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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Friday, July 22, 2011

Village Frame and Gallery

"View From the Biltmore"   6 x 12 by Terry d. Chacon

This past week I went to Santa Barbara for an appointment with Village Frame and Gallery about showing my work.  

On Wed. I got up to go paint down at the beach.   When I left Abbe's house the sun was starting to come out so I figured when I got to the beach, after a stop at Starbucks that I would have a nice sunny day of painting.   I set up across the street from the Biltmore to get the beautiful view of the bluff and the beach of Santa Barbara.  Well you could see the bluff, but Santa Barbara was fogged in.    It was fine weather wise when I started painting.  About an hour into my painting the wind came up and the chill started.   I tried and tried to hurry the painting as my hands were freezing.  I put the hood up on my sweatshirt to keep the wind from going down the back of my shirt and that helped.   By the time I finished the painting I could hardly open my hands they were so cold.   Chilled to the bone is what I definitely had.  I hurried back to Abbe's to take a hot shower.   It took a while to warm up.   Amazing it was so cold and the rest of the country is having a heat wave.   Go figure that as I stood there in shorts and sandals.    Oh well, next time take shoes and socks to the beach and a heavy hoodie.......

Village Frame and Gallery
1485 East Valley Rd.
Montecito, CA  93108

On Thursday I had an appointment with the above gallery to see about them exhibiting my plein air work.   Much to my surprise the gallery owner was very pleased with the works I brought in and is now representing my work.   I am so excited.   I have 11 paintings on display.  If you are vacationing in Santa Barbara, please be sure to stop by.   If you live in the Santa Barbara or Montecito area I hope you will go by and see my paintings.    Please tell them you are my friend.  Be sure to let me know what you think.   It is exciting to have my artwork in Montecito.   Now I have another excuse to go to the coast to paint on a regular basis. 

Until next time,  PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

PS:  The gallery is in the Village down the road from Oprah Winfrey.   I am not name dropping here.   OK, yes I am and I am very proud!  :-)

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