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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Sunday, April 27, 2008


A few years ago a photo was taken of me and one of my dogs "Thelma" running around the ring at a dog show. This photo was the inspiration behind this sculpture. Although it was raining on the day and I was wearing a rain coat and Thelma's feet were wet we had such harmony in the photo. Our hair was blowing the same way, we were in the same synchronized movement, her back left foot was stretched out, my left foot was stretched out, I was looking at her, she was looking at me, she was in full flight and I was just coming down on my right leg. Since this photo, I had a vision of one day completing a sculpture and that day has come. I am pleased to say it is complete and I will be taking it to the foundry tomorrow. Just in the nick of time. Both armatures have become very weak and the statues are barely hanging on. My husband has tried to fix them a few times this past week, but they keep coming loose. Maybe this was a sign to me to get finished! Details on pricing, patina's, availability, the edition, type of base etc. will be discussed tomorrow and #1 and #2 will be ordered. #3 has been reserved. I have enclosed a few photos of the sculpture in plasticine for you to view. Until next time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry
UPDATE: Harmony will be a limited edition of 15, on a marble base, the patina sounds absolutely breathtaking, can't wait to see the finished piece. The first 2 pieces #1 and #2 have been sold and will be available for viewing by July 1, 2008, #3, # 4 and #5 have been reserved also. I will send photos immediately after completion of the first two. I am taking reservations on the rest of the edition at this time. Time for completion is 3 to 4 months normally, depending on how busy the foundry is. I will accept payments. Prices on request.

In answer to a couple of questions. The lady is 15 1/4 in. the dog is 8 in. tall and 12 1/4 long. Plasticine is a non drying clay. Click on this link for more info. Plasticine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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