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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AHCA 75th National Specialty Trip

 The Grand Canyon

                                 "View from the Village" 9 x 12 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

A longtime dream of mine has come true. I have always wanted to paint the Grand Canyon. On our way to Ohio we took a slight detour through Northern Arizona. We left very early on Monday morning from my house so I would have plenty of afternoon light to do a painting or two.

As we approached the entrance we found that we were not the only one's excited about spending the day at the Grand Canyon.  And very few people spoke English. Here is a link with info on the Grand Canyon.   Amazing the amount of people that visit yearly and the amount of money they take in.  One problem we had was there were no signs on the road that matched the map.   So we probably missed a few places we would have liked to stop and view.

Here is the view that I painted.   Amazing how the light changed so quickly.  As the afternoon light changed so did the shadows.  
Oh my, the dogs breath was taken away as they looked into the canyon.

 Apache and Abbe enjoying the view.

"Grand View"  8 x 10 oil on canvas board by Terry d. Chacon.
After finishing my first painting and looking for another place to paint we came upon this beautiful view of the canyon.  It was late afternoon and most everything was in shadow except the tops of some of the cliffs.  You could see for miles and miles as you looked down the canyon.   There were so many mountain ranges it was amazing.  
Terry painting the Grand Canyon late afternoon.  

This was our last stop.  I could not resist having a photo moment with Abbe and the dogs with the brilliant back drop of the Grand Canyon.    This is by the Tower.   Since so many of the people were speaking a different language I was afraid to ask anyone to take our photo.   Well luck would have it a man standing nearby was from the midwest and said he would be happy to take a photo of us.   What a great job he did.  

After an afternoon at the Grand Canyon we headed to Flagstaff to stay with one of my good friends from High School.   After a great dinner she prepared for us we set around and talked old stories and were off to bed.  

Apache relaxing at Elaine's in Flagstaff, Az....

The next morning we got up early, took the dogs on a nice long walk with Elaine and her dog.  What a way to stir up a neighborhood in the morning.  Everyone was coming out to look at the Afghans, you would have thought a circus had come to town.  

Elaine and her cute little Cairn Terrier.....who was so gracious with the invasion of the Afghan Hounds.

Our next stop Winslow, Az.

Eddie and I left Winslow 24 years ago and have been back to visit a few times when his family still lived there.   Now that everyone has moved away we don't go very often.   I had heard about all of the improvements and the Standing on the Corner, so I wanted to stop and have my photo taken with the dogs at this very famous spot.  Remember the Eagle's song, "Take it Easy" with the lyrics "Standing on the Corner in Winslow, Az.," well Winslow has taken this to a new level.   They now have an event in Sept. which happened to be the weekend after we were there.   People come from all over to attend.    Here is a sight about the event and the famous corner.   and here are my doggies and me.  I love the flatbed Ford in the mural behind us. 

I love the way the dogs are looking up at the statue.....

Another favorite spot for tourist is the La Posada Hotel.   Built in 1929 is one of America's treasures.  Another tidbit about this hotel is that Eddie's grandfather used to be the gardener there for many years back in the 1940's and after.    If you ever go to Winslow, be sure to stop by and if you have time, stay the night, I hear the restaurant is fabulous as well as the accommodations.

Our next stop was Taos, New Mexico.
Abbe and Apache at Doc Martin's Restaurant.  

OK, this was a disappointment to me.   I have heard so much about Taos and the art community, galleries etc.   I kept thinking I must be in the wrong spot and maybe I was, but one would have thought downtown Taos was the place to go.   I looked and looked for a place to paint around the outskirts of town and nothing grabbed me.  Maybe because a friend warned me that you have to be very careful where you paint as the locals don't like you painting their land so you need to know exactly where to go.  This would be a big turn off for anyone.     We decided to spend the afternoon and evening downtown, looking at boutiques and galleries. 
Abbe and her new hat.   I had to get Sally away from this store front, she thought the sweaters on the chair were fair game and kept taking them off to play with them.   Not the thing to do......

Terry, Sally and Mijo, downtown Taos.

I met some nice gallery owners who gave me some ideas of where to go the next morning to paint.   I was excited.   We did eat at a fabulous restaurant named Antonio's also suggested by one of the gallery owners.  Some of the best tacos I have ever had.  The meat was superb, however, the margarita's were not.   Then I was told that they are only beer and wine.   Guess I should have asked if they had a full bar.  However, the food was very good.   

We got up early the next morning went to a couple of the places that were recommended to paint and decided we would head on to Denver.  :-( 

In Denver we stayed at Shylo Ranch and I painted this painting for them of their view of the Rockies.  

"The Rockies"  9 x 12 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

Next stop St. Louis, Missouri
Well we thought we would stop at the famous arch and take some photos of the dogs.   We got off the free way and got into a major traffic jam.  Not only were they having a NFL game, but also the taste of St. Louis.   We tried to park in a parking space and for some reason the lady started yelling at us and we decided at the point and time it was time to leave.   I took a couple photos of the arch from the car. 

The little speck in the middle of the arch was a small plane.  So you can see how large it it.  Here is some more info, if you are in town.

Our next stop was the Afghan Hound Club of America Nationals.  My next blog will have details and photos of the event. 

Until Next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART!   Terry d. Chacon

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