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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plein Air Painting Napa Valley, Ca

Rutherford Winery Afternoon  9 x 12 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

This was my second time to take a workshop with Susan Sarback in Napa.  Six years ago I  researched to find an artist to teach me how to paint in plein air.   While looking through different collections of artworks on the Internet done in plein air I was most attracted to those with color.   In researching the artist that I chose I found that the majority of them had one thing in common, Henry Hensche.   I am sure I have talked about Mr. Hensche in some of my past blogs, but just in case, here is his website so you can read more about him.  A fascinating artist/teacher who taught early French Impressionism.    So as I researched I found that Susan was giving a workshop in Laguna Beach at Ken Auster Studio's and I signed up.   From day one after I saw her give her first demo, I knew this was the way I wanted to paint.    I have since taken 4 more workshops with her and each time I feel like a sponge taking in everything I can to help me in the direction I am going.   This workshop was no different.   I came home full of energy and anticipation of where my work will be going for the future.  Creating beautiful luminous paintings full of rhythm, harmonious color and pleasing to the eye.  

Sandy Charlebois my painting buddy for the workshop.   What a place to go.    Paint in the morning, wine tasting with lunch, and then painting in the afternoon.   Every artist should be so lucky.   The Rutherford Winery was our first stop and for lunch we were allowed to eat inside and partake in the wine.  My favorite was the  Sauvignon Blanc  at this winery.  I now know what it is to taste a buttery wine.    It was delicious.  

This is Susan giving a demo the morning of our first day.  

"Beringer Morning"  9 x 12 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

This was an interesting view at Beringer.   I wanted to work on getting lots of atmosphere in my paintings this week.   I am told that the air in Napa is like the air at Giverny where Monet painted.   The distance recedes because of the air quality.   Morning to night the distance always appears to be foggy which makes for very nice atmospheric paintings.  Today the temperature was 104.  It was so hot.  But the mid day wine tasting cooled us off a bit to be able to do an afternoon painting.    

"The Rhine House"   
By the afternoon this 1884 German style mansion on the properly with luscious gardens was in full shade except for the peak on the roof.   I wanted to capture the glow of the roof and beyond.   This photo is of my painting and the mansion.   To read more about the Beringer Winery and take a virtual tour, click on the link below. 

"The Rhine House"  9 x 12 by Terry d. Chacon

Another photo of the Rhine House.  By the end of the day we were ready to collapse.  We headed back to the motel, and jumped in the pool.    

"Chandon Vineyard"   9 x 12 oil on Canvas by Terry d. Chacon

Today started out with another demo by Susan.   We hiked back to the back of the winery to find this lovely location looking out over the vineyard.   No wine tasting today as this winery is known for their champagne.   But we had a nice picnic lunch and painted the afternoon.   Still very hot, but not quite as bad as the day before. 

I think you can tell by this photo how hot I was by the end of the day.   We headed back and jumped in the pool before meeting up with all the artists and Susan for a nice dinner in Calistoga. 

"Pine Ridge Morning"   9 x 12 by Terry d. Chacon

Pine Ridge Winery is on Silverado Road, way out in the boonies.   It is very picturesque, surrounded by vineyards, beautiful mountains, and lovely rose gardens.   The manager was especially nice at this winery.   He invited us for a tour during our lunch break and of course a wine tasting.    

Back in the caves where they store the wine is this beautiful seating area for wine tastings for tour groups.

A luscious display of their collection of "Chihuly" glass.  You can see the natural rock behind the glass.   The caves are literally drilled out of the hills to store the wine and they are solid rock.   It was nice and cool inside.  Had I known this earlier, I probably would have been taken tours at the other winery's just to cool off.

After the tour, all the artist set up their works for a critique session by Susan.   Here is my collection from the week.   I can't wait to get out and start painting again, to put my new learned knowledge to work.  Because these paintings were done at a workshop they are available at a special price.   Contact me if you are interested.  

Until next time, please enjoy the art.   Terry d. Chacon

If you are in the area please stop by to see 30 of my plein air works.   Show is open until July 14, 2011.  Banning Center for the Arts, 130 N. San Gorgonio, Banning,  California.   Also on display are some of the late Milford Zornes beautiful watercolors.   

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