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Monday, June 8, 2009

Foundation Events

Community Foundation Event (Sunday May 31, 2009)

"Paulden's Lady in Purple"

Community Foundation Event

The Plein Air Artists of Riverside were asked to be part of the foundation event. We arrived around 3 pm to find a place and set up to paint before the people started to arrive. I chose to set up at the back of the property near a fabulous yellow metal sculpture that our host Paulden Evans had created. I loved the sculpture, as well as, all of Paulden's work that is throughout his garden. The surrounding foliage, including the beautiful Jacaranda tree in the far upward distance was a sight to behold. After setting up and blocking in most of the painting I realized I did not want to paint Paulden's sculpture in yellow and wanted to change it to fit my painting. Paulden came by and I asked his permission, he said absolutely. Before I left the event he came by to see the result and was very pleased. The following photos of the event were taken by Sharon Vandermeiden. Thanks for sharing Sharon.

Terry and Mark Schooley. Mark served delicious wine from Vintage Vaults. Mark is the head of the Riverside Community Art Association. PAAR will be having their annual event there starting June 11, 2009 through July 18. The reception is July 2, 2009, I expect to see everyone there.Greg Adamson put on quite a show with his larger than life 12 minute paintings to music. This was the big hit of the event. If you ever get a chance to see Greg be sure to check him out, he is fabulous.

The above photos are with Katherine Lundgren and Helen Bell. Both PAAR artists who enjoyed painting at the event.

Evergreen Community Foundation (June 6, 2009) (photos by Michael J. Mazgai, thanks for sharing Mike)

Over 200 people attended this very special event at the Evergreen Cemetery in Riverside, Ca. Here is a link to their website to read more about this wonderful foundation that is restoring this very old cemetery.

Friends of Evergreen Cemetery

Ada Passaro, PAAR's locations chair was in charge of getting the artist who attended and participated in the event. You could display art, paint or do both. I was going to paint, but the day was quite windy and cold, so decided just to display a few items. My husband Eddie came along and helped. Boy is it a lot easier when he unloads and loads up the car. Gives me more time to partake in the wine and chat with friends.........

Well I know everyone will be sad to hear this, but I will be gone for the next week. I am taking a plein air workshop with one of my most favorite contemporary artists Susan Sarback in Napa. I know it is tough to have to do this, but someone has to!!!!! I will have plenty to share with you upon my return. So until next time, ENJOY THE ART. Terry d. Chacon

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  1. Terry, just lovely in purple and the additional photos show that PAAR Red Caps are the hottest ticket in Riverside County !!! Debbie

    (Pssst, is that a typo on reception date.....JULY 2 ?)


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