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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Color Theory with Susan Sarback

"Horse Statue"   9 x 12 oil on canvas Still Life/palette knife work by Terry d. Chacon

This past week I drove to Fair Oaks, Ca. for a workshop with Susan Sarback.  This workshop was for advanced students and was about color theory.  She also gave a demo on a new approach she is working on using a brush.   I took all the notes down but decided since I have not worked with Still Life that I would just continue to use my handy knife.    The above study was about bringing out the focal point by dulling everything else around to make it literally pop off the canvas. 

"Nude Statue"   9 x 12 oil on canvas Still Life/palette knife work by Terry d. Chacon
This study was about painting white.  

"Blue Vase"  8 x 10 oil on canvas board Still Life/palette knife work by Terry d. Chacon

This was a study on painting colored glass.  

To get away from the studio a few of us headed down to the American River on Wed. after class.   Oh it felt so good to be back in my element again after all the head strain from the workshop.   Low and behold, it started to rain, I quickly finished up and headed back to Judy Bloom's.    Judy is a long time friend and she owns the father to my puppies Sally and Olive.    We had such a great time and that evening she took me to a great little French Restaurant "Plan B".   You must go there if you are in the Sacramento area.  

"Glass, Shell and Daffodils"   9 x 12 oil on canvas Still Life/palette knife work by Terry d. Chacon
This was another study on glass, white and flowers.   

"Oranges for Breakfast"   8 x 10 oil on canvas board Still Life/palette knife work by Terry d. Chacon

This study was on white and fruit.   

Another fabulous workshop with Susan Sarback.  

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Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!     Terry d. Chacon

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Segil Fine Art Source and Falkner Winery

4th Annual Plein Air Invitational

"Morning"  6 x 8 oil on canvas board/palette knife by Terry d. Chacon

We arrived at the Falkner Winery in Temecula, Ca. (  ) early to get set up for a day of painting at the 4th Annual Plein Air Invitational.   What a surprise to find that the vineyards were still dormant because we have not had enough rain to get them started this year.   The work crews were busily setting up for the wine tasting as they expected 9 bus loads of people throughout the day.    We were told to bring our artistic color for our paintings.  I chose to paint the vineyards the way I saw them and expand on the beautiful mountains and other lovely settings to enhance the beauty of the vineyards.   The blue mountains were amazing, and I loved the distant trees and the different homes throughout the vineyards.   The painting above turned out quite well with the blue orange palette and it is also very juicy looking with lots of thick strokes of paint.  Yummy!

"Red House Blue Mountains"   9 x 12 oil on canvas board/palette knife.   

What a beautiful setting.   This was painted from the front porch of the wine tasting room.   By this time it was getting very hot and I knew I needed a lot of shade in order to stay cool enough to paint.  I loved the red house and it's components in the distance beyond the vineyards.  Settled amongst the beautiful trees and distant mountains.    

After completing this painting we went to lunch at the beautiful Pinnacle Restaurant on the grounds.   A lovely lunch with new artist friends and the wine was fabulous.   After each painting was complete we framed them and Laura Segil had a beautiful display set up for us to hang our paintings for the wine tasters to look at and purchase.   

"House in the Shade"   6 x 8 oil on canvas board/palette knife

On Sunday we arrived earlier than the caretakers and had to wait for the gate to open.  Once opened we scoped out a place to paint.   The wind was really blowing so we used the car as a shield.   I chose this little cottage up on the hill to paint.  I loved how it was nestled amongst all the beautiful trees and the dirt road.   The mountains again were not disappointing, so beautiful.   Even though the vineyards were dormant, these people have the best scenery any way you look.   Perfect for plein air painters. 

Terry holding onto her hat for a photo moment with her painting and the view she was painting.

We opted for an early lunch as we knew the day was going to be even hotter than the day before.   Afterwards we set up in the garden area which is covered in natural shade.   Quite comfortable for a very hot day of painting.

"Late Afternoon Shadows"   6 x 12 oil on canvas board/palette knife.


My artist friend Patricia Rose Ford and myself painting in the garden at Falkner Winery.

My son Matthew and his girlfriend Vanessa partaking in the wine tasting.

It was a beautiful event and we look forward to painting there again in the fall. 

All paintings are available, contact me for details.  

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

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