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Weekly Paintings By National Award Winning Artist Terry d. Chacon

Monday, March 10, 2008

Art Show At the Dog Show Results

I was in Virginia Beach this past week for the Afghan Hound Club of America Breeder's Cup and I received a phone call from my husband. He stated I had received a letter from Art Show at the Dog Show and did I want him to open it! I waited patiently as he opened the letter and asked him to scan the winners and see if he saw my name. First off this is a National Competition with artists from around the world entering. and I had entered 2 years ago my bronze "Free Spirit". "Free Spirit" was awarded Best Entry Depicting an Afghan Hound. I was thrilled. This year 2008 I entered my newest bronze "Mija" and 2 of my oil paintings of which only one juried in. In the jurying process you send in slides of the artwork. A group of people go through each slide and pick out what they feel is the best artwork for the show. The artist are notified which pieces they enter are accepted and you then pack them up and ship to Wichita, Kansas. The entries are judged after being displayed at the City Arts Building. They will be on display there until the Sunflower Cluster Dog show in April and then the artwork is moved to the convention center for display during the Dog Show. "Mija" the bronze and "Fetch" which is an oil painting of an Afghan Hound in Obedience which is part of a series of oil paintings I did last year showing "Afghans in Motion". So I shipped off "Mija" and "Fetch" to Wichita, Kansas in hopes of winning something. I was really worried about shipping "Mija" to this large event as I was afraid she would get lost in the shuffle. She is approximately 3 inches by 6 inches. Well, "Mija" did me proud in the competition. She was awarded 3rd place in the sculpture category and Best Entry Depicting an Afghan Hound. And to top it off "Fetch" was awarded Best Entry Depicting a Dog Performing an Obedience, Rally or Agility Exercise. I was thrilled to hear the news. I have included photos of the 2 pieces for you to view. Now that I am back from the Breeder's Cup which I had a great time at and sold lots of Artwork, I will be getting busy with some new pieces. One note on my return, I missed my flight in Houston and was rerouted to Los Angeles. I got in around 12:30 a.m. to find out my luggage did not make the flight. I called my husband from the airport in Houston and he was such a good guy to come pick me up last night. I think we got home around 2:30 a.m. I still have not heard from the airlines about my luggage. I am keeping a positive outlook and hoping that my clothes and my artwork will be returned today! Until next time enjoy the ART! Terry
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