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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Art Alive Day 3

Yep, you guessed it, I got up early did my doggie chores and some other things and made it back to the museum to paint just one more painting. But, I wasn't the only one who came back again. Originally there were 3 artists signed up for Sat., but so many were having such a good time, that at least 12 artists came back. I just love painting these floral paintings and I knew that this would be my last chance for another year to be able to do something like this. I thought if I got everything done, I could groom Tootsie when I got home. Today I chose the display with the white picket fence. I loved the variation of color. The artist work in this display is a photograph that has been enhanced on the computer. It was framed nicely and the florist did a great job with their display. At about 12:30 my friends came to tell me they were hungry and wanted to go grab a bite to eat. By this time the other artist who were painting in the gallery had left to go paint the other gallery and I was the only artist left. I didn't even bat an eye, grabbed my purse and left everything sitting out. We went to this little sandwich shop called "Simple Simon's" for lunch. Nice place with homemade bread and wonderful desserts. When we returned the gallery was full of people and I went to get started on my painting and thought it odd that it looked kind of weird. Well while we were away someone grabbed one of my brushes and tried to paint my painting for me. I was really upset about it at first but after I worked it out, it really did not do too much damage, just was upsetting that anyone would do this. I just realized that there are camera's in the gallery and I will make sure they take a look and see who did this to my painting. Hummmm, this will be interesting and I will be sure to let you know. Until next time, ENJOY THE ART. Terry

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