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Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Mija" turns 1 year old this month!

Here are some photos I took of Mija yesterday. Mija is turning 1 year on June 18. She was running and playing in the dog yard. The Jacaranda is in full bloom and the lovely flowers are all over the grass. Makes for a beautiful scenes with one heck of a beautiful puppy. OK, I am prejudice! Enjoy the photos. Terry

Mija at 4 months, just in case you forgot what she looked like. She is also on the homepage of the blog with her siblings at 4 weeks. She is a black and white domino Afghan Hound.

Mija standing in the Jacaranda blossoms. I think she must have some Pointer in her, she seems to always lift one of her front legs in her photos. Have several like this.

Mija running around like a crazy woman!

Mija taking a break! Dog tired! Sitting on this hill is darn right uncomfortable!

She got really tired of me taking photos and ran back inside through her doggie door and peaked her head out to see if I was still there. Thanks for indulging me and looking at Mija. Later I will be posting a new painting I had the pleasure of painting at the Community Foundation Event last Sunday. Until then, Enjoy Mija. Terry d. Chacon

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What a lovely blog link Terry. Mija is lovely, like an artist's palate. Makes you feel like having some wine, cheese on a blanket in the sunshine!
Thanks for keeping us updated with your endless talent!

Sheila (Florida)

Hi Terry,

She looks SUPER! I love her!
Reminds me of a mixture of things, all very lovely:)
How are you?

When will you hit Facebook with your paintings and art?

Liv (Norway)


  1. Now all you have to do is give her a mirror and see how long she will posture in front of it. Great story.
    From one hound owner to another, have a fun celebration today and every moment . Debbie K

  2. Hi Terry,
    Great photos. Love those Dominos, they are so beautiful!!

    Gail and my Crystal (domino)

  3. Hey Terry - Mija looks lovely - what a cute puppy - hope to see her sometime.....tricia


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