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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flabob Airport

This past weekend the PAAR group got together at Flabob Airport for a Paint & Sale. It is always a pleasure to go to Flabob. Many of the pilots stop by to talk about their planes, the history of the airport and reminisce about the old times. This past weekend was no different.
Flabob Airport, named after Flavio Madariaga and Bob Bogen. Founded in 1925 as Riverside's municipal airport, Flabob is a paradise for homebuilders, antiquers, and everyone devoted to sport and family aviation. We're a village of aviation nuts -- "Flabobians" -- stuck in a 40s and 50s time warp. Flabob is year-round home to more "education through aviation" than anywhere else. Ask anyone who has Riverside roots about Flabob and they have a whole list of stories. I brought this up at my life drawing class on Monday and low and behold Alan who sits next to me at life drawing used to have a plane at Flabob. He had so many stories of his own of Flavio and his many years at Flabob. Read the info on their website, it is so interesting. Flabob Airport
"DC 3 at Flabob" 5 x 7 on canvas board $180.00.
The DC 3 (I think I am stating this correctly, if not please notify me and I will make the changes) that sets down by some of the smaller plane hangers is always a topic of conversation. On Sat. a 94 year old gentleman was picked up at his special care facility, brought to the airport for a ride in this plane to celebrate his birthday. It is believed that this gentleman actually helped build this plane in 1947 at Douglas Aviation when it was in Burbank, Ca. I was there to watch the plane leave and land. I don't think I would want to go anywhere in this plane by the sounds of it, but I know these long time pilots enjoy it immensely.

"Let's Eat at Flabob Cafe" 6 x 8 on canvas board $200.00
The Flabob Cafe is an historical cafe that pilots come in from around the globe to have breakfast or lunch. This is the backside of the building that faces the airport. I was really taken by the windows that have been treated so you cannot see in, but you can see out. Probably to keep the glare of the sun out. But the reflections are really beautiful. The dog is a resident border collie. I think her name is Misty, but not certain. She lies around either by the back door or under the trees on the right side of the building and is very friendly.
"Time For Lunch" 5 x 7 on canvas board $180.00.
On Wed. the week before the event, my friend Pat and I went out for a day of painting at Flabob. This cute little purple and turquoise plane flew in from Pasadena. The pilot Tim said he would just be there for a little lunch, so I quickly started painting. He then came back to see how I had done and I wasn't finished so he said he would go talk to a buddy. He came back in about 10 minutes and asked for my name and phone number as he really needed to leave. He was interested in the painting and wanted to see it after completion. I did some of this painting from memory and as much as I could as he flew off into the distance. I am still waiting for the call on this little plane painting.

"Covered for Protection" 5 x 7 on canvas board $180.00.
This cute little plane looked as if it had been covered and waiting for bed. The bright blue cover over the windows looked really bright and cheery up against the distant trees. We had cloud cover when we arrived and the sun was starting to come out as I painted this little jewel.

"Aviation Flabob Airport" 9 x 12 on canvas board $500.00.
This is the painting I completed at the PAAR paint out in Feb. The 3 planes make for a nice composition up against the very famous Mt. Rubidoux.
It was a very nice weekend, spent with fellow artists and talking with a lot of the patrons and pilots that frequent the Flabob Cafe and the airport. PAAR artists will be displaying plein air paintings done on location at Flabob in the Cafe starting July 1, 2009. The artist will also be available for commission work. Any questions, please contact me at We are thankful for this opportunity and are hoping to have a long relationship with Flabob Airport.
Until next time: ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon

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