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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

PAAR Paint Out - Day 7 Fairmount Park

(I got a little mixed up on my 2 previous posts for Day 5 and Day 6. Please go to my blog and read again. Sorry about that, so much to write about!)

I arrived at Fairmount Park and found Joan Coffey, who was bringing the breakfast for the morning. We sat up and discussed the days before and artists came in to have a bite to eat and drink their coffee. I always wanted to paint the lily pond at Fairmount Park and Linda Harmon said she wanted to paint there also. So I followed her to the lily pond, that evidently has been taken out for now. They are doing a lot of work at the park, so hopefully it will be put back in. We found this area that was next to a small house, with great views of the lakes and the island of palms in the center. I especially liked the deep shadows coming up the sand towards where I was painting from the palms in front of me. I think it took us a while, but by Day 7 we have all learned to shelter ourselves out of the wind when possible. A lot of us ended up in this area. It was a good area to paint as our cars were close by and we could continue having coffee all morning. After painting Sharon and I drove to the museum to pick up 25 easels for the Quick Draw on the following day. We decided to grab a bite to eat and discuss and make sure we had everything ready for the Quick Draw. Early on, I realized the Paint Out was getting bigger and bigger and I needed more help. Sharon Suhovy at one time has told me she would like to help with the Paint Out because she was between sessions at school. Sharon is an art teacher at one of the local colleges. We figured we had everything covered, wrote down our notes and left to go home. I was so glad I had taken the nap the day before and got a good nights rest. I felt so much better today, even with the wind. I knew the Quick Draw was going to be a lot of work so I felt comfortable that I was well rested. Enjoy the Art. Terry

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