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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Thursday, January 24, 2008

PAAR Paint Out 08- Day 9

Finally day 9. My butt is dragging as is all the other artists. Surprisingly about 10 artists showed up for breakfast and were headed off in different directions. Nancy Word brought some great cinnamon rolls. They were sure good with the morning coffee. The wind was not too bad this morning, but it was cooler. Some wanted to go back to parks to finish up their last minute details of their paintings, they decided to skip the breakfast. The artist who showed up wanted to finish up downtown Riverside paintings. I had always wanted to paint the roof tops as seen from the Riverside Art Museum of the Christian Science Building. I was thinking of painting the front of this building at the Quick Draw but the Municipal Tower was too beautiful to pass up. Now to choose a painting for the Exhibit/Show at the Riverside Art Museum. I think it will be "Jurupa Park". I love the mountains in the background with the snow on them and the beautiful reflections in the water. Here it is again, in case you forgot which one, because I actually painted 10 paintings in 9 days. All these paintings are available for purchase, please contact me for details, I will soon be making some giclee prints and notecards of the paintings also. Some of the paintings will be shown in different art shows coming up. I hope you have enjoyed my Paint Out for 2008. Enjoy the ART! Terry

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