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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Santa Barbara Kennel Club 2011

"Santa Barbara Sunset"  View from the Biltmore  9 x 12 oil with palette knife by Terry d. Chacon

While at the Santa Barbara Kennel Club group of shows I kept noticing the fabulous sunsets.   I knew I would have to take the time one of the evenings to go down to the beach and paint.   On Monday night I arrived around 6, set up my easel and prepared for the most amazing experience.   I just could not paint fast enough as the colors started and as the evening went on it got better and better.   This view is from the Biltmore.  

Each year my friend Abbe Shaw and her husband Gary host a lovely party for the patron's, judges and special guests.   Abbe asked Matthew (my son) to be the bartender.   He had no idea that when the guests started arriving that everyone would want a drink at the same time.   Dr. John Reeves Newson from Canada jumped in to help out.   John had such a good time that he ended up helping Matthew throughout the evening.  

This is the SBKC merchandise tent where they sell posters, catalogs, sweatshirts, note cards and tote bags with the image from the painting they commissioned me to do for them.   I was available during the afternoon and signed posters, a few sweatshirts and some bags for the dog show consumers. 

This is the "Breeder's Showcase 2011" poster.   Purina is the sponsor for the Breeder's Showcase and the shows.  

This is the cover of the 2011 SBKC catalog.

This is the back cover.

This is a page out of the catalog announcing the Artist Signing.

A view of the crowds at the Breeder's Showcase.   Every exhibitor, judge, patron and special invited guests  are treated to a full meal and drinks while they enjoy the show.

This is Apache and Mijo being shown by Bruce Clark and Mike Strockbine.   They received an award of merit in a very competitive group of Hounds.   Thank you Dr. Dick Meen of Canada for the honor. 

This is the trophy table. 

Here is the framed original painting on display for the silent auction.

The Capone family of San Ynez Valley  were the highest bidders of the painting.   The painting sold for $5000.00.   Everyone was very happy including me.   Thank you to the Capone family for purchasing this painting and for your wonderful support of my artwork and SBKC.  

Next year the painting will be of the working group.  I look forward and feel honored that SBKC has commissioned me to do a total of 8 paintings for the upcoming years.  Each year will represent a different group and the last painting will be of the Best In Show.    The painting is used for the catalog cover and other merchandise to help support the SBKC future Breeder's Showcase honoring breeders of pure bred dogs.

Until next time, PLEASE ENJOY THE ART.   Terry d. Chacon  

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