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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Temecula Valley Art League Art Demo

Last night I had the pleasure of doing an art demo for Temecula Valley Art League in Temecula, Ca.   I love doing demo's and sharing with other artists my style of painting.  

TVAL Demo 2012  9 x 12 oil on canvas board w/palette knife by Terry d. Chacon
(Early Evening after a Storm at Lake Arrowhead)

Although I am set up to demo inside and at night, my demo was about painting on location in Plein Air.  I brought some paintings to show the late afternoon light.   When I painted in Lake Arrowhead for their Plein Air paint out I had drawn on a canvas board a scene I wanted to paint, but before I knew it the light was changing so fast that I had to take a photo in hopes that someday I could capture the scene and the feeling I had when I was there painting.  

Because I was set up under the trees, my camera made everything look very dark, but I was so impressed at the time of what I was seeing that I thought I could pull it off in a demo.  But just to be sure I did a painting the night before in my studio.  (below)

When you do demo's the art groups need to raise money for your fees. People bring raffle items to help with the costs.  I decided to frame the studio painting and take if for their raffle.    It was very well received and people bought lots of raffle tickets.   

Starting the scene.

After the first layer of color I invite the attendees up to view the painting.   At this point they are really confused, because it looks like an abstract painting with shapes of color.  

Now we are moving forward and before finishing the painting I invited the group back up.  Now they are understanding the technique.

Putting on the final details.  

Sadly the flash took away the color on the painting.  

This is Gabriele Baber, she was the lucky winner of the raffle for my painting. 

I would like to thank TVAL, they were a great group of artists that asked the best questions and kept the demo informative and amusing.   They also seemed very appreciative of my work and made the evening very enjoyable.   And boy do they put on a spread of beautiful food.   If you ever go to one of their meetings, don't eat before hand.   

Thank you to Carol Landry who helped me with all the details.   Love your accent, you do a great job as President of your group.  

I definitely want to go back to Temecula in November to paint the beautiful wineries.   And I was also impressed with Old Town.   A new place to paint as well.    

UNTIL NEXT TIME, Please enjoy the ART!   Terry d. Chacon 

I have put the demo painting on Fine Art America.  There you can order prints and note cards.  Also the painting is available For Sale.   Here is the link:      

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jewelry By Terry d. Chacon

This year I have worked really hard on my jewelry line to bring you some wonderful new pieces.   I will just get right to it by posting the new brochures for you to see all the choices available, including prices.  

The above pieces I designed off of my bronze sculpture "Harmony".    I have visioned something like this for a long time and it is so wonderful to see it come to life.    The first two pieces you can choose a birthstone or any color stone for your piece.  All of these pieces are hand finished and available in Sterling Silver or 10k Gold Plate over SS.   They are beautifully weighted to make the jewelry wearing experience perfect.   

The above pieces are each hand cast from a  bass relief design.  The process is the exact same process of the Lost Wax Bronzes that I do.   These bass relief miniatures are each hand finished and come in Sterling Silver or Bronze, in an antique patina or hand polished.   The Bronze metals when hand polished look similar to gold.  The new gold that is affordable. 

Now if you want 18k gold in any of the designs Bass Reliefs or Die Cut, it is available.  

Looking forward to hearing from you, orders are being taken now and you can pick them up at the Nationals in Atlanta or I can ship them to you when complete. 

Any questions, please direct them to me at:


Terry d. Chacon