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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

9-Day Paint Out

Plein air artists of Riverside have completed their 9-Day Paint Out. As chair of the event my job was never ending and it was even more difficult to stay focused on painting with so many other things on my mind. We had 48 artists sign up for the event and most of them painted every day. The weather started out with some rain, we had some very cold days where the artists bundled up and then the last couple days we had temperatures in the 80's. Typical S. Cal weather! So glad we did not have the 60 mph winds that we had last year.

A couple posts ago, I gave you a run down of the first weekend which included the check in. As I post the paintings from the week, I will post some photos of the artists. I want to thank the photographers/artists who submitted photos from the event. Joan Coffey, Patricia Rose Ford and Alberto Vareli did the majority of photo taking. The above photo of me was taken by John Schulz. John took several photos on a couple days of the paint out and sent me a copy on the cd. John, thank you so much. It was fun to relive the days again in your photos. I will add photos to this post as time goes and I receive them from different artists.

Monday - Old Spaghetti Factory

6 x 12 framed $450.00

I wanted to wait for the rain to go through so set up and waited for the rain to stop. As the morning went on I sketched in the building and waited patiently. You can still see the beautiful clouds, but the sun would come in and out throughout my painting time and make these wonderful shadows on the building. My focus was the entrance and I got it! That is my favorite part of this painting. The play on colors and the shimmer of the posts and the garden area beside it really draw you into the painting. I am very happy with this painting. A big contender for the exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum.

Tuesday- Coffee Depot in the morning & Mi Tortilla in the afternoon.

9 x 12 framed $500.00

Loved the catering truck on the front side of the building. Nice shadows today but still very cold.

9 x 12 framed (not available, can purchase through the museum)

This is the painting I chose for the exhibition at the Riverside Art Museum. It was sunny in the afternoon so the shadows were great. When I set this painting up next to all the others it had a certain charm about it and it seemed to glow. Also I liked the play between the light and dark and of course the umbrella's captured my attention, especially the broken one in the foreground.

Wednesday - Taco Station

9 x 12 framed $500.00

This was an extremely cold day with no sun. Shadows were limited but I loved the play with all the reds in the scene. The two old gas pumps were just adorable and brought back such memories of when my dad owned a Richfield station when I was just a little girl. I also, like the arrow in the road that point right to my subject. Made for a nice composition. This painting was also a contender for the exhibit ar RAM!

Thursday- Carlson Park/Mt. Robidoux

9 x 12 framed $500.00 "Peaceful"

The view was captivating when I saw the walking path amongst the brilliant yellow Eucalyptus trees and the great shadow in the foreground. The colors played in and out as the sun kept peaking through.

Flabob Airport

9 x 12 framed $500.00 "Aviation"

Flabob airport was a delight. I had never painted planes before, but after arriving I could certainly understand why our locations chair chose this quaint little airport. The planes were colorful, tiny and the people were wonderful all day.

The "Quick Draw"

6 x 12 framed (not available, can purchase through the Museum)

"Blue Door Reflections" This painting will also be in the exhibit. Each year the Museum has a contest called the "Top Dog". Our focus for the "Quick Draw" was the Julia Morgan building in honor of the 80th Anniversary. This painting will hang in the Divine section of the Bobbi Powell Gallery at the Museum.

Evergreen Cemetery

"The Visitor"

9 x 12 framed $500.00

Another new painting location for me. The view of the distant mountains captured me for this scene. This is a historical cemetery in Riverside. The car was an addition as I finished the painting the people drove up and I like the shadow. Added more interest for the foreground.

There you have it. If you are interested in purchasing any of these original paintings, prints or notecards, please let me know. A very long 9 days, a lot of fun, new friends, new contacts for future exhibits and now to catch up on my sleep.......ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon

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