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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Full Circle" Completed

"Full Circle" height 22 inch, width 12 inch by 12 inch deep, with Sherrie, Yvonne and myself completed. 

Please enjoy the process below of some of the stages "Full Circle" went through to be complete.   Some of the steps were not photographed, but will hopefully get some photos of the wax process for the next piece.   Heritage Bronze is a great place to work with.   Many thanks to Bob, Sherrie, Yvonne, Chris and Danny for their individual expertise along the way to accomplish and make my dreams come true.   Each piece and each step is handled with the greatest attention to detail to make every bronze sculpture exceptional in quality.  

Terry delivering "Full Circle" to the foundry.

A mold is made from the original piece by Sherrie.

This is the back part of the mold.

The front part of the mold.

 After the mold is made from the plasticine figure,  a wax form is poured. I then went back to the foundry to add more to the sculpture and design a base.

Sherrie then gets the piece ready for the slurry mold. (photos of this process next time)  The wax and mold is then heated to 1800 degrees and placed in an incinerator and the wax pours out of the mold.   The bronze is then heated to a liquid quality and is  poured back into the slurry mold and then that mold is broken away with a hammer and the long process of putting the piece together, welding, sanding, grinding and more sanding etc. is done.

This is Chris welding the pieces together.
This is Bob finishing the weld and bringing the piece to perfection.

Poor "Full Circle" talk about being poked and prodded.  LOL.....
After a final inspection to make sure the piece is smoothed and ready for the patina it is put in a sand blasting machine to rid the surface of any oils or anything that might hinder the patina process.

This is Bob moving it around in the sand blasting unit.

Another look over to make sure all is well.

Not sure where we are in the process here, but wanted to show poor "Full Circle" in another position.  Mind you, this piece is large and not easy to move around.  

Attached to a metal spindle getting ready for the patina.

Full view of the spindle.  

The piece is heated with a blow torch and the process begins of brushing on the different chemicals to make just the right color.   This is where I come back into the picture.  A little more here and a little more there. 

Getting ready to scrub back the highlights and we decided a darker patina was needed so back to the stand and starting over.

Once the color is right, I then scrubbed in the highlights where I wanted them.

Bob was so nice to bring the piece inside for me to work on the piece.   It was so hot in the warehouse. 

The piece is then heated back up again and a hot wax is applied.

Ah, the cooling process.   Best place to be in the warehouse on a very hot day.

The attachments are secured for the marble base.

Close up of detail.

Black Patina with blue and green undertones.

Brown Patina with red, gold and black undertones.

                                         And here we are.   Bob Escota and me with my finished bronze sculptures "Full Circle".    I have to give a special thanks to Bob.    He worked with a very picky artist and not once did he get mad.   He just kept saying, "I will do whatever you want".   After two different patinas on each piece, we finally came up with exactly what I had visioned.  I kept saying I have in my mind what I want, he would say, we will work until we get it.     Both have beautiful subtle highlights to form the face and the flowing movement of the piece.   I am so excited.  

"Full Circle" is a limited edition of 15.   Contact me at for details on how you can own one of these beautiful Lost Wax Bronze Sculptures.  

Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

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