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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

AKC Eukanuba Invitational 2008

Eukanuba 2008 in Long Beach, Ca. I thought you might like a little insight into my other life as a breeder of Afghan Hounds.

This year we arrived on Wed. to take in some of the all-breed dog shows prior to the Eukanuba Invitational and get Apache ready for the show.

On Friday night was the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation Gala reception, dinner and auction. The photo is of the painting "Life is Grand" I did for the CHF to raise money for the health and research of pure bred dogs. I congratulate the winner, thank you so much for your generosity to this great cause and hope you will enjoy the painting for many years to come. Here is a copy of the Gala list of auction items that was made into a beautiful booklet for everyone in attendance to take home and keep.

Visit the following link to find out more about the Eukanuba Invitational Dog Show and all the winners at . The following link will help you understand what all goes into getting a dog qualified for this event. Dogs from 52 countries were represented this year.

Apache getting ready for the big show.

The next two photos were of the actual dog show. Our judge Mr. Ewe Fischer from Germany awarded Ch. Abaca ShaCone Native Spirit otherwise known as Apache to his friends Award of Excellence which also comes along with an invitation to Crufts Dog Show in London 2009 and 2010. Thank you Mr. Fischer for this award.

The last photo is of Apache and my friend Wynne Kalish from Miami. Every year at Eukanuba they have "Meet the Breeds". Each breed recognized by the American Kennel Club is represented. You get a small space to show some materials of your breed, talk with the public about your breed and they like you to have the dogs there also. Apache was a little reserved on the floor with everyone petting him, and Bob Stein suggested we put him on the table. Oh man, once up on the table he became the king of dogs. He was a big ham and took photos with lots of people including children. He would paw at them if they didn't give him enough attention.

Eukanuba is a fun event, if you have not gone, mark your calendars for Dec. next year and be sure to attend. I am sure your favorite breed will be there.

Apache all tuckered out after a big week at the dog shows! Hummmmm I think I see a future painting in this photo!!!!!
Until next time, enjoy the photos and the Afghan Hound Apache!

Terry d. Chacon

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