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Friday, June 3, 2011

Art Demo for Canyon Lakes Art Association

"Jacaranda's in Bloom"   9 x 12 oil on canvas, completed demo painting.

Last year I was contacted by Christy Bruce of the Canyon Lakes Art Association to do a demo on June 2, 2011.   I had demonstrated for this group before and said absolutely, I would be happy to demo again.  

This group is nestled in a small community down by Temecula, Ca.   They live in a beautiful  area for plein air artists to paint. I hope one day to go there. 

I wanted to paint the Jacaranda's in my area and was hoping they would be blooming so I could  prepare for the demo on location.   I was able to go out one Sunday and complete this painting location prior to the demo. 
"Jacaranda's" in plein air 9 x 12 by Terry d. Chacon

After completing this painting in plein air I really wasn't totally happy with the color of the Jacaranda's so I thought and thought about my approach.   Because I only get to paint these beautiful trees once a year I forget each year how I accomplished that beautiful color.  It is so difficult to make a bluish purple look like it is in sunlight.   These trees just shimmer in the light and I really wanted to show that in my painting.    For the demo approach I figured it out which made me very happy.

Here are a few photos that my friend and fellow artist Louise Smith took of me at the demo.

Here I am discussing my approach to plein air painting.   Working from a photo is different, but I was able to accomplish it because I had my plein air painting with me that I had done previously, I had my notes and my photo of the scene I wanted to paint for the group.

This is my set up prior to the demo. 

Starting the large shapes of the scene.  They were totally confused at this point.  It was nice to see the audience of around 35 interested artists,  had their pens and papers and were writing away taking notes.   

This is the first step of color.   This should take about 15 minutes.   When painting on location you have to be very quick.   Your scene changes quickly as the sun keeps moving.  

I invited the group to come up and see my palette and to ask questions during the demo.   The questions were plentiful and very good questions for a new plein air artist.   A few of the artist had painted in plein air but most felt uncomfortable so did not do it again.   I took along some membership brochures for the Plein Air Artists of Riverside and all were gone by the end of the evening.  

The painting is coming along and I think they were relieved at this point to see where I was going with all this color and paint.  

Me painting towards the end.   And after viewing the photos I realized from the first I had a spot of paint on my cheek.  Not one person told me.  I saw it in the bathroom mirror at the end of the demo.   Oh well the trials of being an Artist! 

This very excited artist was the winner of my painting that I donated to the group for a raffle.   She was so sweet.

I want to thank Canyon Lakes Art Association for being a wonderful group to demo for.   They were attentive, seemed excited and had lots of questions.   Good Luck to all of them, they have a show this coming Sunday "Art at the Lake".  If your in the area, be sure to stop by and meet this very active group.

Opened June 1, 2011 through July 14, 2011 
Opening reception is June 4, 2011 from 1 to 4 pm.   Light refreshments will be served.   Hope to see you there.
130 N. San Gorgonio Banning, Ca.   92220   951-849-3993

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