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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Plein Air Artists of Riverside 4th Annual Paint Out

PAAR 9 Day 4th Annual Paint Out!
Well the big day has finally arrived and check in went very smooth. Many board members showed up to help get 48 artists checked in by 10 a.m. A mini art expo was arranged this year. Holbein, King of Frame and Sol Digital were all in attendance showing their wares and giving special attention to the artists on hand. My co-chair Luz Perez has been a great help this year along with board members Joan Coffey, Pat Ford, Louise Smith, Geeta Pattanaik, Nancy Word and the person in charge of the wonderful locations Ada Passaro. Without these ladies none of this would be possible. I thank each one of you!

After a traditional Margarita lunch at the Mission Inn, I hurried to my car to retrieve my painting gear. This is the only day we have to paint along Mission Inn Ave. The rest of the days we are assigned different buildings and parks throughout the city to paint. I chose to paint the valet entrance to the grand hotel. You may remember a night painting of the same entrance, a little different composition but still on the same side of the hotel. After setting up my gear I realized I had not brought a canvas board for my painting, so I had to walk back to the Art Museum where I had parked my car. It was now getting late in the afternoon so I needed to really get going on this painting. Sometimes when you are in such a hurry and don't think about too much the painting seems to just fall together. I think this is the best Mission Inn painting that I have done thus far. It is always such a treat to paint there. We artists are to pick one painting during the 9 days to show at our exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum. I am happy to have a nice one to choose from.

The day before the check in we meet at my house for a fill up tote party to start off the paint out week. Some of the artists in attendance brought goodies to share and I made a special Mimosa with blood oranges from my tree. They were truly beautiful as were all the goodies. We packed up all the samples given to us by different art supply companies, information about Riverside, gifts from the City of Riverside and PAAR, among a lot of things. Holbein being are big sponsor for the year donated tote bags and the each artist received on check in day. April decided she should be in the photo and once we agreed she decided to turn and walk away.

Second day of the paint out was the famous Victoria Ave. in Riverside, CA.
City of Riverside, California - Park & Recreation
Sad thing about today was it was overcast and some scattered rain drops throughout the morning. Not bad enough to keep us from painting but a different kind of challenge. I am always enthralled with our southern California views this time of year. Palm trees and distant snow filled mountains. I think people who don't visit S. Ca. this time of year would be amazed at these beautiful picturesque scenes. I chose Maude street at the corner of Victoria Ave and Maude. The cars as they got further and further away kept grabbing my attention so I decided to put a couple in. This was a fun day of painting, but I much prefer a little sunlight and warm, this painting was truly a struggle.
Tomorrow we are at the Spaghetti Factory, weather doesn't look to be much better, so we shall see what another day brings.
I will try to write as much as I can, when I can about the 9 day paint out. Until next time,
ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon

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