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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

4th week painting

This week I worked on the same photo I used for the porcelain painting to create an oil painting of April. I really like this position and I think it warrants a large painting at a later time. Really large! I am working with colors and trying to create strokes with heavy paint in places and smooth paint in others to get more depth in the painting. Also bringing out the most important part of the painting and less on the rest of the painting. I have uploaded the photo that I am working from. As you can see a lot of the face is in shadow, which is not what I want, just the beautiful lighting on the body. Let me know your thoughts. Terry

Sunday, January 28, 2007


This week I was very busy taking a Plein Air Painting workshop with noted artist Robin Hall. We painted in Prospect Park for 2 days and then at Ford Park for 2 days. The workshop was about value, atmosphere, warm and cool and more. We didn't complete any paintings really worked on technique and exercises to help us in the future. I cannot wait to go out and paint again, which will be on Wed. I hope. Here is a painting I did of April on Friday. I used porcelain paints to paint this delite on a hand blown piece of glass. Now available on ebay. Contact me for details. I have been taking lots of photos of April, so stay tuned for the next oil painting this week. I don't know what she is more worried about, me with a camera or me with a paint brush. If I look too long at her, she gets up and leaves the room.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2nd week painting

This week I was working on some things for ebay (chairs with dogs), and of course April loves her chair. This painting was so interesting at this point that I have decided to share it now. It is available like this or if you have a favorite color of greyhound and would like to purchase this painting, I can paint the greyhound in your colors. I like the blue orange palate. I think the high contrast of the white dog with shadows in magenta, purple and blue really sets it off. I look forward to hearing your comments. Notecards will be available, contact me at Until next time, Terry

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Plein Air Painting 1-8-2007

I have been mentioning to some friends about a painting I painted this week at San Timiteo Creek in Redlands, Ca. The beautiful cottonwoods are so beautiful right now. The bright yellow, orange and red leaves are unbeliveable. I actually stood on the rails of a bridge to look over to get the view. The distant mountain (Mt. Baldy) to those who live in the area was a perfect backdrop. I have a workshop coming up on the 22nd of Jan. in Redlands. So while out searching for places to paint I knew this had to be one. I could not wait for the workshop as I was afraid with all the winds we have been having that the leaves would blow away. Enjoy. View this painting by stepping back away from your computer. If interested in this painting, please contact me for details. Done in Plein Air, using a palette knife and oil paints on canvas on wood. Terry

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

First Painting

Today I decided to paint one of my most favorite subjects. My Greyhound "April". Some of you have met her in person and know I am just crazy about her. Anyway, this is a position I have been wanting to capture for a while. Unfortunately as in all dogs she didn't stay this way for a long time.
So a lot of the painting I did from memory. She got so upset with me trying to make her lie down that she left the room. Then when she returned, everytime I looked at her she left again. This painting is 5 x 7 on canvas board, available for $100.00 plus shipping. You can use Paypal or contact me on my email at to pay by check or call me with your Visa or Mastercard. I have set up a Paypal button for paypal payments at the bottom of the blogger page. Please contact me with your shipping address so I can give you a shipping quote. Thanks for looking, comments are always fun, let me know if you have a special photo I can use to paint for future blogger paintings. I will offer the finished painting to your first, if you decline it will be available to others. Until next time, Terry

Sunday, January 7, 2007

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My First Week

Let me tell you a little about myself in the art world. My love for Afghan Hounds led me to start creating. My first medium was ceramic. I learned a lot about ceramics growing up with my mother and her sister who were artist themselves. I wanted to continue growing in my art about 7 years ago and started taking classes and learning to paint in oils. Of course living and raising Afghan Hounds I for sure wanted them to be my subject. Since then I have taken on other breeds as well as cats and horses. Wanting to expand even more I decided to take up Plein Air painting so I could get out in the open and not spend so much time in my studio. I have not given up on my sculpting and have done a few bronze sculptures in the past couple of years. Now brings you to the immediate. 2007. Well I have decided that I should become a blogger. I am hoping you will enjoy this. I will be painting an oil painting a week or more so be sure to keep checking(either in Plein Air or in my studio, using landscapes, seascapes, still life and of course animals as my subjects). These paintings will be added to my blogto which will be available for purchase through Paypal, check or money order or Visa/Mastercard through me. To see some of my previous artwork and bio you can go to my website at: I welcome posts and comments. If you have suggestions or paintings you would like to see me paint, don't hesitate to let me know. And please share with your friends. This is new to me and it may take me a few weeks to figure it out. Let's create and have fun!