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Friday, May 29, 2009

More on "Man's Best Friend" new title

Back to "Reflections of Me and My Dog" which now has a new title "Man's Best Friend". Harv Toback curator of Gallery 225 in New York City who also represents my work, says the new piece is great and is very fitting for the title of "Man's Best Friend." I loved the title and have decided to change. Thanks Harv, your insight is always brilliant!

This painting is a work in progress and I have been updating the first post, but I don't know if you have been receiving the updates. I thought I would go through the painting steps with you that I have been doing. At first I liked the overall painting, but decided it needed more, as I started working it really needed a lot more.

This was the first view of the painting I sent to you on my blog.

At this point I did some adjusting with the dog and the guy. Added more highlights on the dogs hair and more to the shape of the guys arm and pulled the hair down to cover his hand. Put more paint on the guys face in the mid tone area. It was too much the same value as the shadows on his face and I also accentuated the shadows more.

In this photo of the painting I thought, what are they looking at. Well it looked like a blank wall in the previous photo, so I added the ocean and some sand. Also changed the color of the dice as the other was too much the same colors as the rest of the painting.

In this photo you can see I have started changing the reflections on the car. They were too much like water reflections and it just wasn't making any sense to me and I am sure as the viewer, you were probably not understanding either.

In this photo you can see the changes of the reflections to look more and more like the objects they are reflecting. But now at this point they are now fighting for first position in the painting, which was not my intent. I really liked the reflections on the photo, but this was not what I was after, but I am getting closer. Also the back of the car needed a different value as you cannot see the different between the back of the car and the dashboard.

After letting the painting dry completely, I started glazing the painting on the back of the car and in some of the other areas. I wanted to keep the original shapes and some of the detail, but make them more subdued like they would be on a car.

What are your comments as to the way this painting has evolved? I will let it completely dry, take another look and then see what needs to be changed or remodeled. I will post the finished painting in a couple weeks. Be sure to check back.
I hope you have enjoyed this post. It has been fun keeping track of each step and watching the painting evolve. If you have enjoyed this, please let me know. I would be happy to do more blogging sessions like this. Until next time, ENJOY THE ART!

Terry d. Chacon

Be sure to check my website out. I am having a pre-summer sale. thanks to all of you who have taken advantage and purchased the artwork, please enjoy. If you would like more info, please email me for the flyer.


  1. Terry, I like the changes in the painting as well as the name. Being a dog person myself, I like the highlights on the head with the hair highlights. The changes in the car reflections are fine. Perhaps the tones on the drivers arm should emphasize the fingers and hand. He's cradling his honey-colored Afghan's head with the palm of his hand and extending his fingers into the hair. (Like Eddie would do if he were the Driver with Mija ). Just my two cents as an artist, Debbie K.

  2. Dear Terry,
    The reflections on the car are just marvelous! very well executed - they don't look like water at all. You ave quite convinced me that this is a shiney car and the reflections are dark as they should be. Very Nice. Luz Maria Perez


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