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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gallery Cat

This is a painting that I started while gallery sitting this week at the Banning Center for the Arts. As a co-op artist we are required to sit the gallery 1 day a month. We can paint as long as we are there to answer questions for customers and answer the phone. I had been wanting to paint the gallery cat for a while now. She is very skittish when it comes to people. Her food bowl is right outside the front door. In the morning when you get there you set out the open sign, the flags and then feed the cat. I watched her as she set there waiting for her food for quite some time to try and get some ideas about her. Unfortunately because they are feeding her, there are now several other kitties coming around. She sits there and watches the food and sometimes will let others in for a bite. She won't let you touch her and the other cats run the minute you walk outside. She will sit there for a while but don't try to pet her. I set up my easel and of course that scared her and off she went. I quickly blocked in what I could remember and waited most of the day before she came back around. I quickly blocked in more and finished the piece today. From what I recall, I think I got it right. She had patches of white on her and the rest was black. White by the side of her mouth which looks like "Got Milk" and the white on her chest, which my husband Eddie says looks like she is wearing a tuxedo. Her eyes always look surprised. I can't remember what the Gallery Director calls her, but I will call her Gallery Cat for now. When I find out her actual name I will add it to the POST. This painting along with other paintings are for sale either here, my website or by contacting me through my email. I have finally figured out how to add the buttons so you can pay directly through You have to go to my blog to do this. Any questions, be sure to contact me. This painting 6 x 8 inch is $100.00 unframed, once framed for display and sale at the gallery it will be $165.00. Enjoy the ART! Terry d. Chacon

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