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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Monday, April 7, 2014

Art Demo- Loma Linda Art Association

Today I had the pleasure of doing an art demo for the Loma Linda Art Association.  A very nice group of artist who had great questions and was very interested in my approach to plein air using a palette knife.

Giving a little talk about my background in art and about the paintings I brought for them to see.

Adding the first layer of paint into the large masses.  Nice they had the video playing so everyone was able to see the painting on the overhead screen while I worked.  On the side table a few of my paintings that I took and the photo I was working from.   The reference photo was taken by my brother at the Balloon Festival in Lake Havasu City, Az. in Jan.   I plan to go there and do some plein air so it was fun to work from his photo.

The first layer of paint.

Adding the water and working on overall values.

2nd layer of painting, adjusting values and adding some bands of color.

Doing some adjusting while adding more color.

Starting to come together, nice looking at the overhead.

Adding more and more color.

 Looking to make sure the painting was as far as I could take it at the demo.

Last photo of the day.  

 Here is the completed painting.  11 x 14 "Up, Up and Away"
I would like to thank Loma Linda Art Association for asking me to share my approach to Plein Air using a palette knife.  The deadline is approaching May 1, 2014 to sign up for my Catalina Oil Painting workshop using a palette knife.  So contact me now to reserve your space. 

Until next time, please enjoy the ART!   Terry d. Chacon

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