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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Windy Whitewater Preserve

Another day of painting at the Whitewater Preserve. When we were driving at 7 a.m. in the morning towards the preserve we noticed it was getting very windy. When we arrived at the Ranger station, it wasn't bad. A couple of us had planned on hiking up the mountain to a flat area of wildflowers to paint. Our tour guide Frasier Haney accompanied us up the hill to the area and boy what a view. 360 degrees. A full painting anyway you looked at it. I chose to look down in the valley towards the ranger station. If you look to the right and down you will see some tiny specs of burnt orange buildings. That is the ranger station as it sits in the valley below the rock bluffs on the right. Looking beyond are the San Gorgonio mountains. As we started to paint it was beautiful, about an hour into the painting the wind started blowing before we knew it, it was gale force winds. My umbrella took off several times as well as anything that was not fastened down. Luz Perez's painting gear tipped and her painting was full of sand and grass. We decided to pack it up, but first I told her I have to get the beautiful wild flowers in the fore ground. That was about all I had left. I quickly slapped on a lot of paint and put the painting away, hoping it would be fine. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived home that evening to find such a delight. I was very pleased. Amazing what you can do when you are driven to craziness with the wind and the elements while painting on location.

As we arrived back at the car, I must say going down the hill is much easier than going up. Especially with your gear in a back pack. I must have someone take a photo some day of me with a back pack! It's a real hoot! We saw many other painters along the way and stopped to chat. They too were about to pack it in. We all met at the ranger station, had a bite to eat and laughed about the wind. Some of us decided to stay and see if we could get another painting.

The wildflowers are so beautiful I could not resist a little 5x7 of them. The other painting is a small 5x7 of the distant mountains and these 2 lonesome palm trees. I think this is a painting I would like to do larger on my return next week. The mountains were in full sun which was beautiful, but I would like a different time of day.

Our reception for the Whitewater Preserve is April 4, 2009. The paintings will be hung through the end of April. It is amazing how many people come to the Preserve for a day of fun in the open air. Hiking, camping, fishing, just a stroll in the park area. What a beautiful place tucked away in the mountains of southern California.

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART. Terry d. Chacon

Notes and giclee prints of these paintings will be available. Once I decide which painting will go in the exhibit, that painting and all the others will be available for sale.

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