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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jay and His Golden

"Jay and His Golden"   20 x 24 oil on canvas by Terry d. Chacon

It is always fun to create a painting with a scene.   This painting was done from a photograph giving to me by the collectors.   I knew it would be a challenge by the size of the tiny photo given, but I had enough detail to work with and the results are amazing.  

Debbie wanted to present her husband Jay with a painting of him and his special golden for Christmas.   When she gave me the tiny photo approximately 2 inch by 2 inch, I just about fell out of my chair.   But after looking at it I told her there was enough detail that I thought I could work with it.   I brought it home and put it on my copy machine and was able to make it 4 by 4.   After scanning it onto my computer and bringing it up on the screen I could work from this.    I knew I could complete the painting by Christmas but would not be able to ship until early Feb., giving the painting plenty of time to dry.   Debbie and her husband live in Houston.   I sent Debbie photos along the way and the excitement was building.   When I sent her a photo of the finished piece, she was so excited.   I sent her a set of notecards with the image on them to give to Jay for Christmas.   She said he was shocked.   Shocked that she had given him such a beautiful gift and he loved the painting and cannot wait to see it in person.

Well the time is near, I will be shipping by Feb. 1.    So Debbie and Jay your painting full of memories is almost at your door step.

As always, I am always so excited to create a painting for my collectors.   If you would like a painting of your loved one's be sure to contact me.   I have space for 2 more paintings starting Feb. 1, 2011.

UNTIL NEXT TIME, enjoy the art.    Terry d. Chacon 

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