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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Friday, October 31, 2008

Redland's Parks

This week has been a very busy week, but I did manage to go out and paint with a group of Plein Air artists a couple mornings. My webmaster and I are completely revamping my website. Boy is this a hard job. It may have been easier to start over! NOT! In order to stay one step ahead of people who seem to think it is OK to copy other artists works, I have taken every image off my website and put do not copy across the front, then Debbie has had to put them back on along with some new and exciting images of new paintings. I really hate doing this as I think it really takes away from the images, but I know you all understand. I am hoping my new website will be up including my ceramic tile mural page by next week, so I am getting very excited for it's debut. And yes, you will read it first on my blog which has a new look also.

On Thursday morning we met at Ford park again to try and capture the reflections in the water. I already have painted their twice, but others had not and wanted to go so I am always eager to go to Ford Park and give it another try. The paintings we are doing are for the upcoming Plein Air Show put on by the Redland's Consevancy and Redland's Art Association. This years theme is Redland's Parks. The first painting at the top of the page, I call "Red Bench At Second Pond". I think it is hard enough to paint one pond let alone trying to get the distance and atmosphere by adding another pond. At first I didn't like this painting, but I have to say when I took photos to add to the blog, I liked it a lot better. Sometimes when a painting starts to dry the underpainting colors start coming through, which makes for a much better painting.

After painting we met at "Panera" for a bite to eat and Joan Coffey wanted to come over and see the puppies. She had not been able to come see them when they were younger so she was so excited. Although I think they were much more excited to see and play with her. Joan took the photos of the girls after they were done playing.

The next painting is my favorite of the week. The forecast was calling for rain and we didn't know how much time we would actually have to paint. It was so captivating the way the sun kept peaking through the clouds. I knew once I laid in my bottom colors that I would have to really paint from memory and not change anything in order to capture the light on the palm tree on the left, skimming over the orange trees in the grove in the foreground, across the valley in front of me and that amazing strip of light by the mountains. I told my friend Joan that I was afraid of painting this scene as I didn't think if I could make it look believable. I hope you can see and feel the mood of this painting. If you can then I did my job! I know someone has to do it!!!!!

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART and the puppies! Terry

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