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Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Santa Has Arrived" Mission Inn Riverside, CA


Night Painting at Mission Inn in Riverside, Ca. I missed the first opportunity to paint with the Plein Air Artists of Riverside group on Dec. 10 for a night painting and I was bound and determined I would not miss last nights opportunity. As you recall when we went on our yearly trip to Catalina Joan Coffey and I decided to do some night paintings. It was so much fun that I could not wait for the opportunity again.

Mission Inn is famous in our area for their Christmas Festival of Lights (see a photo on this page) Mission Inn - Festival of Lights and this year they have really out done themselves. People come from all over to take advantage of this beautiful sight. Here is another article that tells a bit more about the Mission Inn that you might enjoy reading. Holiday light display makes California hotel a must-see -

A group of artists met on the corner by the Metropolitan Museum in downtown Riverside and set up for a nights painting. Adeola Aryeloja and I had not painted in the previous outing so we were not aware of what was going to happen. Not shown in the photo are Katherine Lundgren who took the photos and Sharon Vandermeiden, Pat Ford who came later. Luz Perez kept telling us just sketch in what you want to paint and wait for the lights. She warned us that we needed to be prepared, as the darker it gets the brighter the lights become. So I quickly sketched my scene and waited for the moment. Oh my word! It was unbelievable. Not only was the scene breathtaking with color, but I could not believe how dark it was. I had purchased a Mighty Bright light for lighting on my easel and my painting. This little light came in handy on my palate but because I was set up under a corner lamp it was too bright for my painting. So I turned that part of the light off, it actually has 2 lamps on it which I am sure will come in handy if I don't set up under another type of lighting. I continued to block in colors as I saw them, as there were no details, just shapes of bright colors and darks. What an experience. The one thing that I really was not prepared for was how cold it would become. I found myself shivering, and really unable to put my brush down on my palate.

Our friends Pat and Lily came by and Lily said put your hood on that will help keep you warm. I guess I was at the point of freezing and could not think for myself. The hood did help but boy will I be more prepared the next time. We painted for about an hour and everyone seemed to be happy with their paintings. you can see by the photo how dark it is and yes, the lights is about all you see.

We met at a local Mexican restaurant to talk about the painting event and share some Christmas stories. What a great group of artists I paint with. We have decided that if the weather is good on Dec. 29, we will meet again and capture another painting of the beautiful Mission Inn. I am already planning my attire so I won't freeze.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday Season. My son Matthew will be home on Tuesday and my brother Bob and his wife Betty will be here early Christmas morning. On Christmas eve we will have a few friends over for Posole and home made Tamales from Eddie's sister Mary. This get together has been a tradition at the Chacon household for many years and we enjoy sharing it with our friends. I love the holidays. I would like to wish everyone a Wonderful Holiday! Everyone stay safe and enjoy your friends and families.

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon

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