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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Reykjavik, Iceland Trip Part 2


We were suppose to go to a glacier but they were having some earthquake activity so we had our choice of going horseback riding or whale watching.   We chose horseback riding.  I wanted to see the countryside and boy I was not disappointed.  
This little cutey met us at the front door to the barn where we were dressed appropriately  in rain gear.   Thank goodness, I don't think my wool jacket and jeans would have done the job.   After getting dressed we were greeted by our horses.   My horse was named Madonna.   Eddie's horse was an Icelandic name of which we could not pronounce so he called him buddy.  

The group waiting for everyone to mount their horses so we could start our trail ride.  

I think this little guy was wondering why he wasn't chosen for the ride.   He was not a happy camper as we pulled out.
I had a feeling the leader thought we were all very experienced riders.   She took off in a fast trot and I don't think she slowed down except to go through the river streams.   I held on tight to the reins and my camera.  

The rivers are plentiful, everywhere you look and she just kept taking us through one after another.  Those horses, thank god, were sure footed and didn't miss a beat as we kept trotting along.   Icelandic horses have 5 gaits.  I think we did all 5 at once.  

 Eddies horse seemed very thirsty, he stopped at every stream and got a drink, if we slowed down at all he ate grass.   They all had their own little personalities, we just loved them immediately.

The scenery was breathtaking.  

Well we held on tightly and we didn't fall off.  Thank goodness.  The weather was nice, then it poured rain, then nice and so on.   So glad we had rain gear for a horseback riding experience in Iceland. 

We headed back to the hotel afterwards for a little shopping downtown and then dinner at the Opera House.  We had a special guest that evening the Ambassador from the US Embacy, Luis Arreaga. 

The Opera House recently opened this year and it is a beautiful modern building on the water by the pier.

We had lamb and lobster for dinner as we shared our stories from the day.   Glad we didn't go whale watching seems most everyone got sick from the wild waves in the sea and not one whale was seen.

                                       (Terry and Eddie at the Opera House in Reykjavik, Iceland)

The following day we went to Icelandic Glacial Water for a tour of the facility.   Icelandic water was our hosts for the trips.  I want to thank them for treating us like royalty and showing us as much as they could in a short amount of time.   An experience of memories we will remember forever. 

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After the Glacial Water tour we were treated to the Blue Lagoon-a geothermal spa.

What a treat before heading to the airport for a 10 hour flight home.  

Glacier from the air.

The Icelandic people are beautiful people inside and out.  They sure know how to treat tourist and they are so very proud of their customs and their beautiful country.   We had a fabulous time and would go back in a heart beat.  

Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!    Terry d. Chacon

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  1. Oh, Terry, what an incredible trip that must have been.
    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and the stories!


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