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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"The Player" Saluki Bronze

"The Player"  Saluki shown in Plasticine ready for the foundry.

6 inch by 8 inch long

Adding to my collection of Sighthound Bronze Sculptures this beautiful playing Saluki Hound "The Player" is now available.
Reservations are being taken for a limited edition of 15.
The sculpture will be finished in a black bronze patina and come displayed on a black marble base.

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The saluki is perhaps the oldest known breed of domesticated dog. As a purebred type, its history can be traced back almost 7000 years. The earliest known findings of the saluki are on carved seals from the Tepe Gawra region in what is now Iraq. [1] [2] A study published in the May 21, 2004 issue of Science confirms the Saluki's antiquity through DNA analysis identifying it as one of the earliest breeds to diverge from wolves.
Widely admired for its beauty, speed, and endurance, the Saluki historically traveled throughout the Middle East with nomadic desert tribes over an area stretching from the Sahara to the Caspian Sea. As a result, different Saluki subtypes, varying mostly in color and coat, can be found across this widely scattered area.
The Saluki is a sighthound bred especially for grace and speed. Although the greyhound is widely viewed as being the fastest dog breed with a top speed of around 45 mph, the Saluki is said to be faster, with top speeds of 48 mph. Testing this has proved difficult as Salukis show no interest in electric hares and won't race Greyhounds on a track. However, in as much as their original use was for hunting desert gazelles with top speeds of over 43 mph, the speed claim could be true.  (Webster's Dictionary)

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Until Next Time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!    Terry d. Chacon for more info on this beautiful new bronze sculpture. 

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