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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Plein Air Sept. 2010

"Two Bluffs"
9 x 12 oil on canvas -sales inquiry to

Yesterday my friend Patricia Rose Ford and I went to King of Frame for some last minute framing for the Afghan Hound Club of America Nationals.  After dropping of the items for framing we headed to Balboa Island.

This was my first time on Balboa Island and both of our first time to do plein air.   What a fantastic little place.   The streets are lined with unique boutiques and art galleries.   We drove to the end of one of the little side streets, parked the car and started walking to scope out the area for the perfect place to paint.   It was hot!  so hot!   We were sweating as we were walking and wondering if this was even a good idea.   We usually go to the beach to get out of the heat in Redlands, but today we were fooled.    We walked around and looked at the beautiful sites and ran into a couple other plein air artists.    They too could not believe how hot it was.   They told us just to be sure and find shade.   We were rather taken with the canal area.   Beautiful cottages with private decks.   The image reflections in the water were fantastic.   We then realized it was about lunch time and maybe after eating we would be able to choose a spot to paint.   I think we were a little rusty.  The last time I had been out painting in plein air was August 20.   Pat had been out more recent but she was feeling uncomfortable also. 

After lunch and walking back down the canal we decided this was the place to paint.  There was a nice shady spot by the bridge that goes over the canal.

"Contemplating Kayaking"

6 x 8 oil on canvas - sales inquiry to
I especially liked the bougainvillea reflections and the Kayak reflections and was drawn to this scene.   I wanted to show a little movement by adding some people on the walkway between the canal and the cottages that line the canal.    Being rusty it took a little time to do this 6 x 8, but I think I worked it out and was pleased with the outcome.  

We then went back to King of Frame and picked up the works that had been framed and headed out to Newport Back Bay.   This is really becoming a favorite place of mine to paint.  Every time you go it is amazing how different it looks.   After setting up and getting started to paint the tide started going away and this wonderful moss started forming around the edge of the bay.    This is the first time I have done a panoramic view of the bay and I am quite taken with the way it turned out.  
A funny while painting, the clouds moved in and it started to rain.   Both Pat and I quickly put up our umbrellas and continued to paint.   It rained huge drops of rain for a few minutes, cooled it off and by the time we were ready to leave I had to put on a sweatshirt.   From one extreme to another.
Another look at "Two Bluffs"

Until Next Time, please enjoy the ART!      Terry d. Chacon

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"My Girls"

"My Girls"
Just finished this 11 x 14 oil on canvas for Linda Kramer.   Linda's girls Tess and  Tally live on the East Coast.  Linda is a professional photographer and it was so great to work with her for this painting.   She did several photo shoots with the girls  until the exact photo came up and we both knew it was the perfect one.

On another note.  I have an interview in the Afghan Hound Review. This interview is about my partner in dogs  Abbe R. Shaw and myself and our last 37 years in dogs.  Fran, the editor of the Afghan Hound Review  started the interview 2 years ago and we recently finished it up.   It is 8 pages of photos and our history in dog shows, breeding and judging.    I am quite proud of the interview and the cover.  The cover which is a photo I took of Abbe and 2 of our dogs, SBIS Ch. Abaca Shacone Native Spirit and Abaca Shacone Habanero.  So nice to have your work adorn the cover of a National magazine.  Amazingly Abbe and I have over 60 AKC champions to our credit and more on the way.    If you have a chance to read the interview, let me know your thoughts.   

SHOW BIZ 4 DOGS an online magazine also did an interview with me.   It is online at  through October.  This interview is about my judging of AKC events  and a bio on my dog show career as well as a little about my career in the arts. 
It seems everything comes in 3's.   I was also called by "Dogs N Review" and interviewed about my painting that I did for Santa Barbara Kennel Club. (see the last post on my blog)  This will be in their Oct. magazine.   I think you can purchase this magazine at Barnes and Noble.   

So there you have it.   That's what I have been up to.   Well not really all, 97 sculptures for the Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty has kept me really busy.   I do see light at the end of the tunnel they are complete and ready to pack up.   Photos of these and all the rest of the trophies will be featured when I return from the Nationals in Sacramento, CA the end of Oct.   

Until then, Please enjoy the art!    Terry d. Chacon 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Santa Barbara Kennel Club Catalog 2010

SBKC Catalog front right and back left 2010 (artwork by Terry d. Chacon)

The catalog was a huge success, it was a full bleed wrap around of the painting "Dinner at the Breeders Showcase".   Loads of nice comments all weekend. 

  We started the weekend by a lovely party given by President Abbe R. Shaw and her  husband Dr. Gary F. Shaw.     Over 100 guests attended the party and all were delighted with the special menu prepared by none other than Chef Bobby Unger from Denver, Colo.   His catering team put on the best display and you were not without a drink or food in your hand at all times.
Appetizers anyone?
Taken before the guests started arriving.
The silent auction started that evening for the commissioned original oil painting I did for SBKC.


The next day we were up early and out the door by 7 am.   I had a judging assignment at 11 am to judge Junior Showmanship and prior to this we were busy getting things set up for the SBKC Breeders Showcase posters and the beautiful note cards they had to sell at the merchandising tent.       After judging and a quick lunch I returned to sign posters.

Terry signing posters and Rita stuffing them in the tubes.  
(I would like to thank Rita, Sara and Jock for helping all day with the posters and note card sales)

"Breeders Showcase 2010"

SBKC and their sponsor Purina fed over 1000 handlers, exhibitors, patrons, invited guests, judges and SBKC members a beautiful buffet dinner.   I walked around and took lots of photos to use as reference material for next years paintings.

  Each year a different group of dogs will be used, this year was the hound group.  

My painting on display for the Silent Auction at the Breeders Showcase.

The top bidder at $4000 was Robert Fratkin from Washington DC.  Robert felt strongly that his sister the President of Santa Barbara Kennel Club should own this painting and he stayed until the end to make sure he was the high bidder. 

It was another fabulous event put on by Santa Barbara Kennel Club members.  If you have never been to these shows, you need to make a date for next year.   Every year it is better and better.

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon