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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Friday, March 14, 2008

Painted Jeans by Terry d. Chacon

I made mention in a recent blog about my painted jeans. It all started when my friend Abbe and I were back East in a department store, I think in NYC and we found a pair of jeans that had been painted on, similar in fashion to the way I paint on my jeans unknowingly when I am in the field painting. I just take my palate knife and wipe off the excess paint on my pants when I want to change colors. Abbe asked if I would consider painting her some and I said sure. I think I have done 3 pairs for her now. She loves them. Every time she wears them she gets loads of compliments. I have several that I wear to paint in, but I liked the idea so well I have recently painted a pair for me. I would consider painting a gesture of an afghan hound and some other breeds on them in this style if anyone is interested. For more info please contact me privately. The jeans start at $60.00. Enjoy the art! Terry
I have added a new sign up subscription service to my blog. If you are using the old service blogrithim you need to sign up with the new service. Go to my blog page, it is in the upper right corner. Very easy to do and the service is more timely in the delivery of emails. The old service will be cancelled April 1, 2008. Thanks for your support. Terry

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