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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mormon Rocks, hwy 138 California

While all the fires are going on around us, the PAAR painting group met at Mormon Rocks this morning. We all arrived around 8:30 and Camillo Granados had already set up and started his painting. We had this site planned for quite sometime and we all decided to go ahead and go even though we had no idea what we would find when we arrived. On the way out to the site which is about 30 miles from my house up the Cajon Pass the wind must have been blowing over 60 MPH. It was very hard to hold the car on the road. As we got to the 138 and turned west the wind seemed to start diminishing. Hard to believe the winds, because in Redlands there was no wind.

Our meeting point was the Ranger Station, however, we had no idea that this was actually a great place to paint. We decided we would just all meet there and then figure out where to go.

To view and read about this formation of rocks go to Cajon Pass, California.

I must say when we arrived the back lighting on the rock formations below this huge mountain was incredible. I especially liked the rock in the back that came to a point, all of the formations were really neat, but I really liked this one. I quickly set up and started my painting so that I would not lose the light as it was peaking over the top of the mountain. I was thrilled with my painting as were others with theirs. A very good day for PAAR painters. Thank you Ada (our locations chair) for suggesting this location. I know several artists want to go back.

A very sad note as we were starting to pack up and leave our friend Camillo got a call that his friends house had just burned. There was now a fire in the Corona area. I am very worried about him and his family as they live very close to these fires that have just erupted.

My friends Abbe and Fran just went through the fires in Montecito and this morning we woke up to a fire in Sylmar. Abbe called to reassure me that our friend Ed and his 9 dogs had been evacuated and were safe and felt their house would be OK.

I am hoping the best for my friends as I am watching the horrific fires now in Anaheim Hills clear up to the Corona area. Say a prayer for all of us, these fires are horrible and can pop up anywhere as long as the winds are blowing.

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART and pray for California. Terry d. Chacon

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