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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Night to Remember-Gallery 225 New York City

Gallery 225 celebrated the opening of their new exhibit on Feb. 5, 2009. The artists were asked to be there by 5 and guests would be arriving at 6. My best friend Abbe Shaw and I took the Red Eye from Los Angeles Feb. 4, and arrived at Newark Airport very early Thursday morning. Our driver was waiting for us and took us to the Affinia where we had planned on staying for the week. Luck would have it that our room was ready. We hurried to unpack our clothes to only find out that the bell captain Angel was not happy with the room they gave us and called to tell us to keep our bags packed as he had a much better room for us. We were actually happy with this room, but the new room had 2 bathrooms. What the heck we said we would be happy to move. So we went out to Starbucks and down to the Whole Foods to get a few things for the room. When we returned our bags were moved into a very nice 1 bedroom suite with 2 bathrooms. We were happy campers! Thank you Angel & and Affinia for the wonderful accommodations. If you are ever in NYC this is definitely the place to stay. Here is a link for your future accommodations. Affinia Manhattan Hotel Hotel Information for Affinia Manhattan, New York hotels, NY, USA

We were hoping to get a little rest before going to the reception but that did not happen. We met up with some friends, had a late lunch and the time just flew by. We returned to our room, got ready for the reception and ran to get a cab. The cab driver took us to the front door of the gallery. We were so surprised to walk in and see my artwork on the front wall as you come through the door and down the steps and to see that the gallery was already full of people.

We managed to work our way through the crowd to find Harv and Barbara Toback to let them know I had arrived. They were very excited that I was there and gave me a very warm welcome. We managed to get enough space around my work so that Abbe could take my photo.

(the crowd as we arrived)

(Terry and her paintings)

(photo of wall presentation for some of the artist)

The Love Affair - TIME read a little about Iris.

(Iris Love -a special treat that she was able to come to my opening reception. Iris is a famous archaeologist, Guggenheim heiress and a patron saint of dachshunds. "Iris" your kind words about my artwork and my contribution to the Canine Health Foundation will never be forgotten.) Also in the photo is Janet York an artist/sculptor HOME (-Janet York website) of bronze statues in the show, Ruth Winsted (very dear New York friend) and in between a small head shot of my best friend Abbe. Other friends in attendance were the famous Reisman sisters (Fran, Honi and Carol) and of course Roxie the Doxie of which I have painted many times. They were disappointed that none of Roxie's paintings were in the show, I told them next year she would be there. Catherine Bell from Tennessee stopped by, thanks Catherine, was great to see you. I hope I am not forgetting anyone who made the effort to attend on my behalf.

Harv Toback (curator of the exhibit/owner of the gallery), Dave Frei (the voice at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show) and Uno (last years Best In Show Winner of Westminster). Lots of doggies attended the opening which was great. Dog lovers were out in force.

Barbara, Harv and special guest "Uno"

Barbara Toback

(Terry and an admirer of her work!)

As you can see it was a very cold night. I think it was around 10 degrees outside. Amazing that people still came out to support the arts.

As luck would have it, we were in such a rush to get to the reception that I forgot to take my brochures. So on Sunday Abbe and I actually walked to the gallery. It was about 20 city blocks from our hotel, but the temperatures had starting warming up and it was great to be outside. We took the following photos.

(Terry with her Starbucks in front of Gallery 225. If you look closely you can see her paintings through the window on the right.)

This poster was everywhere in New York City. Harv and Barbara advertised this event in some of the best dog magazines that are sent out world wide to the dog fancy. They had an ad in the Westminster catalog and their brochures were practically every place you went. They gave some to the artist and they also placed them every place they went. Dog News in their gossip column about what to do in New York City stated "Don't forget to go to the art show at Gallery 225 on W. 14th st. Most worth while for sure!"

(Terry's paintings at Gallery 225 New York City)

I would like to thank Harv and Barbara for inviting me to be part of this wonderful exhibit. It has opened so many new doors for me and I will be forever grateful.

I will be writing about my New York City trip in my next blog. Judging in Connecticut and attending the all important Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

Until next time, ENJOY THE ART! Terry d. Chacon

comments by email:

Hi Terry,
Congratulations on your gallery exhibit. I always enjoy reading you weekly blog!
It was really nice to see you last weekend. Lucia

Dear Terry.
How can we ever thank you enough for the wonderful write up on your blog.
It's fantastic! Visitors continue to stop in and we're up thru March 15th, and we get wonderful comments on your paintings. We appreciate all you do and look forward to seeing your floral pieces.
Take care.
Harv & Barbara

What a wonderful time you had !!! What wonderful exposure !!! I'm so happy for you...ada


  1. Terry, looks like you had a blast in New York. With the cold weather, I bet the food tasted extra good after the good vibes at the opening. I'm waiting to read the next installment !!!!
    Debbie Kotak Ferrari

  2. Congratulations!! It sounds like you had a GREAT time!!


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