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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Friday, August 12, 2011

Catalina Plein Air 2011

"View from Descanso Beach"   Catalina 2011  6 x 12 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon

For the past 5 years Joan Coffey and I have gone to Catalina to paint.   Each year we invite some fellow plein air artist to go along and some of them are joining us on a annual basis as well.  We  take the Catalina Express out of Long Beach over to the land of enchantment where we spend 2 nights and 3 days painting literally sun up to sun down and beyond. 

Fellow plein air painters, Patricia Rose Ford, Louise Smith, Joan Coffey and Nita Harper waiting to board the  Catalina Express. 

After arriving and enjoying a lunch with some other painters we checked into our hotel and headed on over to Descanso Beach for a late afternoon painting.  (First painting on today's blog above)

"Night Lights"  Casino in Catalina   9 x 12 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon

By evening and after a nice dinner at one of the local restaurants, we were out for some night painting.   I chose to go down by the casino to paint.   None of the other artists wanted to go with me so I headed out on my own.  I figured since there were a lot of people out and about I would be fine.   About 3/4 of the way through my painting I realized it was awful quiet and not a soul was walking by.   I then started to hear noises and got a little spooked.   So I hurried to finish this one, packed my gear and walked back downtown.   Guess lesson learned not to go off painting alone.  

"Cloudy Morning" Catalina Casino 6 x 8 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon
Following morning we were up at 6 am to create a beautiful sunrise painting.   Well, as you can see from above there was no sun.   It is always a challenge to paint dull cloudy paintings, but I think I pulled this one off.   As the day went on, the sun came in and out.   

 "View from the Fipp Balcony"   9 x 12 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon

Late morning we were invited by some locals to come to their house and paint from their balcony.   What a special treat to get up close and personal with a very nice family who have lived on the island for several years.   It was fun getting some of the inside scoop/history of Avalon and the surrounding areas.   I want to thank Sheryle and  her husband Tom and mother for welcoming us and treating us to a very special day. 

"Lover's Cove"   9 x 12 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon

Also from the balcony of the Fipp's residence I was able to get a birds eye view of Lover's Cove.   Although the sun was hard to find that day, it managed to stay out long enough for me to capture these beautiful bluffs and rocks around "Lover's Cove".   I have always wanted to paint this view and had hoped to get the chance.   Today was the day. 

After a long day we enjoyed Pizza and beer in our room and later a critique of the paintings we had done for the last day 1/2.   

Another morning with no sun.   And this morning was also quite chilly.  

"Waiting to Sail"   6 x 6 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon

It is always fun to paint at least one boat painting in Catalina.   Since there was no sun and I really wanted to paint the boats were in full view.   I chose this little sail boat because of the great reflections it was casting in the water on this very cloudy, gloomy morning.  

Peach waffles and bacon were on the itinerary for breakfast and as usual the local restaurant was delicious.   We then headed back to the hotel to pack up before doing an afternoon painting.   The Buffalo Nickel Restaurant has a free shuttle from Avalon out to Pebbly Beach.   We always try to add a new location to our itinerary and this one will probably become a favorite.   

Terry at Pebbly Beach.  

"Wave Splash"   6 x 12 oil on canvas Plein Air by Terry d. Chacon

My last painting of the trip.   I loved this scene and the boats were kind enough to show up and make for a nice composition.   I loved the way the waves would come in and splash on the rocks so wanted to feature that in this painting.   When the surge of water goes back down the pebbly beach it is the most interested sound.   Like fingers going across piano keys.  

Another beautiful trip with great friends to Catalina.  Looking forward to next year.

UNTIL NEXT TIME, please enjoy the Art!

Terry d. Chacon

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