to the equation.   In order to win you had to have your FB friends comment on your photo.   The winner was the Akita "Magnum" owned and loved by Erika Peters of Virginia.  I was very happy this photo had won as it was one of my favorites.   I loved the snow on his face and thought it would make for an interesting painting. 

"Snow Day" 5 x 7 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon
This is the completed painting.  Below you will find a few photos that I took while painting. 

The drawing

The wash of color

Softening the edges

More paint, more definition and last step before adding the finishing touches. 

While the contest was going on it seemed more and more photos were coming in, I was amazed at what I was seeing.   There were lots of photos entered that were out of this world, but the winning photo had to look good on a 5 x 7 canvas.   So as I looked at each photo I started weeding them out.   I came down to two that I thought would be great to paint in my style of painting, would look fabulous on a 5 x 7 canvas and they both of course pulled at my heart strings.   So I awarded 2 paintings instead of 1. 
"Sassie" owned and loved by Marlaina and Brandi Mortati of Kentucky.

"Lazy Day"  5 x 7 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

The drawing

The wash

Softening the edges

The finished painting..

"Blade" owned and loved by Carolyn Swadley of Washington.

"The Elegance of a Hound"  5 x 7 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

The drawing

The wash

Softening the edges, not sure why this is so blurry, sorry.

Almost finished but needed some adjustments

The finished painting.

This was a lot of fun.  I hope you enjoyed the process.  

Have you ever thought of having your pet immortalized in oil.    A painting that will last a lifetime.   I am now offering for a limited time 5 x 7 little gem oil paintings at a discounted price.   One subject, head study only, studio background in oil on canvas for $200.00.  Imagine you can have a collection painted at this price.    Contact me at   I normally don't paint this size, but have had some interest and have decided to oblige.   Any animal is accepted as long as you have a decent  non-professional photo that will make a nice oil painting, I will be happy to work with you to choose the right one.   Other canvas sizes are also available.  See my website for prices and sizes.    Hope to hear from you.

Until next time, Please Enjoy the ART!   Terry d. Chacon

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

"The Player" Saluki Bronze Sculpture

"The Player"   Lost Wax Saluki Bronze Limited Edition of 15 by Terry d. Chacon

The clay model

The back view

The clay model

The head study

The clay model

I think it is always fun to see where a piece starts and how it ends, I hope you enjoy seeing it also.  

 This piece measures  9 1/2 in length, 4 inches wide and 5 1/4 at the tip of the highest point.  The marble base is 10 1/2 in length and 5 inches wide by 1 inch thick.   Available in the black patina with scrubbed back bronze lifts under the feet and black marble base.    

This is the 3rd in a series of Sighthounds added to the collection.   It is now available to order.  Please contact me at for more information.    

Please view the collection on my website at:  or press on the title to this post. 

Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!    Terry d. Chacon  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Village Frame and Gallery

"View From the Biltmore"   6 x 12 by Terry d. Chacon

This past week I went to Santa Barbara for an appointment with Village Frame and Gallery about showing my work.  

On Wed. I got up to go paint down at the beach.   When I left Abbe's house the sun was starting to come out so I figured when I got to the beach, after a stop at Starbucks that I would have a nice sunny day of painting.   I set up across the street from the Biltmore to get the beautiful view of the bluff and the beach of Santa Barbara.  Well you could see the bluff, but Santa Barbara was fogged in.    It was fine weather wise when I started painting.  About an hour into my painting the wind came up and the chill started.   I tried and tried to hurry the painting as my hands were freezing.  I put the hood up on my sweatshirt to keep the wind from going down the back of my shirt and that helped.   By the time I finished the painting I could hardly open my hands they were so cold.   Chilled to the bone is what I definitely had.  I hurried back to Abbe's to take a hot shower.   It took a while to warm up.   Amazing it was so cold and the rest of the country is having a heat wave.   Go figure that as I stood there in shorts and sandals.    Oh well, next time take shoes and socks to the beach and a heavy hoodie.......

Village Frame and Gallery
1485 East Valley Rd.
Montecito, CA  93108

On Thursday I had an appointment with the above gallery to see about them exhibiting my plein air work.   Much to my surprise the gallery owner was very pleased with the works I brought in and is now representing my work.   I am so excited.   I have 11 paintings on display.  If you are vacationing in Santa Barbara, please be sure to stop by.   If you live in the Santa Barbara or Montecito area I hope you will go by and see my paintings.    Please tell them you are my friend.  Be sure to let me know what you think.   It is exciting to have my artwork in Montecito.   Now I have another excuse to go to the coast to paint on a regular basis. 

Until next time,  PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

PS:  The gallery is in the Village down the road from Oprah Winfrey.   I am not name dropping here.   OK, yes I am and I am very proud!  :-)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Skyline Dog Fancier's Kennel Club

Skyline Dog Fancier's 2011 Artwork by Terry d. Chacon

This is the artwork I created for the Skyline Dog Fancier's Kennel Club.  
It was such an honor to be asked again to do the artwork for Skyline Dog Fancier's.   The image of this 11 x 14 oil on canvas will be used for their catalog cover, trophies and a large banner which will hang next to the one they did last year of my work and years to come in their main auditorium where the groups and Best in Show are held.   The images for the paintings are submitted by the kennel club.  The design and painting are left up to me.   This year the Portugese Podengo  Pequeno Club of America will hold their National Specialty at the show.  They are in the misc. group of the AKC seeking full status for the hound group.  

Join them for the second annual Harvest Moon Classic, a collaboration of Skyline Dog Fanciers and Del Valle Dog Club. Thursday, October 20 at 8:00am - October 24, 2011 at 6:00pm
Alameda County Fairgrounds
4501 Pleasanton Ave.
Pleasanton Ca.
For more information contact Ryan Horvarth at

Last year I was unable to attend the dog shows because of a prior commitment, however, this year I will be there.   Hope to see you there as well.

Until next time,  ENJOY THE ART!  Terry d. Chacon

On another note, if you missed out on my exhibit at Banning Center for the Arts, they have kept 9 of my paintings for their Master Gallery.   The paintings will be hung with their collection of Milford Zornes and David Fairrington.  Stop by the Gallery Wed. through Sat. 10 to 4 pm to see the works. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacationing at Monterey, Pacific Grove, Big Sur and Pebble Beach

Vacationing in Monterey, Ca.  I was able to paint the following 4 paintings.   The story about our trip and more photos are below.  
"Big Sur Morning"    9 x 12 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

"Bixby Bridge"   8 x 10 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

"Lover's Point" Pacific Grove, CA.  9 x 12 oil on canvas.  There are no photos of me painting as I was alone while the boys had a nice day golfing.  

"Rocks" 6 x 8 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon.  I really liked the rocks in the first painting so decided to do a close up for the late afternoon painting.   I am contemplating doing a very large painting from this painting.  

This was our 4th year to volunteer at the 1st Tee Open at Pebble Beach.  My son Matthew is one of the Chair's of the event.  

My brother Bob and his wife Betty also come up to volunteer.   It makes for a very nice family get together. 

Clint Eastwood warming up for his round of golf.    He is such a humble man as he walked up to the 1st Tee he said "there sure is a nice turn out today".   Like he was surprised there were so many people there to watch him.     Everyone goes to the tournament in hopes of seeing him!   He's a pretty good golfer too.

The tournament consists of the Seniors from the Champions Tour, Amateurs and the 1st Tee kids who work all year long to try out for the tournament.   This is my brother carrying the sign for 3 pros and one 1st Tee kid on the 14th hole.   He always gets a big kick out of being part of the event. 

You never know what you will see at Pebble Beach.  

The deer are plentiful and unafraid.    I walked to about 10 feet from this beautiful creature.  If you look closely she is chewing her grass as she takes a quick look at me. She was making sure I stayed my distance. 

This is the sign in front of the lodge and Pebble Beach.

Eddie, Bob, Betty and myself enjoying a few hours rest at the lodge which overlooks the 18th green.

Matthew on the phone.  Organizing and making sure everyone is doing their jobs.

After the tournament we drove down to Big Sur so I could spend the day painting.

This was the first day the sun had been out all week, so we opted to sit outside for breakfast.

The balcony overlooks a river, it was beautiful and quiet.

This bird swooped down and took our sugar.

Yum, home made biscuits and honey. 

After breakfast we drove out to the ocean so I could start painting.  I liked this view because of the big red bluff in the foreground.   The beautiful ground covers and bushes made for a nice painting.  I chose to use my car as a wind shield.  It was cold and the wind was brutal.    

Eddie was practicing his photography, this is the drawing.

The first step of color, but then he evidently got bored and went to read his newspaper while I painted.  
This was the finished piece.

I then grabbed my easel and hiked down the bluff to find another area to paint.  Matthew had wanted me to paint "Bixby Bridge" and from the tip of the bluff I could see it.   If you have not ever been to Big Sur the highway is very skinny 2 lane.  Going south you are on the outside edge right next to the cliff's.    Some of the highway has been washed out and now it is one lane.  

This is where I set up by easel to start painting.   As you can see there is not a lot of space between my easel and the edge.  If you can imagine this lady forced her way in front of me pulling her poor son and had her husband take a photo.  Mind you she never said excuse me, may I or anything.   I stood there shaking my head and No, I did not pose for their photo.   Some people never cease to amaze me.....

The beginning of my painting.

By the time I finished the fog was rolling in and it was getting very cold.

This is the finished "Bixby Bridge"  

We had a wonderful time, but like all vacations they go by so fast.   Hope you have enjoyed the photos from our week in Monterey.  

Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!    These paintings are available, please contact me for details.

Terry d. Chacon

Don't forget to check out FINE ART AMERICA.   Here you will find prints from my work.   If you have a favorite and it is not yet listed, please let me know.   You can not only order the prints from my paintings, but also have them framed and shipped directly to you.  I also sell note cards on this site.   Take a look.