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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Painting at Heaps Peak

"Mountain Lilacs" 9 x 12 oil on canvas board $500.00

Today we took a little plein air trip up to the mountains around Lake Arrowhead. Luz, Susan and I left my house around 8 a.m. We wanted to go paint the Dogwoods which are now in full bloom. We arrived at Heaps Peak around 9 and took a long nice walk on the path around the area to see where we wanted to paint. Being a purple person as I am when I spotted the Mountain Lilacs in full bloom I knew exactly where I would be going. However, I didn't realize it was such a hike in and out, especially carrying my painting gear.

We walked back to the car and got our gear and all headed down to the same area. We ran into another fellow plein air painter Serena Potter who actually lives in the area. Her husband dropped her off so she could paint with us. It was so funny afterwards that we all realized that not one of us painted the Dogwoods. They were pretty and very unique, but like I said the lilacs had my name on them.

After a morning of painting we packed up and started back up the mountain to the car. I had to stop off at the rest area to powder my nose, and when I came out Serena was coming back to check on me. Also to show me a photo of a snake that was on the path when she came back up to the car. We later found out it was not poisonous, but hey a snake is a snake. The all make my skin crawl and I do not want to be around them.

We stopped at a cute little Mexican Restaurant and ate on their patio. There was a nice little art gallery next door so we took a peak inside before heading back down the mountain to Redlands. It was a great day of painting with wonderful painting buddies, a beautiful site, one I hope to be able to go back to in the near future.

If you are interested in notes or prints from this painting please let me know. Until Next Time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon

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